How to get the Explorers event apparel in The Division 2

Ahead of the big Title Update 6 and Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle, Ubisoft has pushed out a new in-game event for The Division 2 to keep agents occupied.

The Explorers apparel event is now live and will be for two weeks with a series of yellow, purple and blue cosmetic items to acquire accompanied by weapon skins and emotes. In total there are 30 items, and getting your hands on all of them will reward you with something pretty special.

Here's what you can get and how you get your hands on the items.

What you get in the Explorers apparel event

At the heart of the event are three new collections: Aviator, Paratrooper and Trapper. These are made up of five or six individual items that, like all other apparel within The Division 2, can be mixed and matched. They're just standard items, unlike the special uniforms like the WW2 soldier which overwrite whatever else your character is wearing.

These make up only part of the total rewards, with emotes and weapon skins also available. And as a special bonus, once you've acquired all other Explorers items, a "unique reward" can be claimed which appears to be the previously teased Astronaut collection.

Everyone gets one free cache to get them started, with Year One Pass owners getting an additional three on top.

How to get the Explorers items

Anyone familiar with previous apparel events likely understands the process, as there's nothing radically different about this one. The items are extracted from special event apparel caches, which can be unlocked either with keys or with premium credits.

If you're buying, each cache costs 100 credits, and it's obviously the easiest if most expensive way to get your hands on the items. Credit bundles start at $5 for 500, which is enough for five caches.

All cache unlocks are guaranteed to have no duplicates, so if you are spending real money on the items at least you know you're going to get something different every time.

If you'd rather not pay real money or simply like the challenge of earning rewards, then you're covered. The first way to acquire the keys you need to unlock caches is by completing the special weekly project. It's a fairly packed out project and includes some more challenging aspects such as completing the Camp White Oak and Manning Zoo endgame missions.

Here's the breakdown of how many keys you can earn from various activities:

  • Weekly Apparel Projects: three keys each
  • Chance to drop when reaching Field Proficiency upon each level after 30
  • Chance to drop when reaching Dark Zone Proficiency

Ubisoft hasn't said what the drop rate is on levelling up proficiency tiers, so there's still going to be some grind involved.

When they're gone, they're gone

Following this event Ubisoft is making changes to how the apparel cache system works, and the items from this event will not be going into the general pool so as to make their award mean something. The general pool will also be reduced to 100 items.

What that means is that when the event is over, the items are gone. There will be a grace period between October 8 and October 15 to spend unused keys as well as complete your collection with direct purchase if you're still missing a few bits to get that one-off Space Explorer collection.

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