Hitman 2016

The latest title in the Hitman series of games is now available for you to download from the Xbox One Store. You play the role of Agent 47, the world's most effective assassin. This release of Hitman will be episodic with this initial listing only containing the prologue and Paris Sanguine Fashion Show missions.

While full access to Contracts and Escalation Modes are available, alongside elusive targets and other live content, it does mean that fans of this particular title will need to hold out until Square Enix manages to finish and release the next episodes. The full experience will set you back $59.99, while this initial Intro episode alone will cos $14.99 if you plan to either trial the game or purchase each episode separately.

The title is also listed on Amazon, but with a release date of December 30. This could also reflect a physical copy coming sometime after each episode of the game has been released.

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