How to get the Backfire exotic in The Division 2

Division 2 Backfire
Division 2 Backfire (Image credit: Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment)

Title Update 11 and Season 3 have both gone live in The Division 2 and there's a ton of new goodies to unpack. As with the previous two seasons there are new exotic items added to the game for everyone to get their hands on.

One of those is the Backfire, an exotic SMG that can deal big crit damage at the expense causing bleed to you when you reload. It's an interesting looking weapon and the good news it that it's super simple to get hold of.

How to get the Backfire in The Division 2

Division 2 Season 3

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The Backfire is available to all players who own the Warlords of New York expansion and as such also have access to the new Concealed Agenda Season 3 rewards. That's the caveat, as with previous exotics like the Vile mask that were also attached to the season pass.

The good news is that as with the previous two seasons, you can get the exotic items from the free rewards track so you don't need to buy the additional season pass to be able to get it.

All you need to do is get to level 55 and the Backfire will be yours. The early parts of the season pass come with a 2XP boost to get you moving quickly, too.

How to level up quicker

Division 2 Exotic Project

Source: Windows CentralProjects can be an easy way to get additional XP to help your season pass along. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

There's no right and wrong answer to this, and you'll find a variety of different methods suggested throughout the community. Much depends on your own confidence and skill level to complete harder tasks as those tend to offer the most XP and as such a quicker route to season pass levels.

One method is to target random activities across the map such as rescuing hostages, taking out enemy resource patrols and flipping the broadcast stations. These smaller activities are quick to complete so you can fire off a good number in the time it might normally take to complete a main mission.

If you can do these on challenging difficulty, even better, as your rewards will be greater. You can also do them on heroic but I, like many others, find them easier to complete quickly on challenging and still get a good amount of XP from them.

The other method I like to employ is random matchmaking for heroic missions from the world map screen. Often you'll be dropped into a group of four, sometimes a fair way through the mission, and as you play through you'll get a good amount of XP from just killing enemies and reaching the end. The loot is also better quality on heroic missions so two birds, one stone.

It's also worth keeping an eye on your projects as each of these that is completed yields a sizeable XP reward. The easiest to complete is the SHD requisition which also rewards you an exotic cache, simply for donating materials.

I haven't actually managed to get the Backfire at the time of writing so I've no experience using it, but if you've already got yours and have any tips to share drop them into the comments below.

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