Grab the VisionTek 1080p webcam on sale for $30 off its regular price

Visiontek 1080p Webcam
Visiontek 1080p Webcam (Image credit: Amazon)

We've been seeing a lot more good deals on webcams recently. There was a time when we were lucky to see any in stock at all, let alone on sale. Take advantage of these savings now that they are back. The VisionTek VTWC40 Premium 1080p webcam has dropped to $49.99 at Amazon and Dell. This is a relatively new webcam only released earlier this year. It hasn't dropped in price on Amazon before and normally goes for around $80. You can still find it going for close to that price at other retailers like Walmart.

Working from home? Need a good webcam for your next Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting? Maybe you're a student and you're taking some classes at home and need a good webcam for those sessions. Maybe you're a content creator and want to put your face out there on Twitch or YouTube. Whatever your reason, if you need a new webcam this is the one to get.

With a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, your video will be clear and look professional every time. The VisionTek also has Autofocus technology that can keep you or the subject of your video looking clear and sharp. Even as things are moving around in the background, the camera will stay trained on your face.

Dealing with a low-light situation? The VisionTek webcam includes powerful ring lights that can keep you looking your best. The lights can be turned on and off and even have two brightness and color settings you can adjust.

This is a plug-and-play webcam. You won't need to install any drivers or anything to get it working, so you can get started rather quickly. That also makes it compatible with a wide range of programs and platforms.

John Levite
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