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How to find Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 PC

You might not have been aware that IE can still be used in Windows 10. In this beginners guide we show you how to easily get to it anytime you want.

Activate Cortana either by saying "Hey Cortana, open Internet Explorer," or by typing in the box if you're not using voice or have Cortana disabled. Internet Explorer will show up immediately to be opened for use. To avoid doing this every time you want to use Internet Explorer, follow these simple steps.

  1. Type "Internet Explorer" in the Cortana/Search box. (Saying "Hey Cortana, open Internet Explorer" isn't useful here.)
  2. Right click on Internet Explorer in the Cortana/Search window.
  3. To add Internet Explorer as a tile on your Start Menu click Pin to Start.
  4. To keep it on your taskbar simply click Pin to taskbar.

Now, every time you need to use IE it's just a click away.

If you don't want to add extra clutter to your taskbar or don't use the search box at all, here's where else you can find it.

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Scroll down to Windows Accessories.
  3. Open the folder.
  4. Launch Internet Explorer.

Whichever method you use, you'll now be able to access the old browser if you really need it.

Updated March 11, 2019: We checked this guide to ensure it's up to date for 2019.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • I need it still for Citrix support
  • Yeah, there are a lot of extensions people miss now. Java is absent as well
  • Java not being in edge is a good thing in my opinion.
  • Not when you need it :P
  • So true!!!
  • Agreed. For this reason IE is still around. No sense is making Edge slower with junk. Hehe.
  • Good point! Exactly: we do not need yet another legacy-supporting web browser. Edge is supposed to be free from Active X also.
  • Legacy? Citrix and Java are not "legacy". There are many organization you proably ignore they exist that use those software. Even hospitals rely on Internet Explorer just because it has support for Java and extensions that make powerful applications available with customization and control over the browser (with group policies). Edge is not a choice for them right now, and that just pushes browsers fragmentation even more.
  • They are legacy technologies. Support for them is going to die very soon. AJAX/AJAJ and similar webapps offer better functionality at exponentially lower CPU usage and better looks across platforms. Java, Flash et al are going to be totally extinct in a few years.
  • You said it, "in a few years". In the meanwhile...
  • Sure, but someone has to bring the change. And they left IE for people, who actually need them.
  • You don't seem to understand how enterprise works. There are systems out there that currently use software that was developed in the 80's and they won't update because it works. If they are ok with using 30+ year old software what makes you think they are going to just stop using Java or Flash as well. I agree, that both are in a decline, but you're nuts to think they will be completely gone "in a few years"
  • Disagree. Innovation in technology requires updates at some point. Else, competition in business will eventually override this "it works" mentality and put them out of business.
  • Case in point: Microsoft sticking with Windows Vista instead of going after Apple with iPhone with their existing Windows Mobile platform at the time.
  • Enterprise does not care the slightest about that unless it brings security concerns. We still support systems that require comparability settings for IE5 to work properly. As many others have said Hospitals and other enterprises still have software that are reliant on windows XP or older.
  • A chain salon I go has an online booking system. You login, you check the time then you book the stylist. The touchscreen of the cashier in the salon shows a web page using IE, you touch-screen-enter your ID, dump all your coins and notes into the cashier in 1 go, then it spit out the changes, updates your account.
  • Hospitals still use XP. I was at one today and noticed this on one of their PCs. Hospitals hold onto technology longer than other fields, they are not a good indicator that something isn't legacy! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Penguin apple Good point! Exactly: we do not need yet another legacy-supporting web browser. Edge is supposed to be free from Active X also."
    Legacy = useFUL. Labelling something "legacy" = useLESS.
  • I still use it for browsing. IE is faster at rendering a usable page.
  • Must be old Citrix if you don't have receiver setup? So much faster and easier to use it from the taskbar.
  • Never tried that. Not sure if that would work for me. I do contract work for a company and need to connect to their site using Citrix address. So they have control over how it's set up and what not. Where do I find what you're talking about?
  • Need 1password and lastpass plugins.
  • There's a lastpass plugin for edge. Don't know about 1password though
  • Yeah I need unity 3d support. Microsoft needs to wise up and give users a standards compliant browser with full plugin/extension support. Doesn't have to be default as 70% of users don't need it, but we need a better option than IE.
  • It's called Edge. Plugins are being phased out of every browser and extensions are coming to Edge later this year.
