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How to remove the 'Get Windows 10' app from your PC and cancel your upgrade reservation

Starting on June 1st, 2015, millions of PCs and tablets around the world will begin to see the Windows 10 upgrade notification icon in the system tray, on all qualifying devices. That's because Microsoft has announced that the next version of its operating system will be arriving on July 29.

Now there is a slight chance that some Windows users won't want to move quickly to the new version of the operating system. Some users might feel they want to stay a little longer with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, or they feel that Windows 10 isn't quite ready. For those people, I will show you how you can remove the icon from the system tray and how to cancel your reservation.

The Windows logo icon in the system tray didn't magically appear on your PC. It was the update KB3035583 that handled the notification preparing your computer for Windows 10.

KB3035583 was originally an update released back in April, Microsoft offered it as an optional update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines. Today, the software maker is changing the priority of the update to "Recommended", which will force the update to download and install automatically via Windows Update.

Cancel reservation

If you reserved your copy of Windows 10, but you just realized that you don't want to upgrade, you can easily:

1- Right-click the system tray icon and select Check your upgrade status.

2- Click the Cancel reservation link. If you don't see the link, click the hamburger button in the top-left, click View information, and then click the Cancel reservation.

That's it.

Removing the "Get Windows 10" app

If you're prompted to reserve your free copy of Windows 10, it means that your device is ready to receive the new version of the operating system. You'll be asked to enter your email address to confirm your reservation, but if you don't want to upgrade or get reminded, you can easily:

1- Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed Updates.

2- Do a search for KB3035583, double-click it, and then click Yes, to uninstall the update.

3- Reboot your computer, and you'll be good to go.

If you can't remember whether you reserved your copy, you can check your upgrade status. To do so go to the Control Panel > Windows Update, and you'll notice the "Windows 10 Upgrade reserved" message.

It's worth noting that Windows 10 is a major update to the operating system, and this is the first time in history that Microsoft will be offering users a chance to upgrade free of charge. However, Windows 10 will not be free forever, there is a limited time to get the update. While the company is opening the doors to reserve a copy of the operating system on June 1st (some users even received the notification on May 31st), the company will only offer the free upgrade until July 29, 2016 (one year to be exact).

After this time, those who didn't take advantage of the upgrade will have to pay full price.

Reserving your upgrade again

Now, if you change your mind, you can always download and install the update KB3035583 (opens in new tab), and reserve your copy of Windows 10.

In conclusion

I encourage you to reserve your upgrade of Windows 10. This next version is looking to be an awesome operating system, just like Windows XP and Windows 7. But we also have to understand that there will be a lot of users that might feel annoyed by being prompted to upgrade, and there will be users feeling that Windows 10 isn't for them.

Will you be reserving your Windows 10 upgrade? Let us know in the comments below!

