Grab Toshiba's 32-inch Fire TV while it's on sale for $140 today

Toshiba Fire Tv
Toshiba Fire Tv (Image credit: Amazon)

What room in your house doesn't have a TV in it? Time to change that! One of Amazon's featured daily deals includes the 2020 Toshiba 32-inch 720p Fire TV on sale for $139.99. That's an insanely inexpensive price for a TV that would fit great in a child's playroom or a den. This is one of the lowest prices we've seen since last year. The only better price was a one day drop to $130 back in February. It regularly sells for around $160 or as high as $200. Since this is part of Amazon's deals of the day, you know the price is going to expire by tomorrow, too. Grab one while you can.

If you prefer Android TV over Fire TV, Best Buy is also running a sale. You can get the TCL 32-inch 720p Android TV for a low price of $169.99. This is, again, part of Best Buy's deals of the day, so the price is temporary. The price is $30 less than what it normally goes for. Both TVs are the same size and the same resolution, so the thing that really matters most is what sort of smart home ecosystem you use (Amazon or Google).

The Toshiba Fire TV was actually part of a collaboration between Amazon and Best Buy. Amazon provided the software and Best Buy provided the hardware. The Fire TVs were an excellent option for anyone looking to get a TV without breaking the bank and wanting an option with plenty of value. If you don't pay for a cable subscription, or don't wan to anymore, then you probably live off streaming entertainment. You want access to all of those apps like Netflix and Hulu without paying a fortune and without combining a bunch of different devices.

You can have all of that with the Fire TV platform built into this TV, and you can also get access to Amazon Alexa and all her available skills. The included remote control includes the ability to control your TV with your voice and talk to Alexa. That includes the ability to do everything from adjust the volume to switching inputs to controlling the rest of your smart home.

Anticipating cord cutters, the TV can even integrate live TV and your favorite channels accessed through an over-the-air antenna. It brings all of this together in a unified home screen that makes accessing your favorite content super easy.

John Levite
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