How to fix sign-in error code 0x800488AB in the Xbox app for Windows 10

If you've been cursed by a sign-in error with the code 0x800488AB in the Xbox app for Windows 10, fear not, there is an easy fix.

The error window will tell you to go to and sign in to fix an issue with your account. But you don't need to do that. It doesn't fix anything, anyway.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Click on sign in with a different Microsoft account

You'll find the option you need under "Use another account" as highlighted in the image above. While this image doesn't show the actual error, you will still find the option in the same place, the window will just look a little different.

2. Don't click on your own Microsoft Account

Your Xbox Live Microsoft Account that is usually connected to the Xbox app will be offered as an option. Don't click on it.

3. Click on the option for a new Microsoft Account

Use the option highlighted in the image above. Then, simply enter your Microsoft Account details again, click login and you should find yourself back into the app, error free.

It might not work for all of the people, all of the time, but we've encountered it first hand and these steps helped us back into the app.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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