Halo Infinite: Best multiplayer tips and tricks

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Halo Infinite Multiplayer (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available right now, free to play for everyone. With this newfound easy access to 343 Industries' multiplayer suite, many newcomers may be stepping into MJOLNIR armor for the first time and trying out the Halo sandbox. Series veterans may also be taken aback by some of the changes here, especially to the range of weapons available across Halo Infinite's maps.

If you're one of those Spartan flappers, or a longtime fan that just needs to shake the rust off, we've got you covered in what is proving to be one of the best Xbox games available. Here are some of the best Halo Infinite multiplayer tips and tricks that'll make sure you don't feel overwhelmed in Arena or Big Team Battle.

Use plasma to damage shields; use bullets to pierce armor

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This is one that Halo veterans know and carry in their heart, but for any newcomers, this is extremely important. Plasma-based weapons, such as the Plasma Pistol or Pulse carbine, do more damage against shields, but less damage when the shields are down. It's the reverse for bullet-based or "Kinetic" weapons like the Assault Rifle or Battle Rifle, which struggle to pierce a player's shields but make short work of them once their shields are down. Halo has a higher TTK (Time To Kill) than many shooters, so figuring out what to use when is very important.

Play the Tutorial and Weapon Drills

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Seriously, take the time to go through the tutorial and especially the Weapon Drills. There are plenty of new guns in Halo Infinite which take some time to get used to, especially guns like the Mangler, Shock Rifle, Skewer, and Pulse Carbine. Just as an example, the Shock Rifle arcs electricity between players, something that isn't easy to master but can be devastating in Big Team Battle.

Meanwhile, classic returning weapons may function a bit differently than you last remember, depending on what Halo games you've most recently played. Take time, familiarize yourself with the reload patterns, rates of fire, and other details. This way, you won't be caught off guard when you're able to grab a Power Weapon in multiplayer.

Tweak your controller settings

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Halo Infinite features a wide plethora of options for customizing your experience. If you're playing on a controller, these settings can be a bit overwhelming. We've got some recommended Halo Infinite controller settings for making sure the game feels smooth and responsive. If you're having difficulty getting the game to feel just right, try these settings out. If it still doesn't feel right to you, we recommend going into a custom game by yourself and tweaking the settings one slider at a time. While this method may take a bit longer, it's a surefire way to find the right balance for your needs.

Throw the Power Seeds

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This is a fairly particular tip, given how it only affects one game mode, but it's really worth knowing. When you're collecting Power Seeds in Stockpile, many players try to grab one Power Seed and run it all the way back to their base. Because you can't use your weapons while carrying a Power Seed, this leaves you defenseless against the rush of enemy players who are also trying to collect.

Instead of running, the moment you grab a Power Seed, throw it in the direction of your base. Scan to make sure there are no foes around, then throw it again. This process barely takes any more time and means you'll be quicker to react when the enemy team arrives.

Glowing red means doom ... ed vehicles

Source: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot) (Image credit: Source: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot))

Many of the vehicles in Halo Infinite can take a beating, but sooner or later, enough damage will bring them all down. In most cases, this will lead to the vehicle starting to glow red. If you're still inside, that's your cue to jump out, because you'll only have a few seconds before it explodes and takes you with it.

That said, if you're feeling determined, you could use those few seconds to try to run over one last enemy player or make it just a little bit farther with an objective. It's your call — you'll need to use that precious little time wisely.

In Oddball, you need to pick up the skull

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We're kind of disappointed this one needs to be pointed out, but it's become such a meme online that it's worth reiterating: if you are playing Oddball, someone on your team needs to pick up the skull. Every single second counts, so if there's no one else around, that someone is going to have to be you.

To increase your odds of survival while holding the skull, it's pivotal for you to use your Motion Sensor. Try using corners for cover. You can drop the skull briefly to toss a grenade in the direction of enemies, then pick it back up again. Even if any incoming enemies weren't killed by the grenade, their shields will be damaged or dropped enough for you to kill them with a single melee strike once they come around the corner.

Keep practicing and having fun!

Halo Infinite multiplayer and campaign are both available right now, and the game is only going to grow over time. As more maps, vehicles, modes, and weapons are added to the game, we'll be coming back with additional tips and tricks that'll help you get an edge on the field.

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