Here's how to fix trackpad lag when scrolling on the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

The Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 features a new glass-finished trackpad that is easily the best feeling one to date for a Windows PC. However, there is one issue that many users notice when using Firefox or Chrome for web browsing: lag.

Specifically, when you drag your finger, there is a half second delay before the web page moves. It is a rather frustrating and seemingly random experience and while doing browser tricks helps it does not solve the problem.

Tonight, there looks to be a way to get smooth scrolling throughout the OS, and it is a simple fix. The culprit? The two-finger pinch to zoom from the precision touchpad.

The fix was suggested by giftedmd in our forums. They speculate that the OS is taking a half second to see if you are trying to pinch to zoom or scroll and that creates the lag.

I have tried this fix on both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book and saw an immediate change in scrolling behavior across the OS but specifically in Chrome and Firefox. Needless to say, it is a breath of fresh air especially for those who are experiencing this behavior. Here is how to fix it.

Disable two-finger pinch to zoom

1. Search

Type in Mouse & Touchpad into the Cortana search bar (Also, for Pro 4 users, make sure your Type cover is attached first)

2. Find

Scroll down until you locate Use a two finger pinch to zoom

3. Disable

Simply toggle this feature from On to Off

That's it. You do not even need to reboot the computer as the effect is immediate. Unfortunately, if you want to pinch to zoom now, you will need to use the touchscreen. However, this feature did not work so well on the touchpad to begin with, so I won't miss it.

How does something like this get by Microsoft? It is a good question. Hopefully, they will address this problem with an update to the touchpad. Sound off in comments if this helped your or let us know if you had no change at all.

How to enable smooth scrolling in Google Chrome for your Surface and Surface Book