  • More like next week lol
  • Cryio is exactly right. Edge renders a page exactly how Google, Firefox, and Safari do. IE is used solely for web apps that need those extensions
  • some pages on Edge looks different than they are on Chrome or firefox for that matter, some pages just do not render correctly on Edge, same old Ms, Internet exploder always did things differently as well.
  • I am a bit torn between the positive and negative things extensions bring to a [popular] web browser. This is because the "standard web browser" in an OS is going to be attacked a lot more than other web browsers in terms of security if the user base of Windows 10 continues to climb in the rate it is doing right now. This means that novice users who look for the "e" symbol in Windows is the kind of person who might say "Yes" to every dialog window that pops up when they use their computer. This means that malicious web browser extensions will get installed. The question is only when we are going to see this in the news and how it will impact Microsoft's  reputation in the eyes of the general public. Of course, you do want to attract the power users who today use Chrome and Firefox and make them permanently switch to using Edge. At the same time, the novice users should be protected per default from installing the malicious extensions that will indeed be created at some point, given enough user base of the browser. I have seen this behaviour in users already, novices who use Google Chrome and accept every "Yes" dialog, regardless of the content. It's the same kind of people who download the "free" freeware software from popular download pages on the web and automatically click yes to installing the bundle of extras, as well as accepting to change the default search engine setting from Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo or something else, to using an adware-infected search engine instead. So, what is the best way to keep everyone happy, then? Perhaps Edge should make sure all extensions are off by default and requires an admin password to activate the first time you want to enable extensions. Also make sure all extensions are approved by Microsoft and signed with security certificates. Also, make sure those extensions do not get root/administrator access to the Windows OS, etc. Right now, Edge is supposed to be encapsulated in a sandbox environment (I think?) and that should at least make it a lot harder to create havoc in a system. In the end, I don't know. It is not easy to make everyone happy. Most people want ease of use, functionality and security, but getting all three perfect is tricky.
  • I'm sure they'll have a GPO for edge extensions
  • Edge has plugin support. Devs just have to port their plugins to edge. Email them and ask them to do so.
  • They definitely need too add Citrix support sooner than later so I can say adios to Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • I'm confused with what you mean by citrix support. My company uses citrix heavily and as long as you have the latest receiver app (which is a free download from it works fine with edge.
  • I use the citrix receiver modern app. It works fine for me
  • Unfortunately , true
  • You can use Citrix with Edge, not need for extensions. Google it. Or use Firefox, Chrome or similar. There are very few reasons you need to still be using Internet Explorer. Many IT departments still enforce it though as they know how to manage it and assume it'll work with more sites than Edge when the opposite is the case.
  • You can also launch Edge on a website and there's an option in the menu at the top right corner
  • This. Edge Favorites aren't synced to IE, so assuming you're in Edge when you realize you need IE, just choose "Open with Internet Explorer" from the "..." Menu
  • Mine never went anywhere, but I find myself using edge now a lot more
  • Adblock Plus do I need to say more?
  • Change your Hosts file to filter the garbage. Works great.
  • Where can I find more info on how to do this?
  • Here you go, simple and easy trick that works great!
  • This will block ads on system level. Even block ads from Windows 10 apps.
  • Thank you so much, you just changed my life!! :D
  • Side note - THIS is the most useful part of the page I see. Should be a story in itself. Thanks for the assistance!
  • I've also liked this strategy, but found that it crippled specific apps such as the ones from the broadcast TV networks. When it hit a scheduled commercial break, it would just throw an error message. Toggling between two hosts files was effective but a bit tedious.
    As an alternative, I've also used a local web proxy (bfilter was the name I think) but I haven't used that since Win7 so this isn't an endorsement so much. Something like that can be easier to toggle, and had options to replace ads with placeholder graphics, but only applied to http protocol. I'm tempted now to try that out again.
  • Works great except some of the ad block hosts include comment forms. I couldn't comment on blizzwatch due to a site they included.
  • Yes I need to know how to do this as well
  • Oh.......
  • By searching
  • Internet Explorer actually can be found in All Apps. It's just located in the Windows Accessories folder :)
  • Nailed it.
  • I was just about to say...
  • Im sure we could always use whatever the registry key is that handles it being set as default by enterprise edition or gpedit for those with a pro key/insider
  • It's always been listed there since XP
  • No necessary. Sometimes you need to enable it from Windows features first.
  • for pinned sites in taskbar
  • Nailed it in the Start menu.