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • Dunno why anyone would want to do that but great article
  • Yeah those people are obviously crazy
  • Windows media center. All my HTPCs are running 8.1
  • Exactly. And laptops with switchable graphics should also skip the upgrade.
  • I have it too but will keep en route of upgrading to Win10. Why did you choose to skip?
  • Why?
  • It really depends, my Dell Inspiron 15 5548 has AMD Radeon R7 M270 which AMD says is ready to be upgraded to DirectX12 once Windows release is launched so they will definately put a Catalyst upgrade, also Intel Graphics HD 5500 drivers are said to support H.265 decoding which will be available on Windows 10.
  • I use XBMC and love it. I can't wait to upgrade my HTPC to W10 and get Cortana on it too.
  • Unfortunately, WMC is the only media software I have found that can be used with CableCARD and channels that are marked as anything other than Copy Freely, so for those of us who have cable TV where the company sets the channel flag to Copy Once, there is (as far as I know) no alternative to WMC.
  • Maybe someone should tell the company to move forward. Ask the company to deal with Microsoft for iteration. I assume many other users are not aware like you.
  • lol what an answer. You're telling us that a user of computer whose usage is being BROKEN by a company, should tell the company that ISN'T breaking his computer usage to talk to the company that is BREAKING the way the user uses his computer?? Do you hear yourself? Or do you not bother listening? Or alternatively he/she could just stay with a system that WORKS! Maybe they don't need the added bandwidth usage, the forced updates (irrelevant of whether one wants them or not), the targeted advertising, the private data-collection, the requirement of an always on connection, the monopolisation of how one receives information etc etc AND the added stress of learning to do things that THEY CAN ALREADY DO!!! All that and an unfinished and untested OS to boot! Or alternatively, maybe you wre genuinely trying to help, in which case, my apologies. Maybe you aren't one of the Micorosoft stooges that have been planting data all over the internet for the last few months (you can tell me I'm paranoid, but as an ex-Micorosoft employee, I can tell you, I'm NOT!)
  • You can always tell those that got fired from a company. They try to make it sound as though the company is bad and they spread lies.
  • I read somewhere for such users Microsoft would provided an App for playing DVDs.
  • If this was 2005 that would be great.
  • Playing DVDs isn't the reason I use Windows Media Center. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah like any good can come of this.... Regions DVD on your HD... im not sure now i want in
  • Same reason I'm skipping the upgrade. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have a HTPC with cablecard so I have no other option, if I want to keep cablecard, which I do.
  • It's only a matter of time until you'll loose it, so it really isn't a reason to forgo the upgrade.
  • How is that not a valid reason?? We're all going to die sometime, so that really isn't a reason to live! Also, how is it only a matter of time? Can you explain makes no sense to me at all. Both Win 7 and Win 8/8.1 are still supported and will be for a while the time they aren't the user will probably have to get a new computer and then they won't have a choice, but until then they do. Also, LOSE as in to not have someting you one owned anymore is spelt L.O.S.E. Loose means something that isn't tight! Nottrying to have a go, I am merley trying to inform you of a mistake that you can choose to correct or not. The choice is yours.
  • And SOMETING is spelled SOMETHING, unless you're creating new words for your dictionary! I am merley trying to inform you of a mistake that you can choose to correct or not. The choice is yours.
  • The crazy people are the ones jumping to an OS which is obviously unfinished from one which is stable and works for them. Especially with Microsoft's poor track record of providing a thorough tutorial that shows what they are upgrading to. Its going to be chaos for the average user who wakes up one day with a totally alien OS on their PC. Good luck with that.
  • +1
  • If anyone can search for torrent or a download on the internet he/she is not average user. I think only Grandma or Grandpa or Blondes need tutorial.
  • It's like buying a new phone... It may take some days to learn the new features, but anyone can do it
