Grounded releases patch update 0.3.3, fixes crashing and cloud save issues

Grounded Screenshot Aphid
Grounded Screenshot Aphid (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded is a unique open world survival game that shrinks the players down to the size of insects.
  • It's currently in early access, which means it constantly receives updates with new content and fixes.
  • The latest patch comes at the last minute of the day, and fixes a handful of issues with its small changelog.
  • More crashing issues, as well as a problem with Xbox cloud saves becoming corrupted, are all fixed here.

Right as the day is winding down to a close, Grounded is releasing a small patch for players to install and test. Patch update 0.3.3 arrives with a smaller changelog than previous updates, but no less important. The latest patch for Grounded's Early Access and Game Preview fixes more of the game's known issues and bugs, focusing on a handful of crashes and on making Xbox cloud saves more reliable and consistent.

Make sure to install the latest patch as soon as possible, to avoid any issues with Xbox cloud saves becoming corrupted or unusable.

Grounded's patch update 0.3.3 includes:

Major issues

  • Fixed random client crash when pickup up items
  • Fixed crash with destroying Plank Pallet or Stem Pallet building
  • Fixed crashes dealing with Cloud Save syncing on the Main Menu
  • Fixed issues with saves not properly uploading or downloading from the Xbox Cloud causing corrupted or missing saved game



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