  • Edge still needs a few features but if they update it quick then I can see it become my main browser.
  • Yeah it needs jumplists like IE & Chrome. Extensions are coming soon.
  • Do people actually use jumplists?
  • Not all users but yes.
  • I use them all the time, for most of my programs. I have File Explorer, IE, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Acrobat Pro, Notepad, and some other programs all  pinned to my taskbar. Most of my work is begins by righ-clicking on them and opening recent files I've worked on. It's fast and convenient. It was one of the main reasons I switched the default browser from Edge to IE (other reasons include my dislike for the UI--tabs on top instead of on the same row as the URL bar--and the fact that it always opened up on the wrong monitor, in the wrong size, and it was too clumsy to move around [because of tabs on top] and resize). I find IE to be much cleaner with a more intuitive UI. The only thing I miss about Edge is Reading Mode and dark theme, honestly.
  • Needed it for Skysports as it uses silverlight. Sky identified Edge as Google chrome and stated it is no longer supported .
  • First thing I searched in Windows 10 was Internet Explorer XD
  • Same, that would have been a deal breaker if it was gone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Edge isn't Finished yet. It still needs a lot of work,
  • Edge just needs time to mature the same way IE did with all the updates and fixes provided over the years. Right now its too early and i dont think it's ready to replace any previous browser just yet.
  • I really don't need it ;) Edge and Chrome do the work for me.
  • the internet banking website of my bank refuses me to log in from edge, so yeah some websited still need IE.
  • That was happening to me as well, but my bank began supporting Microsoft Edge a few days later. Just keep checking until your bank supports it
  • I've just lost you at Chrome..
  • Still using Chrome ? Are you serious...?
  • "if you really need it"? How about 100% of the time? I never use Edge. When the extensions I need are supported (Roboform, for example), I'll reconsider.
  • ^I agree. Everyday I use Lastpass. Plus when I launch an Origin game it first opens in Edge and I have to click 'Open in Internet explorer'. If Microsoft wants us to use this as our main browser, they need to allow plug-ins.
  • Am i the only one who uses edge because there are no ads ????
  • Ummm, unless you have done some trickery like editing host files: Edge will very prominently display ads. That was definitely one of the most painful parts about "upgrading" from Metro IE to Edge: The loss of TrackingProtection.
  • The most painful thing for me was actually being able to go back and forward with just a swipe, instead of hitting the buttons. Hope that comes back.
  • That stings too. Definitely one of my many grievances with Edge vs. Metro IE.
  • You can click send "Do Not Track Requests"
  • While I enabled that the second I started Microsoft Edge (Since it's no longer enabled by default), Do Not Track is entirely honor based. It's only that: A request, and websites are under no obligation to follow it. Stuff like TrackingProtection (or in the case of browsers with extensions) and AdBlock keep cookies from being able to track you. It's not an opt-in type thing, it's not a request, it blocks such tracking whether the tracking service likes it or not. I mean, there are still other ways and methods that companies have to stalk you on the 'net, but TrackingProtection was built in, easy to use, and made it a lot more difficult. Oh, and stuff like TrackingProtection and AdBlock also disable and hide ads, making your browsing quicker and less annoying. Do Not Track does no such thing.
  • Type ie in Cortana search or when using the edge browser, click the elipsis go down to open in internet explorer.
  • Can you get the metro version of internet explorer back? Edge sucks when youre using touch
  • +1 ...i need metro version of Edge or IE back. I actually run two full screen metro IE for watching two games at the same time.
  • This. Full screen browsing (Especially in Snap mode) was a dream back on 8.1. I miss it terribly.
  • I don't think Microsoft even considered this (Metro version).  I think they were only concerned with users with Windows 7.  Since most Windows 7 users didn't have touch screens then they wouldn't know what they were missing. .  To me the Metro version of IE is the best version they have.  That's why I don't plan on updating any of my Windows 8.1 Pro computers.  I will my W7 computer I like 8.1.  Especially the Start Screen.  I don't want to feel like I'm going backwards.
  • The Start Screen is new and innovative. If you upgrade, you'll love it. Bit I agree with Metro IE, but Edge works fine for me on my tablet
  • I disagree. While I love using Windows 10 in "desktop mode" on my Surface Pro 3, I definitely feel like tablet mode is a HUGE step backwards compared to 8.1. I'm not fond of the new Start Menu, and the new Start Screen SUCKS.
