Is the Halo Infinite Battle Pass worth it?

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Is the Halo Infinite Battle Pass worth it?

Best answer: Yes, if you care about cosmetics. Halo Infinite multiplayer is completely free to play. While you'll earn cosmetic rewards from playing the campaign and free progression, most of the best rewards are in the Battle Pass.

Is the Halo Infinite Battle Pass worth it?

Halo Infinite is broken into two main parts: the campaign, which can be purchased or accessed through Xbox Game Pass, and the multiplayer, which is completely free to play. Players have praised the core mechanics of the multiplayer, while also requesting additional content, such as new maps and modes.

A major part of that multiplayer experience is in the Halo Infinite Battle Pass, which grants rewards as players move up through ranks. While there are free rewards at several tiers, meaning you don't have to pay to unlock some stuff, there's also a premium battle pass. There's a wide variety of things to unlock, from armor coatings to weapon and vehicle skins. These help your Spartan look distinct as you battle across Halo Infinite's multiplayer maps in Arena and Big Team Battle.

The premium battle pass in Halo Infinite is 1,000 credits, or $10. It grants access to every reward across all 100 tiers of the Battle Pass. This battle pass is worth picking up for anyone who wants to unlock all the different cosmetics available for their Spartan. The current season is set to last until May 3, 2022. When the new season drops, there'll be a new Battle Pass to work toward.

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Season 1 of Halo Infinite lasted since the game first launched, which was a decision made by developer 343 Industries to allow the team to rest and avoid crunch. Future seasons will only be three months long, reducing the wait between Battle Passes.

This new Battle Pass for Season 2 will feature improved rewards, including 1,000 credits for completion. As a result, if you're patient, you can just purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass, complete it, and then earn back the credits to apply to other future Battle Passes.

Unlike the majority of multiplayer titles, these battle passes don't expire. If you choose not to purchase the Halo Infinite Battle Pass right now, it'll still be available months later. The Battle Pass also doesn't expire if you do buy it; you'll have all the time in the world to start making progress. You can even have multiple battle passes purchased at once; however you'll need to choose which pass you want to make progress towards, so keep that in mind.

Are there any other ways to earn rewards?

Yes. The store holds a rotating selection of different skins and items that can be directly purchased with credits, instead of unlocking them as part of the Halo Infinite Battle Pass. Additionally, there are some rewards earned simply by playing the Halo Infinite campaign and accomplishing different tasks. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members also get a few extras, with unique cosmetics and bonuses doled out in the form of monthly perks.

If more content is added in the future on a far more regular basis, Halo Infinite's multiplayer can grow into one of the best Xbox games currently available.

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