Hitman 3 has been revealed, coming to Xbox Series X in January 2021

Hitman (Image credit: IO Interactive)


Source: IO Interactive (Image credit: Source: IO Interactive)

What you need to know

  • IO Interactive has announced Hitman 3.
  • It's a sequel to Hitman 2 and the finale of the current trilogy.

During The Future of Gaming PS5 stream today, IO Interactive showed up to announce Hitman 3. This game is intended as the conclusion to a trilogy and is coming to Xbox Series X. You can take a look at the trailer below.

Hitman 3 is set to release in January 2021 on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • These games shown so far seem to me perfectly capable of running on the X1X/PS4 pro, and even the base consoles as well. So, are the developers artificially limiting them to next gen just for the sake of it, or will they be cross-gen releases? I now think the MS approach of cross-gen at the beginning is the way to go.
  • They will be cross gen. Early games generally are except in the case of some first party titles.
  • I'm assuming many will be cross gen. Would be pretty stupid of 3rd party dev. not to.