  • BUT Why should they? This upgrade seem to really only benefit Micorosofy - it makes them integral to your daily lives, whereas right now, you just buy an OS off them. Why do they think that we all want a massive corporation to have control over our daily communication or computing needs? That's a serious question and to be honest I've not found anybody whom seems able to give a genuinely good answer to it. If Windows 7 works for people then hwy would they put the additional stresses of learning new methodologies to do exactly the same thing as they are already able to do. It makes NO sense!! (despite the obvious Microsoft plants who patrol these forums providing apparent reasoned comments i.e.. 'why wouldn't you?', 'those people are obviously crazy' and the like. I'm not being paranoid by the way, I used to work for Microsoft and I can confirm that is EXACTLY the type of thing they do). Quite simply, if you can already do what you want to do on your computer, there is no reason to upgrade - you are putting your self in the position of having to learn to do what you can already do. The only reasons I can see, is a/ if you are running Windows 8/8.1 - yep dump it and move to Windows 10 b/ you want major corporations to be able to control what does or doesn't go on YOUR computing device c/ you want to have your bandwidth constantly drained by all the behind the scenes going on between Microsoft's (and their partners) servers and YOUR machine. Every allegedly NEW feature is already available to you through your BROWSER, by choosing Microsoft Windows 10, you are enabling Microsoft to control an experience that you are currently free to have in any way you want. You'd obviously have to be crazy to give that power to a corporation whom haven't EVEN finished the OS they are promising 'will make your life better'. So they can't even prove that what they are spouting as gospel is true!!! If you have ANY sense, you will wait at LEAST 6 months and watch how those follish enough to jump so early fare. Unless you want to spend time wrestling with stuff that YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO!!!
  • I think it will not be a problem since Win10 is supposed to bring some familiarity of Win7, 8.1 and and and *cough* Android/iOS design language. And with Universal App in mind.
  • It does offer some similarities, but I have run all the latest builds and it is inconsistent and it crashes - a lot! Yes, I know I'm still running beta software, but when some of the major features aren't working 5 weeks before a MAJOR upgrade and you're not worried, then I'd question your judgement. In 6 months, hell yeah, go for it... but anybody upgrading on Jully 29th is in for some major stress in their lives, that to be honest is completely uinnecessary.   Part of the reason Microsoft are giving this OS away for free, is so that you have NO LEGAL RECOURSE should something f&ck up majorly. Think about that!  Personally I hate the 'new' design methodology, We have found it causes serious eye-strain after a couple of hours of normal usage, and many of my developers claim that their productivity has been reduced (I had a no of people at my company field-test the new OS for the last few months) and I agree with them, it has been. Figures show that their output dropped by 24% initially, but after becoming familioar with the system it was STILL a drop of 17% on the original monthly output. Which makes a mockery of Microsoft's claims and loses my company money! Not very impressed so far I can tell you.
  • no, actually we aren't crazy.  I switched to window's ten on my laptop and it compleatly removed all personalizations I needed to accomidate my learning disability.  It changed the tool bars to this glarring white I couldnt't remove, and all the inhanced personalizations I was promissed were gone.  It also reactivated my touch screen, which I need off because I have to be able to finger read, I'm sure you have a joke about being so stupid you can't read without touching the screen.  I've heard it before.  it still astounds me that a company founded by a dyslexic never thought to make sure their software was user friendly for people with disabilities.  I couldn't believe they were actually able to make a system worse than 8.1, but the managed it.  I give both an F for excessability. 
  • My NVIDIA graphics card is no longer supported by updates so it is listed as incompatible with Windows 10. So I didn't feel to crazy about removing it. I was disappointed but it doesn't seem worth spending the money on a newer graphics card on an older PC just to get Windows 10, as for all I know once done something else is going to then show up listed as incompatible, so I'm sticking with Windows 7.
  • only noobers upgrade the platform constantly if not required. you been on since 1.0? 1.01? 1.02? 1.03? 1.04? 2.0? <--- Control Panel was introduced (1987) where were you? 3.0a? 3.0? (1989) no more Radio Shack Tandy support by 1990 where were you again? 3.1?   3.11? 3.2?  95? 95b 95c? 98? 98se? NT 3.1? 3.11?  3.2?  NT 3.5?  NT 3.51? 95? NT 4.0? 2k? Me 4.90? XP NT51? XP NT 5.2? VISTA NT 6.0? Win7? Win 8? Win 8.1? Win 10 NT 10.0. I don't think so noober!!  try windows 14 when it comes out k now shut the front door
  • Businesses may want to remove it so users don't randomly start upgrading. I wonder if computers on a domain will be offered the update.
  • Too late for that at my job. A lot are already on Windows 10 and loving it. The Apple users did the same with Yosemite. I would have kept it on my SP3 if I could have easily resolved the multi-monitor DP issue in Win10. I had just fixed the Anyconnect issue too.
