Here's how you can add a Gmail account to Outlook Mail in Windows 10 Mobile as a temporary fix

Windows 10 Mobile users now have a workaround so they can add their Gmail account to their Mail client.

There have been many online reports in our fourms and elsewhere from Windows 10 Mobile users who have been unable to add a new Gmail account to the Windows 10 Mobile Mail & Contacts apps; they have instead been getting a "Your browser isn't supported" error message.

Thankfully, "Snickler" over at XDA Developers forums has posted a way he discovered to get around this problem:

  • Open the Account settings in the Mail app
  • When you see the "Choose an account" menu, click "Other account" which is right above Advanced setup
  • From there you should start getting e-mail

There is one thing to note about this method. It will only work with email; this workaround does not sync up calendar or contact info.

As to the million dollar question why this is happening now and who is going to fix it first - Microsoft or Google - we are just not sure yet. Windows Central is reaching out to try to find more, but so far, adding new Google accounts to a Windows 10 Mobile device will be problematic.

Thanks again to "Snickler" for the tip!

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  • This is also affecting apps requiring google account sign in.
  • Yes, like when trying to logon to the Windows central app.
  • Seems to be working now. Did Google make a change?
  • Yup, works for me as well now.. They fixed it.
  • Is this related to why my Maps app no longer launches? I refer to the OS map app, gMaps works fine right now...
  • That shouldn't have anything to do with it.
  • OS (Windows maps) launches and ribs just fine on my 950. Found like ab issue with your phone. Maybe time for a reset.
  • What is Application Password and how to get it?
  • It's an app specific password for apps that don't support two factor authentication. You'll get it from Google's settings page.
  • Here's how to:-
  • You can also do this with MS mail accounts. Under advanced security settings.
  • The hack is unnecessary now. The normal method works.
  • Should be "Microsoft or Google" at the end instead of "Microsoft of Google".
  • Maybe it's prophecy. It'll be the Microsoft division of Google one day.
  • Or maybe the guy speaks dutch. ​OF is dutch for OR. I type is wrong too sometimes when I'm too quick.
  • I think it'll rather be the other way around :P :D MS is still a bigger company, according to Forbes :D
  • would pick MS over Google any day
  • My Gmail has never stopped working, but since this version of Windows 10, I no longer get the sent mail folder to sync. Everything else has worked fine. Will this work around fix that?
  • No idea. Reports so far are only for adding new accounts. Existing accounts should be fine.
  • Same here. Sent mail folder doesn't sync for me either
  • Its google, its always google when it comes to Windows
  • you do realize desktop outlook app is working fine right? obviously Microsoft itself is the big retard here
  • Nope.. just you
  • *Windows on mobile devices Posted via my Nexus 5X
  • best work around: Step 1: Give google the finger Step 2: Open an outlook account. saves time and headache
  • That is the real fix
  • I did this yesterday.
    Outlook is way better than gmail :D
  • You could just get an android phone. Gmail always works there :) *Yaaaaaas let the hate flow through you*
  • LOL. I downvoted you but this is still a funny comment :)
  • I'm here for the downvotes mate
    Petty fanbois can't take light hearted jokes.
  • Or maybe you're just not as witty as you seem to think you are. But sure, of course everyone else is the "problem"
  • Are you beeg mad or leetle mad? Life is a series of jokes my friend. Being a Windows fan is one of them. Laugh along with the rest of us.
  • I'm a big fan of Microsoft. I just happened to think the "*Yaaaas let the hate flow through you" was funny. Especially since I was moving for the down vote before I even read that part.
  • I quote: "You could just get an android phone. Gmail always works there :)" Obviously this is not a Google crowd! Well, you could always add your Gmail account to Windows Outlook on an Android phone. It works. Windows Outlook on Android is a decent app, if anyone cares. 
  • I'm doing that right now
  • Step 3: Profit.
  • Sage advice right here.
  • Here is the problem with that. Outlook (microsoft) email, won't sync calendars to ANYTHING BUT a windows computer. If you install outlook on mac or iPhone or android phone, your outlook calendar will not sync. You MUST download and use an outlook "all in one" app to get your calendar. That is stupid. Gmail calendar works on every electronic device made and so does every single other email out there. I want to be able to use a default calendar app and sync my calendar on my iMac, my iPhone, my android phone, my windows phone and my windows bootcamp partition on windows 10. Using Microsoft outlook, you can't do that. So which email should I give the finger to? the ONLY one that won't play nice with every brand? or the one that works with ANY brand? hmmmm ..... reason #2334 why windows phone has .1% of the market share?
  • Change to a 365 Exchange account. Syncs everywhere. 
  • I see your problem, everything that begins with "i".... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • I use both but favor Gmail for Labels. That way the email is still in my inbox, but has a tag. Outlook sweeping is amazing though. 
  • Awkward... Microsoft likes google, sort of, but google hates, really hates Microsoft. Poor microsoft who has to be friends with a competitor to survive in the market.
  • Not true, neither of these companies like or hate each other. It's all about dominance, when Microsoft had it, they were worst than Google. Google had to go to open source and try to build momentum there, offering services that worked everywhere. Now that Microsoft does not have it on mobile, they are doing the same thing Google was doing back then. There is not difference in either company, they are just in different circumstances now. Microsoft is not suddenly the good guy and Google the bad guy. They are corporations trying to maximise profits.
