GTA V leaving Xbox Game Pass on August 8

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What you need to know

  • Grand Theft Auto V leaves Xbox Game Pass on August 8, following four months on Microsoft's all-inclusive game subscription service.
  • The title departs the library available to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users, plus the offering of titles for Xbox cloud gaming.
  • Final Fantasy VII, Don't Starve, Darksiders Genesis, and Train Sim World 2020 also depart the service on August 14 for all Xbox consoles and PC.

Microsoft has announced new titles headed to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, coupled with several departures slated for August. It includes plans to remove Grand Theft Auto V from the service on August 8, spanning the console version on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, plus its Xbox cloud gaming service.

Final Fantasy VII, Don't Starve, Darksiders Genesis, and Train Sim World 2020 join the departures on August 14, impacting Xbox console and PC subscribers. Ape Out and Crossing Souls, currently available via Xbox Game Pass PC, also leave the service on August 14.

GTA V is among the most played titles available via Xbox Game Pass, with its departure likely to disappoint many subscribers. However, it comes well-timed given the ongoing Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, with 50% off Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, available from just $15 via the Xbox store.

The decision to remove Grand Theft Auto V from Xbox Game Pass marks one of the biggest hits to date for the subscription, continuing to draw millions with its crime-packed open world of Los Santos. It's not the first time 2K Games have pulled GTA V from Xbox Game Pass, first leaving the service in May 2020 before returning 11 months later this April.

The game, first launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2013, continues to fit a spot among modern best-sellers, recently surpassing 150 million total sales. The title continues to find success with regular updates to its Grand Theft Auto Online mode, with a GTA V remaster planned for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in 2021.

Those playing the departing titles via an Xbox Game Pass subscription won't have access come August 8. Those wishing to continue playing will need to purchase each outright, although the ongoing Xbox Ultimate Sale offers significant savings on many impacted titles.

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