  • I'm 100% with everyone on this!  The Metro IE was much better for all but a couple of things.  I am so much happier being able to right-click to bring up the upper/lower menus.  I hate what Windows 10 has done to navigation and mouse use.
  • Agree, hopefully they'll update Edge when Win 10 mobile arrives, maybe they're working on a touch (metro) version that will come alongside the mobile launch.
  • Well, being a better (if slower) browser experience than Edge 1. I would say most people will need this tip.
  • My wife still uses IE because of lastpass
  • Edge works fine for me in tablet mode - what is the problem that people wnat metro IE back for?
  • No swipe back/forward and no big tabs, touch friendly buttons.
  • Metro IE was still far better optimized for touch. Edge definitely does a better job than desktop Internet Explorer, but the Metro version found in 8.1 was still far better, since it featured: - Bigger touch-targets that make it far more finger-friendly. Less trying to hit tiny buttons that were designed for mouse.
    - Truly full screen browsing, where all the menus and such melted away. It let you focus on the website content. Now there's no option to hide the browser bar in Edge (That I'm aware of).
    - Metro IE had touch and swipe gestures that made it a joy to use. This is a problem with Windows 10 in general, but many touch and swipe gestures that previously existed in 8.1 have been gutted in favor of mouse and trackpad targets. That's fine, but I feel that Edge in tablet mode still tries to compel me to use a mouse instead of touching the web. I'm still reeling from the lack of easily swiping forward and backward on webpages, I have to go all the way to the top left of the screen for that now, instead of simply doing it anywhere on screen.
    - (This applies to desktop IE too, so it's a general missing feature of Edge) As I wrote below: Edge lacks built-in TrackingProtection, which gave users a super-easy, free, built-in way to go from ads to ad-free in about 30 seconds and 12 clicks. It was excellent, especially since it could be enabled or disabled at a per-site level, giving you decently granular control over a feature that was mostly transparent and you didn't even notice. It was beautifully integrated. Now, with TrackingProtection being gutted, and extension support ComingSoon™, the only way to really and effectively disable ads on Edge is by using the hosts file trick, which is a very obscure method indeed to the average user. (That and besides, I've never really like third-party ad-blockers on Chrome, which is why I appreciated how it was built in on IE). Those are most of my grievances with Edge on Windows 10 at the moment. I'm sure there's one or two more that I can't remember right now, but those are the main things I miss from Metro IE, which was actually my main browser back on 8.1.
  • I ditto on this observation. I roll back from win10 to win8.1 because what all these are sorely missing on win10 and make browsing on win10 tablet a second class.  I hope for a tweak of IE on win10 to re-enable modern metro UI.
  • It works like GARBAGE for me in tablet mode AND regular.  I have it on an i7 computer that was running Windows 8.1 before, and also on a Nextbook 10.1.  Edge--like Windows 10 itself--is horrible on both.
  • Open RUN box and simply enter iexplore
  • Thanks for sharing
  • iexplore in run command????
  • I only wonder who will use IE when we have MS Edge?
  • People who need compatibility with older websites and people not satisfied with Edge as-is.
  • I'm not arguing with you, I'm just asking can't the MS Edge support theese older web sites? :)  
  • I'll give you an example. On the launch day, my bank didn't support the browser so I had to log in to my account trough Explorer. Bit a few days later, my bank supported the browser. Some websites need time to support the new brower. For now, I very rarely use Internet Explorer
  • While compatibility and moving onwards, not being stuck in the past is great: Considering several Enterprises and some military groups are paying Microsoft literally millions of dollars to maintain security support for XP: I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. As such, people on Windows 10 who still need to access cooperate websites that are optimized for IE are still going to want to using it and all of its glorious backwards-compatible junk.
  • People like ME who prefer the faster performance and stability of IE over the piece of garbage that Edge is.  People like ME who are staying on Windows 8.1 on all machines except my test ones because the Metro experience is better.  Does that answer your question?
  • People fed up with bugs, lags, drag and drop not supported, sites not reacting like twitter. Edge is a really bad experience for me, as many changes in Windows 10 on my SP3. I trusted insiders, I realize now that so many things were screwed up on the touch side that I'm really planning to roll back to 8.1.
  • Thank you all very much, guys :)  
  • Many Microsoft services sites don't work properly or at all with edge.