  • I just imported all contacts from google to outlook. If they can't support me, i am not going to support them too.
  • Exactly.
  • Gmail's been my spam address for a couple of years now. Works great! =)
  • This has NOTHING to do with google and gmail and EVERYTHING to do with microsoft. Put the blame where it belongs instead of praising MS for being jerks about syncing calendars and contacts from ANY email client.
  • Dude, you're just kind of a d**k, aren't you? My Google calendar syncs with my Outlook desktop client, but I can only view it; I can't make any changes/deletions/new appointments to it via Outlook - how's that for "just working with everything"? Chrome web browser will not work on my Windows 7 PC - it starts to install; tries to configure some things, then tells me "there's a problem". It never tells me what's wrong, and never goes further than that. It never opens again after closing it. How's THAT for "just working with everything"?! Go troll some Google sites and lick their ass some more. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm looking again at the option to use the import for Gmail. After 12 years with my Gmail address, I can't drop it no matter how much I want to.
  • It can be done. Unless your business and even then I wouldn't touch Gmail for business. We had to send a dentist a cease request because they were using consumer Gmail without any hipaa layers.
  • Sounds almost as sketchy as Hillarys' server...almost.
  • After you finish the import, just set up forwarding in Gmail to point to your address. Set it and forget it (Gmail). I've had this set this way for several years, even though I'm back on Android (cause Verizon). My is my primary contact. If I'm unsure of giving out my email, I just use the Gmail address and sort it out later. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well I have done it in exactly same way. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was in a similar situation and I solved it by opening a new email account and had all my gmail emails forwarded to it. Now I am completely google free and my old contacts can still reach me through my old gmail address.
  • Thanks for the advice. How do you deal with things like invitations? I'm also concerned about those emails from companies that make you log in with the same email it was sent to...
  • I never had any invitations, so I'm not sure how to get around that. Wouldn't the invitaions get forwarded too?
  • Invites should also be forwarded. As for companies that have you login with the specific email, start giving out the Outlook or other email. You'll likely remember which ones you have to sign in with when it comes to those things. I never forget when its time to pay the student loan that its under my Gmail, but all communications are sent to my Outlook. Gradually update everyone else when they ask if the contact info is correct or when you interact with them. It might be easier if you go for the same email address but at the Outlook domain. When I set mine up I went to a couple of other free services and locked down my desired email address at each one.
  • Google prevented me from signing in with this method...
  • Again google is breaking access to windows phone? This is what? The 3rd or 4th time now?
  • I think in this case its due to edge spoofing itself to show as chrome. Google is well within Its right to decide when a specific version of chrome is outdated
  • Yeah, just blame Edge, not the real culprit which is Google.
  • But when it shows as Edge (which it does by the way... My bank seems to be able to tell for some reason) Google breaks websites too (Maps). So what now?
  • browser sniffing for webpages is anyways baaaad
  • Maybe Google is scared? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Since edge mobile seems to show up as 'chrome mobile 51', I assume google just decided that's an outdated version.
  • So no conspiracy? Shocking that Google is not in fact scared to death of Windows Mobile.
  • Isn't it more complex than that? Here's how my 950XL presents itself to the web: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows Phone 10.0; Android 4.2.1; Microsoft; Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/46.0.2486.0 Mobile Safari/537.36 Edge/13.10586
  • I just checked many sites, that are just to identify my browser. Googles site said chrome 51, on another site, it showed up as "Edge Mobile on Windows Phone 10.0", another one was right at the point and said Edge Mobile 14, another one just said, that my OS is android 6.0.1 (and I was like, hehe, nope :P), but the weirdest one was "Chrome 51.0.2704.79
    on Windows Phone" :D So I don't know. If Edge would spoof itself to be recognized as chrome, shouldn't every site say so? :D
  • Exactly what I thought.
  • No problems at all
  • If google were a person they'd be Donald Trump
  • Oh he's not THAT bad. Google is far worse than annoying Mr. Trump. If Google were a villain, it'd be Scar from the Lion King. Google and Microsoft are closely related after all, and Microsoft is king. Google became so jealous that it started plotting to overthrow Microsoft with its own OS. Its working (Android) in mobile and currently they are trying to bring it to the desktop as well, but Microsoft begat the true heir to the thrown (W10Mobile) but Google wants to kill it before it can fully mature and take its place under the sun as the new king.
  • It sure looks like Google is very, very afraid of MS getting anywhere marketwise.  If they weren't it would be all in, like with Apple.  Google doesn't fear Apple, but they sure are afraid of Windows 10 Mobile.  This is also exactly the behavior that led to the breakup of "ma Bell" and also led to the gigantic fines on MS themselves.  But it seems our own government (hugely populated by former Google employees no less) could care less these days.  They are more interested in getting themselves re-elected.  
