Hands on with Windows 10 build 16237 showcasing new changes and improvements

Microsoft has rolled out yet another Insider Preview build on PC that includes several new changes and enhancements over the last preview builds. Build 16237 includes Microsoft Edge improvements, Notification improvements, My People changes and more.

We've thrown together a quick hands on video which walks through the most noteworthy changes in this weeks Insider Preview build. So if you're someone who wants to see all the new features in action, but don't want to install the build yourself, we've got you covered!

Build 16237 isn't as jam packed as previous builds, and that's because we're not approaching the end of development of the Fall Creators Update. We're just several weeks away from Microsoft finalizing the last bits for rollout in October, so from here on out we'll be seeing smaller changes and improvements.

We're still expecting more Fluent Design elements, as well as other smaller changes to make their way into the OS before then, but things like Timeline and possibly Cloud Clipboard won't be coming until after the Fall Creators Update now.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • LOL.  Those "details" don't make a flipping difference.  They're mostly annoying and slow down development of actual PRODUCTIVE features.  And AGAIN with these stupid emoji.
  • You complain a lot.
  • It's his thing.
  • He hasn't taken the WM neglect well....
  • He's still upset about kinect gestures, just cant let it go.
  • Definitely his thing. I think this is a joke account. Nobody can be this negative about EVERYTHING
  • He certainly does!
  • yeah, 'cos the whole team stopped everything else that they were doing so they could just work on the emoji.
  • Thank GOD they have more than one team... I know that is unheard of for you since your products are only developed by one single team...
  • Agreed!  All of this to "me" is worthless information.  Just release "real" updates to the public.  Stop wasting time with what you're fixing.  Just fix it and release it to the public.  Stop wasting time about what you're working on just give the public a finished product.  Is that so hard?  I mean really... has that become so hard to just complete a product and release it to the public?  I don't need a blow by blow on what you're working on.  I just need a complete product.
  • Here is what you do: Don't read our site. Or any site focused on "blow by blow" coverage of an OS you are not interested in reading about. Then, you computer will magically update every six months with new features and you can act surprised. Cool, eh? Thought of this all by myself!
  • Glad to see you come out of retirement to comment. :) First and foremost I was referring to Microsoft drip, drip or blow by blow of non-real updates.  If they have something to release then they should just release it! Secondly, I'm sorry I'm not a jock carrying reader.  I don't have to revere any and everthing you or one of your writers put out there.  I don't have to agree with your veiwpoint just like you don't have to agree with mine.  As I've said before, if you came out and said Android is the best thing out there most of these readers would agree with you.  Sorry I'm just not a follower.  If my simple comment hit a nerve, well then there might just be some truth to it. You're correct I do not have to read your site or any other site with that releases this type of information.  And yes, it would be helpful to get the full information on what is actually released to the public rather than what might or might not be.  I thought you were the one who didn't believe in rumors?  Because we know not all these things get implemented once released to the public.  Lastly, I expressly put into quotes "... to "me"..." with emphasis on ME realizing most readers may want this information.  Cooh, eh?  :)
  • So... Now not only are you criticizing Daniel's intelligence but also the intelligence of every other reader of this site. Thanks, i guess
  • It's a service now, there is no complete product. If there were , it would have been released next year. Apple still does big product releases... It's software and it's continually updating with changed every so often. That the reality now, there are lots of options out there and sure, we don't have to read comments but we do and people will respond to them. 😅🗽🌞🙄💤😩 🤣🤓😝😓 🤣😍🌛😓 🤣🥛🌛🎶🌞😑💀 #emojitown #welcome
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  • Thanks for putting this together! 
  • I don't like Zac's videos anymore. The people at WinBeta/onMSFT is way cooler and more professional at doing it :)
  • To each his or her own! All I really want is a few bullet points to summarize what's new before I decide I want to watch a video...
  • Story Remix is gone on my PC.
    And it was not even close to the one they showed at build. Where is the whole 3D part?
    And we still got nothing more from the fluent design than the acrylic background and the hover effect. Where's the rest?
