Microsoft cuts ties with the Surface Duo after just 2 Android version updates

Surface Duo with accessories
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has dropped official software support for the first-generation Surface Duo.
  • The device was released three years ago on September 10, running Android 10.
  • Microsoft will no longer release OS or security updates for the device.

Microsoft is done supporting the original Surface Duo, three years after it first launched on September 10. The company has stated from the very start that the Surface Duo would receive just three years of OS updates, meaning today is the last day that Microsoft has to stay true to its word.

Going forward, Microsoft will no longer ship new OS updates or security patches for the original Surface Duo, meaning Android 12L is the last version of the OS it will ever officially receive. Surface Duo only ever got two major OS updates, one shy of the average three that most high-end flagship Android devices get these days.

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Surface Duo customers can continue to use their devices with no issues for now as apps will continue to be updated like normal, but with no further security updates planned, users will want to be a little more cautious going forward. 

Microsoft hasn't been working on new features or bug fixes for Surface Duo in months anyway, so it's not like current Surface Duo users are going to be missing out on much outside of security patches. Plus, with support for third-party ROMs, enthusiasts can install a custom version of Android 13/14 on their devices.

Microsoft will continue to support the second-generation Surface Duo for one more year, with support currently set to end on October 21, 2024. So far, Surface Duo 2 has only received one major Android OS update, meaning it needs at least two more to stay on-par with other Android OEMs.

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  • Jcmg62
    Three years of support is appalling. And yes, I know that a lot of Android phone manufacturers only offer 2-3 years of support, but it's wrong.

    You can't push the message that you're an environmentally conscious company if you're abandoning hardware after three years.
  • TheFerrango
    Heh, that's still a better support than most of us got on Windows Phone.
  • Ed Du
    It was a good phone and had some good memories with it. Very useful as an educator. The thing is after Android 12L they pretty much given up supporting the device, only security updates. Microsoft really needs to up their game if they are going to be able to make even a potential duo 3 and support it better.
  • bradavon
    Microsoft really should bring Android 13 to the Surface Duo 2 as a minimum.

    It's been given ONE update and I'm not expecting it to get more.
  • bradavon
    Classic Microsoft. If a product fails they dump it and move on to the next.

    Windows Vista was never fixed, Windows 8.1 was never fixed.

    You're expected to move on to the next product. That's fine for software but a phone as expensive as the Duo.
  • negative1ne
    i got one for $400, and it is the best android phone (which is not saying much),
    that i've used. i still prefer windows phone, but this will do for the next several
    years. i don't care if there are updates or not. as long as it can use 4G or 5G i'm covered.

    || | || | | |
    ne ga tive 1
  • Cmndr_Bytes
    TheFerrango said:
    Heh, that's still a better support than most of us got on Windows Phone.
    I laughed at this, and then cried a little.
  • naddy69
    Is anyone actually surprised by this? How long before we get an official announcement that the Duo 2 is dead? It's already in the "no comment" stage when anyone asks about it.
  • ShinyProton
    Nothing new here. It's Microsoft.
    Just one more down the drain.
  • hamphlet
    Oh dear. No surprise really. I can see the Duo 2 going the same way. I'm disappointed because I wanted to see them succeed. On the other hand, it's one in the eye for the lairy and charmless Rodneyej, so not all is lost :D Whatever happened to him?