  • Imagine to add an email account seems to be stressful if it's from Windows Mobile device to Google,why doesn't Google make such happen on theirs or iPhone,Google always does sneaking crap,first not making apps on Windows Mobile,now making own Mail client for windows to have people use that instead of outlook.they'll get what's coming for them in due time
  • In wp 8/8.1 i could go into and connect my google account to MS and by doing this all my google contacts appeared in my contacts. The ability is still there, but nothing seems to happen..
  • Fuq Google
  • My Gmail Account is working perfectly on my Windows 10 mobile phone, and I save my contacts on my gmail instead of my Outlook. That way, whatever contact I save on my Lumia 640 XL appears on my Tecno L8+ Android mobile thanks to gmail account. I have linked inbox of Yahoo and Gmail account since time immemorial Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have both Gmail and and enjoy using both. I have found myself slowly migrating things over to outlook but never completely transitioned. I think it's as good a time as ever to migrate at a faster pace. I've also already been pushing friends and family to use over Gmail.
  • Its something to do with edge browser!
  • I don't think Google is blocking windows phone. But not a big deal! Changed all where I used Gmail to Yahoo and Outlook to avoid future interruptions. Now the only problem with youtube clients!!!!
  • I just logged in to Awesome Tube a few hours earlier, and it worked just fine.
  • This really needs to be fixed ASAP. They put the 950 and 950XL on sale, brought in a lot of new users, then this happens. Talk about a terrible introduction to WP.
  • Yep, I'm in that boat.  My bad I guess for not reading up on this first, but my new 950xl arrived yesterday and will be going back Monday.  I have family shared calendars that live in Google so not so easy to migrate everything to Outlook. Oh well.
  • Given that it'll get fixed in a week that's a pretty silly thing to say.
  • it's just temporary though, it's only browser sniffing that is done by google that cause this issue.
  • There have been issues between Google and MS in the past with calendar sync (Win 8 / 8.1 era). If this starts again i`ll just abandon Gmail (it`s working just fine for now) and switch entirely on Outlook. At least i won`t get spam mails in the new Inbox.
  • I've been link google mail account to outlook mail account, and I've been import Contact from google to outlook account. Right now I choose outlook.
  • I blame Google.
  • Since January 2016 I am using Gmail with Outlook Mail in my L1520 (Windows 10 Mobile). So what is the actual issue here?
  • It's only an issue for adding new accounts.
  • doesn't seem like anyone realize that outlook app for desktop is working fine? obviously this time is Microsoft being the retard, but nvm, fanboys are always the retards who don't and won't care about the truth.
  • Look an android or ios troll with no brain
  • We got outlook mail no need for this Gmail crap guys
  • sounds like google altered their APIs  
  • Retard google couldnt log on to my windows central account thanks
  • Stupid google is always making things harder for non-google users. I'll never use android anyway.
  • Thanks. I have two Gmail managed accounts (one at and a student one at  I'll let the forum know if any issues with adding either or both.
  • MSPoweruser refers to another workaround :-).
  • No need working now and able to add new account !
  • Yeah it's working for me too. Is it fixed or did it never affect Insiders?
  • The only looser in this corporate war is microsoft
  • As of Saturday August 6th afternoon, the issues seems to be resolved and GMail accounts can be added using the native process.
  • Being productive like a boss.
  • first of all, I haven't experience issue on my gmail/google account on my windows devices yet.
    second, I barely use Gmail as main email, most just for receiving coupons and promo emails, which lots consider as junk mail. my personal is till yahoo, and semi-professional one is with my own domain supporting exchange sync.
  • My Gmail account works fine for me
  • I used Gmail as my spam inbox.
  • FAB.
  • Slt tous le monde il suffit d'entrer dans votre gmail indiqué votre apareil Windows phone exp
    : lumia 640 xl pour moi désactiver la sécurité et voila contact et mail.
  • oh helped a lot
  • Everytime it says that your gmail settings are out of date even if i fix it number of times.
  • I still got the message: Your Gmail account settings are out-of-date!
  • Try from settings->email not from outlook directly
  • I want update you that finally it seems that the login page for google sync it's working fine, after the w10 update I did a reset for a clean setup, google account never worked until yesterday, 4 long days without my contacs and calendar :( Fortunately now everything is fine :):):):):)    
  • Yeah, looks like they got it working last night.
  • Ah Goog$e not being evil again I see... Good thing I only use it for spam. I don't even use their maps now that Autodesk uses Here data... Srewgoggle them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Hi from Greece,I had the same problem,but I was trying to create the account from outlook,so I try settlings->email->account and then google normal..and everything works fine,calendar,contacts.!! Try from settings not from outlook
  • I don't have this problem with Gmail accounts. What is there is the way how to forward with attachments in that account and also in yahoo email....which is to wait for attachment download before sending it....this happens even if your conf got all option about this marked
  • Normal way of adding email works of from within outlook mail. Account management, select Gmail.........
  • My Gmail account has always been there. I use it for JUNK, but, it's always worked.
  • :))) total FAIL for MS :))) Good job Google. this is payback time for the "Scroogle" campaign.
  • Just stop using google, and start using  Problem solved.  You can even have gmail forward all your email to your outlook email account.