  • Not aware? Heck, there are Microsoft enterprise sites that redirect me to IE so there's no avoiding it! Also, I play a bit of Battlefield and there is no Battlelog plugin so again I turn to IE... Chrome is like a vampire, it'll suck the life out of your machine!
  • Or while using edge in the options sections you can open the page using Internet Explorer and then from there add it to your task bar Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I actually still use IE time to time. I try to stay using Edge but crashing issues, performance issues, lack of full-sync capabilities, some site don't work properly, Past and Go, lack of drag-and-drop into webpage, tabs can't be drag inside, lack of mute tab, immersive/full-screen support and proper multiple instances keeps me using IE more. Not to mention, I'm still mainly Firefox user simply because extensions hasn't arrived yet and it's still got more features that I'm looking forward for Edge to have, not all but most essentials and useful ones. Thumbnail on tabs (not native on Firefox but only with extenstions), Tab Groups, Easy to switch between search engines, better Developer Tools, Progressbar (not native, only with extensions), multiple taskbar thumbnail support, and Jumplist support.
  • IE is my default browser in W10. I use Firefox and Chrome as 2nd & 3rd browsers. The Edge...well, I put in back in the Accessories folder!
  • Hey Richard can you give us a link to download that Windows background with the unicorn you used in the article please? I love it!
  • Yes please. Want background.
  • This seems to happen literally every article. The Windows Central team should design a bot that automatically grabs their current desktop background, uploads it to OneDrive, and makes a public link so they can easily share it with the masses. The link would be posted at the end of every article, save them some strife, haha.
  • Do a search, there was a post about the background a couple weeks ago. ;)
  • Yes I want it too!
  • BAM!!!  
  • The link on the link I provided to download it is dead :(
  • :(
  • Check out my Twitter @rwmutton i retweeted it
  • Ok thanks :)
  • I found it in all apps under windows accessories
  • I thought they weren't including it in the home version, but I'm glad I stumbled across it when trying to play battlefield. Edge still has a way to go. I do get the occasional freeze up and need the battlelog plugin. Hope they get it all sorted pretty soon though, Be nice just to be able to use Edge.
  • "Hey Cortana, open Internet Explorer" works on my Surface Pro 2 and on my MacBook Pro.
  • I'm less than thrilled with Edge.  I use it about 50% of the time - IE the other 50%.  The inability to use extensions is huge, and not having the Menu Bar is a noticable drawback for me.  One thing I did notice with IE, however - is how the "View Source" has changed from the normal text / code source of the website, to the exact same as the "Inspect Element" option - which is not the same thing.
  • I like how some people want to believe Edge is amazing, but that browser is Beta-level at best at this point.  Internet Explorer performs better when scrolling through pages (no Lockups while the page is loading content), still loads practically instantaneously, and works on a lot of site that Edge simply doesn't work on (especially some sites that use Drag and Drop will work in IE11 but not Edge for some reason).
  • The lock up thing is very annoying.
  • I still prefer Internet Explorer over Chrome and Firefox in my Windows 10 Onda tablet. Internet Explorer it's fast and smooth (I can't say the same about Firefox nd Chrome). Edge just need a lot to work to.
  • Very good tip. Didn't even know they still make IE in Win10
  • No need
  • I still need it since Edge is lacking too many required features to be used as a primary browser.  
  • Till Edge supports plugins then I need it for password management.
  • Turned off Internet Explorer using Windows features.
  • Erm, Win + R > iexplore This works too! :)
  • We still need ie for some legacy sites...:(
  • The one big thing I miss from Internet Explorer is TrackingProtection list, which acted as both a built-in ad block in addition to keeping companies from stalking me online I've since disabled ads on Edge (And Windows 10 apps, for that matter) by doing the trick where you edit the Hosts files. However, that's an all-or-nothing type deal, it blocks all ads, everywhere without discrimination. That means I can't make exceptions for websites like Mobile Nations, whom I want to support. Likewise, it disables ads in apps, which means I also can't support developers and their endeavors. Also, in addition to the above questionable morality of it: There's the simple fact that editing hosts files is FAR less obvious and straightforward than simply adding a couple TrackingProtection lists built right into the browser. So the hosts file trick will hold me over for now, but I'd still really like to see the return of TrackingProtection lists in the next big Windows 10 update, supposedly due in October.
  • Just click Send Do Not Track requests
  • I need it for the Garmin Navigator plugin so I can upload my cycle rides to The plugin used to work in Chrome (my browser of choice) but now only supports IE. I have years of rides on the dailymile site and would be lost without it.
