In the market for a new gaming monitor this holiday season? We've got you covered as the MSI Optix G272 can be had for just $188 this week for Black Friday, down from its usual price tag of $260. Featuring a 1080p resolution, an IPS panel, and 144Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gaming performance.

Msi Optix G272 Se

MSI Optix G272

With a 144Hz IPS panel, 1080p resolution, thin bezels, and a 1ms response time, the MSI Optix G272 is a great buy for anyone looking for a gaming monitor this holiday.

Additionally, the G272 from MSI also has a 1ms response time, vital for eliminating screen tearing or choppy framerates. It's also got a built in "Night Vision" feature that brightens up dark areas in games so you can see them in the day, and a "Game Mode" with different color temperatures and response time configs.

The display itself is anti-glare, so you shouldn't be able to see yourself or your environment in its reflection allowing you to stay immersed in your gaming experience. It supports 16.7 million colors, and looks sleek thanks to its thin-bezel design around three of the four edges.

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