  • @kurtd. Such businesses need more competent IT staff. :P lol Letting users freely upgrade, install a new o/s or run windows update on company machines is just asking for havoc.
  • If we uninstall the KB update that is responsible, wont it just be re-installed during the next update or is this a premanent fix?
  • What if I leave the "Get Windows 10" app but still don't make a reservation?
  • not everyone ready to do it atm... maybe ppl think when it first release there is alot of bugs so they just w8 for 1 month or even 2 to get bugs fixed   but does anyone know about formatting pc on windows 10? how does it work after the upgrade from 7 to 10 or 8.1 to 10... do we get a file to burn on cd for later use or win10 has a feature that can format itself? and same question for windows 8.1 does it have a feature to format? or formatting back to the when i first got the pc
  • If its like the beta version you can update then back out to previous version if something is not right for you The first beta had issues with my ethernet so  I backed out to 8.1 and tried on the next release.   Their are versions for USB installs now in the beta so this should be available too? after Wupdate release is my guess 
  • Yes, you can, on win 8,8.1 or 10, u just need a 4GB flash drive & go to parameters & it will restart your pc & takes you to the format window.
  • Because Windows 10 is a security risk. For example, OneDrive is integrated into the OS, and represents a back door even if you have it "disabled".. So if you do National Security work, or any work where you are legally obligated to keep client info secure, you put yourself at great legal risk using Windows 10.
  • I'm sure there will eventually be a locked down version of Windows 10, that rips out much of the OneDrive and Cortana capability for use in either government or secured corporate environments, but you're right, until Microsoft makes that SKU available to enterprise IT staff, updating to Windows 10 in its current form can be a security risk.
  • I reserved my copy, but then I removed the update soon after. Will that be enough to prevent Windows 10 from being installed on my PC?
  • If I install it till 29/6/2016, then after that should I pay for running this OS?
  • Once you upgraded to Windows 10, you don't pay anything. The free upgrade offer only lasts 1 year. If you don't upgrade within 1 year, you'll have to pay to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Because you don't need this app to get it for free, and we know the release date so we can just download it when it comes out. This app is like Adware on your PC.  It's extremely annoying.
  • Its an abuse of trust. Microsoft are just so desperate for their OS to remain relevant they will shove advertising onto your machine as a Windows Update with no easy way to get rid of it. Its arrogant and disrespectful and a glimpse of things to come with your OS becoming an advertising platform.
  • Because for some of us the update does not work at all , and seeing that freaking "Upgrade to windows 10" icon gets on our nerves -_-
  • I have a high end gaming system that was custom built less than a year ago..  Tried to upgrade to windows 10.. and immediately some of the features of my system were no longer compatible.  Windows 10 Im sure is excellent for the average user that does little more than push the "On" button with their machine...  But it will not be popular among the more advanced users until the compatiblity issues are sorted out.  Thats why someone would want to do that...  lol
  • Well good job Microsoft. People already get annoyed. 60% of the PC user base haven't even heard about win10. And the first thing they'll see from it is a notification you can't hide without doing something complicated. Don't know if that was a good idea
  • You just pointed out the reason for why this was imperative to windows 10 success... 60% of users don't know about it. Notification may be annoying but informative for those who don't know.
  • Yeah but at least hide it after they've set it up
  • Yea, but, also a case of Microsoft sending down Adware in a Windows update. Using an advertisement from a Windows update. No matter what their goal is, they should not be sending down any ads in a WIndows udpate..
  • Yep. Just gives a bad impression to users...
  • Actually, looks like a nice thing for users to say "hey, this thing is smart". A lot of users don't want to know more about it, they only wants their PCs to work well and with the newest.
  • Actually, I think most people don't care whether they are using the newest software.  They just want their PC to work. Most people hate change, even if it is for the better (look no further to complaints on this site about W10 design - hamburger menus, haha).  That goes especially for people who aren't techhie nerds like most of us.
  • Well, yeah, you are right, non-tech nerdiest will pass the same learning curve from Windows 8
