How to get Renown fast in Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege, Renown makes the world go round. Renown is an in-game currency awarded through play and a few other methods. You can buy pretty much everything with the currency, except some premium items locked behind the paid-for Rainbow Credits.

Changes to the game since launch have changed the gaming, so Renown is no longer needed to buy the base operators or slap attachments on weapons. However, you'll still need it for the DLC operators and the game's extensive collection of cosmetics if you don't want to get out your real-life wallet.

Compared to most in-game currencies, Rainbow Six Siege's is reasonably generous. You'll get a bit for playing a match, and as a bonus if you take the victory. But, there are a few other ways you can get Renown fast, and we're here to tell you about them.

Educate yourself

An easy way to get Renown relatively fast is by watching in-game tutorials. Viewing the in-game tutorial videos will give you 200 Renown each. However, if you watch them all, the game will provide you with an additional 200 Renown on top of that. That's a good chunk of change just for going through instructions.

These videos are worth watching anyway, as they give you the skinny on a few different mechanics that are essential for success in the game. While you can only do this for a one-time payout, it's something that a lot of players tend to overlook.

Play the Situations

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Continuing in the tutorial vibe, the game's Situations are short single-player Situations designed to get you combat-ready for playing the game online. These hand-holding sessions lead you gently through several different parts of the game and will pay out a whopping 600 Renown if you "three-star" the event by completing its trio of objectives.

They aren't super challenging and require you to do a few different, thematically appropriate objectives shown on screen. One even requires you to take a minimal amount of damage. Smash these objectives for every situation, and you'll net yourself a cool 6,000 Renown. It's the fastest way to earn that much in-game currency.

Here's the kicker; like the tutorial videos above, this is a one-time thing. It's perfect for getting you the last stretch towards an Operator you really want.

Beat the challenges

Rainbow Six Siege Caveira

Rainbow Six Siege Caveira (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Each week there are a host of Ubisoft Club Challenges that can be completed for sweet, sweet Renown. They're usually pretty simple: win three rounds as an attacker, or get four multiplayer kills with a shotgun. These objectives refresh every Tuesday, and you have the entire week to plow through them.

It's important to note that the Club Challenges can't be achieved until you decide to attempt them. If you're playing on PC, you should start every session by hitting Alt+F2 to get into the Uplay overlay and see which challenges you'll be working towards that day. You'll be able to tackle these challenges as soon as your profile hits Level 3.

Play Ranked playlists for higher rewards

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown (Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Ranked Multiplayer Mode is a high-stakes mode that puts you in a competitive setting for the game. You play only on the most balanced maps in shorter rounds on the Disarm Bomb game mode.

It's the most balanced way to play, but it's also the most high-pressure. It's not for everyone. If you can tough it out, it'll pay out more experience and Renown than other modes. However, there are severe penalties for leaving games early, including penalties to your Renown. So, if you step up to play one of these, try to make sure your next 30 minutes are free and clear.

Realistic terrorist hunt can be great for farming Renown

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Playing Rainbow Six Seige's player versus enemy (PvE) Terrorist Hunt mode is an excellent way to get Renown fast, as long as you can survive until the end. This is tricky, but it will help you get Renown fast. You can also use matchmaking preferences to specifically put yourself into a situation where it's harder to fail.

If you want to do this solo, you can set yourself to play only Protect Hostage when you're playing Terrorist Hunt. From there, you can just set up in a defensive position and blast the enemies as they come into view. This could, perhaps, be the only place in Rainbow Six Siege where Tachanka is genuinely useful.

While I'm not much of a Renown grinder, with Operator Kaid and a corridor of barbed wire, it's easy to set up a situation where the enemies all die by damaging barbed wire before they get to you. It's not a lot of fun, but you can do it with your brain turned off. This is easier to do than the other Terrorist Hunt modes, but again it's a little boring.

Money talks

Throw in a few of these methods next time you play, and you should get a nice little nest egg to buy the operators and cosmetics you've got your eye on. Plus, you can do it without resorting to the paid currency as a shortcut.

If you've got your own favorite way of making Renown, let us know in the comments below. Let's grind cosmetics out together.

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