How to auto-play video on demand (VOD) on your Mixer channel

Essentially, instead of leaving an offline message on your Mixer channel when you're not streaming, you can now entertain your followers or the world at large.

You can add your most recent VOD to your channel page to play whenever someone lands on it and you're offline. Here's how.

How to add an auto-play VOD to Mixer

After you finish a stream, Mixer will automatically create a VOD of your last broadcast. These build up and will be kept on your channel for 90days, but now you can keep your most recent one on your channel to auto-play every time someone lands on your page.

  1. Login to Mixer.
  2. Click on manage channel.
  3. Turn on the autoplay my most recent VOD when I'm offline option.
  4. Click save.

VODs won't display if your channel is set to host someone when you're offline, and the auto-host will override it. The VOD will only begin playing when someone lands on your channel and you're offline and not hosting.

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