  • Whoa! Hey fellow dailymiler!
  • Hey there! Love the site. Started cyling just a few years ago and have recorded every ride. Appartently I've cycled half way round the world, lol.
  • Cool. I want that too.
  • Since none of my favorites bookmarks showed up in Edge I instantly had to find Explorer. I still need IE for a lot of things, especially since saved password didn't seem to carry over from IE. Yes I found out later you could import but that should have been taken care of. And I hate how inprivate opens up in a whole new desktop window. And the total lack of gestures sucks, swipe back was awesome.
  • I want a bookmark all open tabs feature. I rely on that, because I'm a compulsive tab opener lol. And also, when I click the bookmark button the edit bookmark menu shows the wrong name (previous tab) and I have to wait several seconds for it to update to the correct tab name so I can click save.
  • Typing "IE" (and "WMP") works as well :).
  • Yes thanks.
  • DAMN after upgrading my Dell V8P to WIN10 I miss the Metro Internet Explorer very much. How to get it back?
  • You have to roll back to Windows 8.1. You have that option for 30 days only. Be careful, though, you will lose your saved game data in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, should you ever re-upgrade to Windows 10.
  • It's in settings app, among update & recovery options.
  • Or you can do what most people in the world will do, that is download and install Chrome or Firefox. Currently Edge is still in beta and Internet Explorer is just a terrible web browser.
  • Most people use IE, actually. Firefox is way past it's prime and Chrome is probably the worst browser I've ever used: resource hogging, atrocious AI, Google Spyware, with the creepiest logo ever. No gracias.
  • People use Firefox? Lol what? Most people use IE. Fact.
  • Edge is a work in progress. I use IE more often than not. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my BlackBerry Passport
  • I still use IE. Edge locks up to much for me. Even on fresh install.
  • Edge is screwed up for now. keep using IE until they fix edge issues
  • Lol This is funny, this guide to find internet explorer is so crazy, I couldn't have figured out how to look for it. I mean, you can find almost everything with this improved Cortana/Search Box.
    I still appreciate the effort, I know many didn't know how to do it.
    Greetings, Daniel, I like your posts.
  • This, so much this tbh. I had internet explorer pinned on my start screen/menu when I first opened it on W10. Weird.
  • I want ie in windows 10 mobile...
  • I still use IE when a web page doesn't work right Edge like watching BT Sport on my Pro 3 which still needs Silverlight. Thankfully MS have included 'Open with Internet Explorer' as an Edge menu option so if something doesn't work I just click that.
  • Its under windows accessories. And edge has an open in internet explorer option.
  • I just went to folders Drive C/Program Files/Internet Explorer and dragged the Internet Explorer Icon to my taskbar. :)  
  • Edge has an option to open any site in Internet Explorer for sites that don't render properly in edge Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Few hours ago I upgraded to Windows 10. I was checking for update in AMD Catalyst control it opened the desired page in Internet Explorer !! BOOM. 
  • Visual Studio JS debugger works only with IE.
  • What version of VS are you using?
  • i found edge annoying as hell on every device i used and it felt like a deevolution - especially on windows phone.
  • It's nice but needs more work: - Extension support - Choose default Download folder - Customize interface (add/remove/move buttons...) - Search internet for {selected text} - Paste and Go in address bar
  • It will probably appear immediately on press Start and type i.
  • No ad block, silver light or java mean that even if i wanted to I cannot use it. Maybe the ad blocking is a nice to have but the others are not. They should of included them and they could of phased them out in line with the other mainstream browsers at a later date.
  • I've had to use internet explorer a few times due to a few incompatibilities. Is this something that needs to be reported to Microsoft or the company who runs the website?
  • I can no longer see my open tabs in Edge from my 8.1 tablet or phone. This is a deal breaker. Is this possible and I'm just missing it?
  • These How to do XXX in Windows YYY tutorials by Windows Central are getting ridiculous. Seriously, how to open a freaking browser!? Also, that's probably the slowest possible way to open IE.
  • You forgot to mention that while in Edge, you can open up a webpage into internet explorer. I think it actually says"open in internet explorer"
  • IE has a better UI and UX. Edge is just sucks, plus it's not stable, plus it's slower (not by test, but in real life)
  • I thought it was supposed to be removed from Windows 10?