Via: Windows Central Forums

Daniel Rubino

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  • Shit , surface book has many probs.
  • Many problems? Haha... Your got to be kidding me.
  • Not really but yeah there is indeed some few glaring issues that needs to be fixed. Good thing that looks like they will push updates so I hope these will get ironed out completely. Trackpad on Surface Book is mostly positive, some other even stated its almost as good as MacBook but not 'perfect' yet. I hope they will fix these issues completely. More things fixed, lesser things for others to bash it.
  • I'm shocked how hard it is for MS to make these things feel great out of the box. What are people who does not follow tech blogs supposed to do? They just want hassle free computers out of the box.
  • They do feel great out of the box...physically.
  • the problem is those ancient non modern browsers. They have horrible scrolling even on touch screen. they are bloated beasts from the age of desktops and cannot handle touch input properly. if only Edge supported add-ons, there would be no reason to hold on to those legacy beasts from the past. chrome and firefox are pc browsers in a post-pc world.
  • Um, no.
  • Yes, Chrome is not bloated at all.  It just wants 100% of your RAM and CPU at times for no reason at all.
  • Any way to make the "pinch to zoom" using the screen a little smoother? Absolutely horrible right now. My phone actually has better pinch to zoom which is a shame.
  • It's a windows 10 issue. They're "working" on it.
  • No worries now, the fix is "coming soon" and it will making zooming "seem faster"
  • Note: you will need to have your keyboard plugged in for the options to show. Took me a minute looking at my options - or lack thereof - to make the connection.
  • Good point, will note.
  • Thank you 1,000 times over. This has been driving me INSANE!!!!
  • Haha, the more I read about these bugs, the more I appreciate sticking with my Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1.1 :p
  • Do you like boring life ;) ?
  • Seems better for sure, but I still dont feel like it's perfect. I think it defnitely is more responsive but for me it feels like there is still a delay. Any hoo, thank you for sharing this!!!
  • I had this on Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 aswell.... the tap delay has to be turned off too. pc and devices -> mouse and touchpad -> "To help prevent cursor from accidentally moving..."
  • It's as if everyone forgot what a new device was like. Things happen but remember that the people who rant online are the angry ones. I've experienced zero issues with my book. The only problems I've heard of have been online.
  • Thanks for the post and the credit!  Explained much better than I ever could.  
  • Did this and this has helped. Sucks about losing pinch to zoom though.
  • Especially when it works well on Surface Pro 3. Though Tap delay has to be turned off too.
  • Hai,I want my microsoftaccont activation code
  • Easiest solution: use Edge. Scrolling is mighty fine even without precision touchpad.
  • And how to you rectify the other problem of the Intel HD display driver crashing like a dozen times when using Edge? I'll wait...
  • So, I did download an install the Intel HD 520 zip file, extracted and forced the install and Edge is stable, only one driver stopped restart on Facebook in three hours of use. So there is hope for a software fix.  Seems the MS ported driver version is the primary culprit.  We need it fixed asap, for sure.  I love the hardware.  Satya said they are a software company, my Book is ready.
  • Is there even an adblock for Edge??
  • No extensions for Edge until next year.
  • Block ads using your host file:  
  • Extract everything inside to a folder. Right click MVPS.bat and run as Administrator. Yup, it takes seconds.
  • I still have my SP2 also. But believe me, even with these bleeding edge bugs, this SP4 is just pure silk in your hands. So elegant. Stunning, in fact. These niggles will get ironed out. (Yes, the Intel\Edge relationship is fragile. I switched to IE until they fix it. I use Edge 10-12 hours daily on the desktop and rarely suffer from buggy behavior)
  • Ha ha ha yeah I never noticed any Edge problems in my Windows 10 PC.
  • This^
    It's amazing how awesome hardware forgives lots of software shortcomings. It reminds me of the iPhone 4 and antenna gate - didn't do it from being a success! Most users are more forgiving of the surface book because it's just so good!!
  • Edge crashes every 10 seconds for me whilst watching video content, this is due to my NVIDIA display driver crashing. Sucks because the video quality is hands down better than Chrome. Even IE is better...
  • I use edge on my Lenovo, but it uses AMD graphics, so I guess that's why I have no clue as to what the issue is....
  • Well this is no excuse that they should really have to fix this ASAP. Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 is generally praised and hyped device, we don't want these essential functionality to ruin the experience. Windows laptops/devices are known to have bad trackpad experience in most PC, many are average and rarely got the best one. Surface devices competes the MacBook line laptops, so trackpad experience should be a top priority to make it right or better. I think this is one of the biggest factor why many people liking MacBooks and became harder to switch back to most Windows laptops.
  • I think it can't be underestimated how huge the trackpad experience is in terms of converting people over to Macs. It probably accounts for 50% of the converts.
  • It s true.... I m proud to say I never wanted to even touch a MacBook, but many of my ex friends switched to the dark side used a tell me how bad are PC s tackpads compared to their..... :'(
  • Let's not give up all hope. A software update could fix this yet...
  • where can i get a tempered glass screen protector for this?
  • Solution: Use Edge.
  • You obviously do not have a Surface Book. Otherwise you'd know Edge and the graphics driver suck.
  • Does Edge work better if you set it up to use the dGPU? Are you using the TP released today? If so, does it make anything better?
  • Funny thing is: It works fine on my Book. I am not using Edge extensively, but only saw the display diver error once so far.
  • Go to and scroll up and down for less than 5 minutes.  That should do it for you.
  • Not exactly a 'fix' -- even 'workaround' is stretching things.  If you have to give up basic functionality to 'fix' something, the correct term would be 'it's a Surface Pro 4 issue'. Throw in some screen flickering and yet another Microsoft product launch has been overshadowed with gunk.  Thankfully there's no yellow screen splotches like the Surface Pro 3...   
  • It isn't a problem with the hardware and it.isn't a problem with Microsoft. It is a problem with Firefox and chrome. 3rd party software.
  • That is incorrect, on all counts.  Claims like that should always be backed up with links 
