Grab the new GoPro Hero10 Black 5.3K action cam with a year subscription for just $350 total

Hero10 Black Action Shot
Hero10 Black Action Shot (Image credit: Amazon)

Time for some action! The GoPro Hero10 Black action camera has a unique sale going on right now. You can get it for just $349.98 through the GoPro website, and it comes with a one-year subscription to GoPro. Even putting aside the GoPro subscription for a moment, this is still a great deal. The GoPro Hero10 Black goes for around $500 at most retailers including Best Buy with the best price being $488 at Amazon. So you're already saving around $150 right there. The subscription included in this deal essentially for free would normally cost you $50 a year through GoPro, so that's even more value attached to this deal.

Look at it this way, this price on the newest generation from GoPro is actually $50 better than the regular price of the previous generation, the GoPro Hero9 Black, which is going for around $350 at most retailers including Amazon. And still that price doesn't include the subscription you get for free with the Hero10 deal.

GoPro Hero10 Black + GoPro subscription | $200 off

GoPro Hero10 Black + GoPro subscription | $200 off

This is big savings off the cost of the GoPro Hero10 Black camera just by itself. That doesn't even include the value you get from the GoPro Pro subscription, which gives you unlimited cloud backups, full app access, and more.

We've seen a similar deal introduced with each new iteration of the GoPro, but once this deal expires it won't be coming back for the Hero10. The Hero10 Black's first reviews started popping up back in September, so it has only been around for a few months. Pretty nice to be seeing a deal on it already.

You get a whole lot of tech packed into a tiny form with the Hero10 Black. Just as a camera you can take 23MP photos or get video resolution up to 5.3K even at 60fps, which is incredible. Record slow-motion video at 2.7K resolution or even grab 15.8MP photos from the video you've recorded. Considering how small and inexpensive this camera is, that's all pretty amazing. Much of it is a huge improvement over the previous generation, too, which was the first GoPro to reach 5K resolutions at all.

The camera's features can also help you get the perfect shot every time. HyperSmooth 4.0 is GoPro's image stabilization feature and it includes everything from horizon leveling to low-light performance. Your shots will always be perfectly straight even when you're surfing or leaning on a boat or whatever you might be doing. The camera even has a hydrophobic lens that ensures it can repel water and keep your images crystal clear.

It is rugged, waterproof, and capable of wirelessly uploading all your footage through the Quik app so you can just keep filming.

The GoPro Subscription gives you unlimited cloud storage, up to 50% off GoPro accessories and gear through the GoPro website, and a Total Camera Replacement promise should anything happen.

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