  • Nope. IE 11 remains. It won't be forgotten
  • to many corporate computers that still need it. It is the same companies that still use Windows XP becuase they need IE6 to use their old internal tools, that often also missed the fact that you can run IE11 as IE6 for specific sites in Windows 8.1 already
  • Go to Start menu folder in AppData like for a Windows 8.x or Windows 7 and you will find it really easily also. It's in a sub-folder like in "Accessories" or "Administrative tools" if I remember well.
  • Microsoft edge is better
  • But it's missing alot of stuff...
  • I just use the "Open in Internet Explorer" in the elipsis menu.
  • Simple as they fucked up with extensions until then IE remains
  • It would be great if it were so easy, but on my PC IE doesn't even start when I double-click the .exe directly.
    I need IE because Edge is still alpha in my opinion. Mine doesn't even sync favorites.
  • Background photo (Greg is no longer sharing it):
  • LOL, I dug IE up shortly after loading Win10.  Edge is horrible.
  • After seeing at least three posts about how Edge is horrible for you... tell us how you really heel. :|
  • Ya, you can't even turn off the auto-complete garbage. Sure, maybe I have been to a site before, but it doesn't need to be shown as I am typing in a URL. I HATE that. Clearing data doesn't work properly either.
  • ...
  • Trust me, you need it, create a short cut for it, you will find out you need it. Although Edge is pretty good, It crashes more than IE (at least it opens all pages exactlty the way it was) some pages dont work right and others dont work at all. Other plugin type sites, forget about it..
  • It's in All Apps/ Windows Accessories. You can also set it as default browser from control panel
  • I wanted fullscreen browsing to Edge, like in IE Modern...
  • Yeah. This edge had a long road before becoming useful. Long gggg way.
  • This site do not work on Edge.
  • So I must be imagining it when I opened up Edge, came to this site, then posted this response to you.
  • thank u for this.  videos on edge is still buggy.
  • why is this post bumped up? LOL.
  • I'm using Windows 10 home but I can't sign Microsoft account to use Cortana
  • With pluggin support for things like lastpass edge is basically useless... It's pretty, but useless...
  • Welcome back, old friend.
  • Thank you so much! I downloaded Windows 10 not knowing that it would change Explorer, which I need for work to access certain programs - I've been freaking out. I've been trying to figure out what to do for three weeks now, and stumbled on this page which explains how to find it in the search programs, pinned it to my taskbar and I'm golden! Simple directions that work!
  • I have a Windows 10 computer with Microsoft Edge...but even when I go to Cortana/search box..and try to search for internet explorer..I get nothing!  I really need Internet Explorer for a website that my job needs me to view.  Any ideas??  
  • Try right clicking on the website and there should be an option to open in IE.   Funny how Richard doesn't even mention that.....
  • Open a page in Edge, go to Edge settings (three horizontal dots in upper right corner), scroll down to Open this page in IE and then pin IE to your launch bar.
  • Try clicking on the start button go to all apps then windows accesories and internet explorer should be there.
  • I can't open IE, I used the search and put in IE but it just flashes white and does not open the page. Where did it go?? thanks
  • Open a page in Edge, go to Edge settings (three horizontal dots in upper right corner), click the buttons, scroll down to Open this page in IE and then pin IE to your launch bar.
  • Poor silverlight.
  • That should be the default browser on every desktop environment. Not Edge.
  • I actually uninstalled IE from within Windows.
  • I still use it since Edge is unfinished crap.
  • MS could fix Edge - just rename IE as Edge and update it a bit.
  • Too bad edge isn't supported as much as I.e.. It's because of this my dad and I use Ie. He used wd server hardware and we doesn't support edge, which for mobile windows 10 means he's sol. I wish mobile gave us the option as well or at the very least make edge compatible with ie.
  • Boy Richard you must be really bored today with these pointless 4-5 line posts that you guys like to qualify as an 'article'. No even a screenshot this time???  
  • Is 'Open with Internet Explorer' in the menu gone from Edge? If not, it would be very easy to switch from Edge to IE for a website if you find it not working well in Edge.
  • Then go into Default Programs and set it as the default
  • Always internet explorer Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In the business world I need to use IE everyday because the companies I deal with don't support edge. We'll see after Aug 2.
  • Internet Explorer is horrendous! 
  • That's why MS Catalog only runs in IE. ;)
  • I always need an internet explorer to send web pages to OneNote...all content will be copied in the same format and style as web..