  • You are in denial.  Please read the article again. After you're finished, go to the forums and read about all the issues with Edge.  Fanboys are the worst. 
  • LOL... nah, denial is believing the how-to for the mousepad is a 'fix'.  Thanks though for stopping by ;-)
  • Another life saver! This was killing me trying to scroll in Visual Studio!
  • How can Panos Panay call it the "Ultimate Laptop" when the touchpad has these kind of issues? Even Paul Thurott has said that the touchpad on Surface Book "isn't even close" to the quality of the Macbook trackpad.
  • something was driving me crazy with this new keyboard.... Note: I've got a SP3 with the new keyboard. I think it may be the new keyboard that triggers it or a recent update? This fixed it though.
  • Sorry for off topic but
    Does anyone know how to fix error code 0x803F8006 ?? I'm on build 10581 ( W10M )
  • How long do they test these devices before they ship? Buggy this, laggy that, and we're only a few days since release
  • Its their problem using unproven vendors for these components especially if it hasnt matured yet tech-wise for that company/companies.
    I remember buying one of those external wifi adapters for 360(due to them not including dualband radio) it started to have problems off & on(read amazon reviews) so ended up trading it in for something else at eb & bought a n600 bridge somewhere else instead
  • I reckon fire all the QA team responsible for this mess.
  • MS has no QA teams. You are the QA. You are fired!
  • I think they transfered the Nokia QA team over :(
  • Too much problems with their new products it seems. That's how ms plans are going to fail...wonder if the 950 phones have any problems discovered yet.
  • XL prototype was taken off the shelves due to issues.
  • Must be a nice problem to have. - Guy without SP4 :(
  • Software issues. Firmware issues. That awkward moment when self professed software company makes better hardware than they make software. And before you go all crazy on me, the only good polished software by Microsoft is Desktop windows and Office Desktop which has decades of work put in to them. Now look at their newer software efforts. Look at runtime framework. Look at WM6 to WP7 to 7.5 to 8/8.1 and then to W10m. Look at Windows RT. Look at Microsoft Edge. Look at Outlook mail app. Look at Groove and Music&TV. Look at these firmware/driver and software issues hampering otherwise a stellar hardware work. They have done some good things with Continuum, Windows Hello and Office mobile apps though so there is that. Now I get that writing code is a fickle business, but when you look at their competitors with iOS, Android, Chrome and realize how far ahead they are, it makes you wonder if Microsoft is losing its position as a software giant.
  • I think the problems started after restructuring MS. Everything before that was working fine even Windows RT or all mobile OSes they kept restarting. The same with big W8.0 and W8.0. Sometimes it looks like Sinofsky had angered half of the planet Earth, but he delivered quality. I don't know if they changed the way they test, but something somewhere is not working as it should.
  • I think they are having a wrong approach to software as a service. Since any software kink can be removed through OTA updates, they are probably taking Quality Assurance lightly. They need to change that. Software as a service should be about new features over time and not bug fixes. As a rule of thumb, any piece of software that they release should be bug free and polished with whichever features they choose to release it with. They can bring more features overtime but there should be no compromise on quality with every version that they release. But what scares me most is the speed of development regarding newer features and more powerful software. Particularly on w10m front and/or Runtime framework on which UWP apps run. And then the app development platform itself seems too slow to expand. Apple maybe the most closed platform ever but you can't deny the fact that iOS ecosystem oozes power, performance and quality. And that baffles me. Either developers are lazy or less bothered to build for Microsoft or does Microsoft's app development program doesn't provide enough APIs and/or power to build the apps on same level as iOS and Android? I'm willing to bet it's developers citing less market but then again Microsoft isn't leading by example when their own apps are first and better on iOS and Android than on windows.
  • How does something like this get by Microsoft? Lots of things do these days. Their quality management went down the toilet since the restructuring at MS.
  • Can anyone tell me how to fix location settings in windows 10 pc.
    I have tried to change it but doesn't work.
    The location setting has been greyed.
    Can anyone please help??
  • After paying a pile of cash for a "premium" device, facing so many bugs is really frustrating
  • I got a better solution, don't use chrome. The trackpad works great with Edge. I love how the pinch to zoom works, I don't think I'll give it up.
  • I got a better solution: Let Microsoft make Edge actually a compelling switch for people who use extensions in Chrome and Firefox. Also, maybe don't have the new display driver on the Surfaces crash when using Edge. kthxbai
  • You can get better scrolling in chrome by enabling smooth scrolling:  
  • There's an article on this forum that explains how to do this, why link people away from this website?
  • Because it's not my job.  If the author of this article want to mention this solution in his article he is free to, but I'm attempting to help someone, not provide ad revenue for one site over another.
  • Maybe you can read better because it is clearly linked at the bottom: "How to enable smooth scrolling in Google Chrome for your Surface and Surface Book" I mean, really?
  • I have a surface pro 3, and there is no problem in scrolling feature. I don't have to disable the pitch zoom. Could be the new type keyboard bug?
  • Hey, this happened to my Tab 4 when pressing the Home button. It would wait a half second to see if you were going to use S voice. Disabling it made the Tab faster.
  • I had this issue (in Edge too and everywhere!). Too late to try this fix. Returned my Surface Pro 4 Intel Core m3 to Best Buy. Biggest disappointments? Uncomfortably warm to hold, Poor battery life and Poor wake-up performance (In the era of iPads/iPhones/Android who would want to live with a tablet that'll need to "boot" when woken up after a few hours of non-use) - But great performance as a "Windows Laptop" since the expectations aren't very high. Not a tablet replacement.
  • I didn't even really notice this problem until I read this article, then it started to drive me crazy.  The fix worked perfectly!  Thank you!
  • Didn't fix it for me. I only use edge browser and it is annoyingly laggy scrolling with the new sp4 keyboard on a sp3. The trackpad feels so much better, but the last sucks! And this didn't fix it.
  • You are a rose amongst thorns. Thank you!!!