Best Surface Pro 9 cases 2023

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 9 just launched, with both Intel- and ARM-based models available depending on whether or not you want to focus on performance or mobility. While the Pro 9's dimensions have not changed since the previous Pro 8 generation, the port layout has moved around the edges. This prevents effective use of older cases. Luckily, leading case makers have already begun releasing new protection for the Pro 9, and we've rounded up the best right here.

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Compared to the Surface Pro 8, the Pro 9 ups performance, moves around ports, and blends the Pro X lineup seamlessly into the same name. The Pro 9 is one of the best Surface PCs you can buy right now, and you'll want to protect your investment.

Kensington and UAG take the lead with available cases, though we expect to see plenty more during the Pro 9's lifetime. The Kensington BlackBelt currently costs about $50, putting it in line with the UAG Scout case. They both leave the Pro 9's built-in stand free to operate, they provide decent drop protection, and they have a hand strap to prevent accidental drops.

If you need full-body protection either the UAG Metropolis or UAG Plasma will get the job done, though they do cost considerably more.

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