  • I prefer IE because of the popup blocker. Having it set to block all and Ctrl+Alt+click to over ride can save the general public from installing garbage and being annoyed.
  • Am trying to go back to IE from Firefox on Windows 10.  Cortano is on the bottom of the task bar but you can't type anything in it let alone speak to it.  I want to go back to IE as all I get on Firefox is "not responding" and can hardly use anything.  Am trying to find another way to go back to IE as I check out other articles in Google.
  • Open a page in Edge, go to Edge settings (three horizontal dots in upper right corner), scroll down to Open this page in IE and then pin IE to your launch bar. 
  • I followed your instructions but it did not work. When I got to the site I needed, I got a message saying this browser was not compatible with their site. I need the old Internet Explorer in order to interact with governmental and legal sites inthe State of Michigan. Whatever was done to Internet Explorer in Windows 10 simply does not work!
  • Open a page in Edge, go to Edge settings (three horizontal dots in upper right corner), scroll down to Open this page in IE and then pin IE to your launch bar.
  • As a vocal support giver I am in constant need of Internet explorer. Unfortunately. When I need to practice at home some subjects to refine fluence. I just can't access on windows 10 due to the fact enterprises just DON'T support IE11... and it's annoying af. I know I can't do much about it. just rambling about it. >.>
  • does not work properly in IE11, the page constantly reloading itself so I have to open it in Edge.
  • I have a different problem. Cortana shows me results only in internet explorer? What can i do??
  • Open a page in Edge, go to Edge settings (three horizontal dots in upper right corner), scroll down to Open this page in IE and then pin IE to your launch bar. 
  • Go to settings >Advanced settings > Switch off the selection "optimize taskbar search result for screen reader" option
  • Thank your lucky stars.
  • I can't find Microsoft Edge on Playstore. How to find?
  • How dumb are you think the readers are that it needs such an article?
  • Agreed. I used old fashioned way to find the .exe file, as soon as Windows 10 stopped puting it in Start.
  • 👍
  • slow news day WC?
  • LOL I saw 200+ comments and I was like.. WTF are people arguing over browsers again? LOL
  • Didn't know it was that difficult to locate. I just type "iexplore" without the quotes in Cortana and hit enter. Bam its open. I then can pin if I so choose.
  • Windows + R
  • Internet explorer is inbuilt before....
  • Right and its faster to just use search IE and be done instead of ever using cortana since its awful outside of the US and voice commands is not exactly something that is approved in all workplaces. We had to use GPOs to remove all traces of Edge and put IE front and center again due to our enterprise demands.
  • How to find RollerCoaster Tycoon on your PC: If you love Windows 10 but need a slice of the old, RollerCoaster Tycoon is still there for you.
    You might not have been aware that RollerCoaster Tycoon can still be used in Windows 10. In this beginners guide we show you how to easily get to it anytime you want.
    Activate Cortana either by saying "Hey Cortana, open RollerCoaster Tycoon," or by typing in the box if you're not using voice or have Cortana disabled. RollerCoaster Tycoon will show up immediately to be opened for use. To avoid doing this every time you want to use RollerCoaster Tycoon, follow these simple steps.
    Type "RollerCoaster Tycoon" in the Cortana/Search box. (Saying "Hey Cortana, open RollerCoaster Tycoon" isn't useful here.)
    Right click on RollerCoaster Tycoon in the Cortana/Search window.
    To add RollerCoaster Tycoon as a tile on your Start Menu click Pin to Start.
    To keep it on your taskbar simply click Pin to taskbar.
    Now, every time you need to use RollerCoaster Tycoon it's just a click away. If you don't want to add extra clutter to your taskbar, you can always now find RollerCoaster Tycoon in the Start Menu under Windows Accessories in all versions of Windows 10 since the Anniversary Update.
    Updated May 15, 2018: We checked this guide to ensure it's up to date for the Windows 10 April Update.
    You see what I did here?
  • I have a tile for it on my Start screen. I often have to use IE because Edge is horrible with a number of websites, THIS one included. IE11 just WORKS.
  • Not even with a stick 😂
  • I always disable Internet Explorer as soon as I set up a new PC. Too many vulnerabilities. I'm much happier with Edge.
  • You can also open IE from Edge directly. Click on the 3 dots on the upper left, click on "More Tools" and click on "Open With Internet Explorer". I use this all the time when I get to site that doesn't like Edge. Currently I use Edge 99% of the time and it works great.