Amazon's 4th-gen Echo smart speaker is back down to its Prime Day price

Amazon Echo 4th-gen smart speaker
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We go pretty hard on Prime Day around here, so we know that Amazon's big sales event can get pretty chaotic. Even if you do save some money and find some tech you love, it's pretty easy to not see something really good just because you're already looking at so much. So it's especially when those same items that dropped in price during Prime Day choose to drop back down afterwards. That's what is happening in this deal.

You can get the Amazon Echo 4th-generation smart speaker on sale for $59.99 today at Amazon. The only other times it has dropped this low are during Prime Day and during last year's Black Friday sales. So it's pretty unique to see it going on sale just because. The smart speaker normally sells for around $100, and even when it does go on sale usually only goes as low as $80 on a regular day. Today is your chance to make up for a missed opportunity.

Amazon Echo smart speaker $100 $59.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo smart speaker $100 $59.99 at Amazon

The latest gen of Amazon's flagship smart speaker. You can talk to Alexa to get the latest news or play your favorite music. You can control all of your smart home, including everything from smart lights to thermostats. Plus it has powerful speakers that can fill a room.

You might be more familiar with the Echo Dot than the Echo at this point, but the latter should not be dismissed because it has a lot going for it. For one thing, it is a very powerful speaker that is capable of adding detailed sound to any environment. It can even adapt its audio to the room its in. Plus, the Echo supports lossless HD audio, which means you get an amazing listening experience that's even more supported by programs like Amazon Music HD. 

Of course it is a smart home hub and has Amazon Alexa built right in. You can use this to control your entire home. Check your locks, monitor your sensors, turn your lights on and off, and all of that good stuff. It even works with Zigbee devices and Ring solar lights. Set up routines with your Echo so it can do smart things like turn on the lights as you walk in the room or start up your coffee machine when you get to the kitchen.

The Echo can also sync with your other Echo devices to create a multi-room audio setup. You can use it to answer phone calls without using your hands. Plus, it has a lot of built-in privacy controls including a button to turn off the mic when you don't want Alexa listening in.

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