Dark Theme Windows 10

Microsoft is adding more polish to Windows 10 Technical Preview, including dark Start menus and more in the latest 10074 build for Insider.

Now, a new – and simple – registry trick lets you make even more of the OS dark. Specifically, the Settings, which is still a bright white that contrasts profoundly with the otherwise dark main screen.

The registry edit takes you 15 seconds and is completely reversible. A sample of the new look is provided here to get an idea of how it will look. From our perspective, we really like the black, contrasty look of Windows 10. Here is how it works.

Enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 build 10074

  1. Search for 'Regedit'
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize
  3. Create DWORD key: SystemUsesLightTheme
  4. DWORD Value = 0
  5. Reboot computer

If you wish to revert to the light theme, just toggle the DWORD value to '1' and reboot.

Overall, it is a great look, and we cannot wait to see how Microsoft cleans up future builds. For a quick look at what is in Windows 10 build 10108, check out our earlier article.

Thanks, Lingeshwaran R., for the tip!