  • Both the acrylic brush and the reveal highlight effects are already supported on the Creator's Update (in fact you can see them in the Groove app, for example), so the fact that you're not seeing them in the apps on these preview builds doesn't mean they're not working on them. It's just work that's not directly related to the whole OS development and it's more up to the single teams that work on the different apps (Groove, Calculator, Skype etc...).
  • I meant that there are only this two things. But the fluent design is more than just the acrylic look and the hover effect. Just watch the trailer for the fluent design again. They showed much more.
  • Yeah I know that, I was actually at the Build conference this year.
    You can already see some of the other elements, like motion, in the parallax effect in the Store and in Groove.
    The thing is that they're actually enabling all these new features through their APIs, and that's 90% of the work, so what I was saying is don't think they're not working on all those things just because you don't see them showcased in the system apps yet.
  • Ok now I know what you wanted to tell me.
    But still. It's three month shouldn't they test it?
  • The inbox apps were rolled back to what will ship with FCU that could be why it's missing
  • nothing interesting, nothing to show, waste of time
  • Yeah, damn them for fixing and improving things!!!
  • Zac, when you write articles like this in the future, be sure to include emoji's that include pacifiers, bottles, diapers, and bibs for all of the babies on this site. You're viewership is declining due to the whiners who don't know how to send their complaints to feedback or to one of Microsoft's many socials sites; I do on Satya and Terry's Twitter page which you can see @OMG55. I'm sure Satya and Terry get tired of me, but I'm a supporter and they should be aware of our support and desire for them to succeed.
  • @BrandonLeBlanc, @NorthFaceHiker, @JenMsft, @JohnWinkMSFT
  • As a long time viewer who is in decline of viewing this site (I use to be here for hours a day) my viewership is declining because "How to watch porn" articles come up every month or so and their comment system sucks because it's disabled or something with ad block running but I have to run ad block because their pages are full of ads and pages struggle to load. And, on my phone while browsing, a nude tinder ad popped up and I couldn't back out of it. So stuff like that is keeping me away.    The reporting I find is excellent and most often very helpful. 
  • seeing as their site ads are based on your previous browsing history..... ;-)
  • *emojis *Your
  • Good for you. Tell us one and I mean just one suggestion or complaint that Satya or Terry has implemented or fixed because of your complaints? Glad to know your the complaint police and know where readers should go to voice there opinion. 👏🙃🤡💀😤🤧
  • Are you serious? There are several examples of complaints in the feedback hub that has been fixed...
  • Missed the Edge share background now being same as light/dark mode :-)
  • would be nice if your site update worked with rs3 windows 10 and edge, Cant do anything to access the site menu ystem.
  • have you tried resting edge
  • Jest Rest Edge
  • My action centre is so transparent now I can't see it. Can the transparency be on a slider.
    Agree with above tho is all this UI improvements just slowing everything down,just keep it fast.
  • Testing comments
  • Well done, as usual, Zac! Ignore the haters! I especially liked the comedy routine with the computer voices - David, Zira, and Mark! (I get a toolbar beneath the menu bar that provides an X to stop the voice. But that's not nearly as fun!)
  • Is this build stable enough to run. Last 2 builds were really frustrating to me.
  • 'shut uuuupp' hahaha lmao
  • When I heard the clicks i knew Zac was gonna say something. I bursted in laughter loooool
  • Read aloud, among others, is really welcoming feature. You guys are really doing well in enhancements and improvements.
  • I love it when he tells the read aloud to shut up. That's how we all feel
  • Will the rumored "control center" available in this update?
    I just want a brightness bar!
  • Hi, this a bit out of topic, but I have had no comments on support, feedback, twitter etc. After build 16199 my Surface Pen has not worked correctly. Selecting text by "painting" does not work. Have anyone else any problems with Pen?
  • " we are approaching the end of the development of fall creator update at this point " so its an update of nothing
  • Zac, watching stuff not going well it's such an awesome validation of the normal use experience, thanks for leaving it in the video 😄 fun stuff! 😎
  • Zac, you're such a comedian! That rogue "Read Aloud" section was just hilarious!
  • 6:06 huh!? They changed the ROFL emoji? It used to be "3D" and have little hands and shoes. Now it's very apple-like...
  • Been that way for a couple of releases.
    They had feedback asking to make them similar to other platforms
  • Asphalt 8 doesn't run properly since this update :/
  • Fluent Design is great, refresh will be the Timeline option...