  • Progressive change, fine. Regressive change, not so hot on that actually. Especially when forced.
  • Windows 10 is more like bringing stuff from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and some UI and Menus from Windows Phone; That's a Progressive Change, and a Hot One, and it's not forced, they are only giving the option to get it easier, because the OS fragmentation and stuff
  • I have pop-up blocker turned on, all the web safety features that come with Windows, Windows Defender and Windows firewall turned on, and STILL this adware sneaks on to my PC? Have MS gone the Lenovo route? It's this kind of approach, forcing W10 on people, that makes me annoyed about Win10 and the general 'lack of choice' direction it's going in. If you really and truly feel you need to resort to adware to get people to take up W10, Microsoft, then what's the harm in adding a 'No thank you, please bog off and stop pestering me with ads' option, hmmm? Or at least allow Windows Defender to clean it out. It's supposed to be able to remove adware, and it can't even find the stuff Microsoft's written? How poor must Defender be at finding adware that's actually trying to get around it?
  • @AndyCalling, relying on defender and the built-in firewall is like trying to use a sieve to bail out water from a leaky row boat... Lol. But yeah, an option to permanently mute this notifications would be nice. However most people would just click that and carry on what their doing. Just like how people keep clicking next to finish installing an application only to find their browser is now chrome, they have an asktoolbar and a McAfee scanner.
  • Or even worse, some Chinese knock-off of Chrome. "Would you like to download Conduit Krome® ?"
  • Hopefully Microsoft will start the advertisement and marketing now to conside with the many users that are now just getting this notifications. Now many people aren't like the readers of this site who are in the know about the pending Windows 10. I think the biggest mistake would be for many unsuspecting Windows 7 or 8.1 users PCs upgrade their machines come July 29th. Aside from whether Windows 8 was good or bad; Microsoft surely didn't do a good job preparing people for it. That's part of the reason why 8.1 had user prompts to instruct people on how do certain tasks. Hopefully Microsoft can start the marketing and advertising now letting people know why they should upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Just curious where you're getting this 60% stat? Made up or an actual credible source for it?
  • Thanks. Although my win7 isn't displaying as its a VL key, and my tablet isn't either.. MS now changed who will or won't get, if its not displayed then you won't get updated.
  • Windows 8.1 on both pc and tablet. Haven't gotten the notification yet.
  • Make sure that you have the KB3035583 update installed and then you can manually run the scheduled task: Microsoft > Windows > Setup > gwx > refreshgwxconfig. I did this for all my devices and it came down. Make sure that the update has successfully installed and that the task completes with a result of 0x0  
  • Before restoring my Stream 7, I had the update. Now I don't, and WU is not showing it. Also, you can't downlad it from Microsoft webpage. And yes, I'm running the April 2014 update.
  • The "gwx" folder doesn't exist for me. There aren't any updates for me to install in windows update.
  • Just wanted to check, do you have 32-bit Windows or 64-bit? Allmy 64-bit machines are working, but the 32-bits are failing. I have both Pro and with Bing 32-bit systems
  • yep,apply all the updates, if you halted them, once all done, you will see the "Get windows 10 app" in system tray 
  • I did everything but still no Windows logo in system tray :(
  • Does it show ina Windows Update? I didn't get a notification on Win7Pro but it's in Windows Update when I start it.
  • Enterprise doesn't get automatic upgrades, that way IT can control when that happens.
  • For the common user I see no reason not to upgrade, otherwise than fear of not knowing how to use it.
  • On the other hand, a majority of the common users see no reason to upgrade when their PCs work well the way they are.  This will be MS's biggest challenge to acheive that billion users goal.
  • Yup it will be and they are that crucial stage where communicating the right message for a target audience is key.
    However Windows isn't just used by people with little tech knowledge.
    So they need to hit the right notes for every category of users and that is no easy feat. Never the less, it's impossible to make everyone happy. The only thing I'm hoping is that they don't repeat the x1 launch fiasco.
  • Also, I've got no notification on my HP Stream 7 yet. Will Windows with Bing get updated too?
  • I have it on all my devices and laptops, except my 8", 16GB, Windows 8.1 with Bing tablet. Hoping that I can get as reservation for this little guy!
  • Probably not as the OEMs didn't have to pay a licensing fee just like starter
  • It is been confirmed that W8.1 with Bing will receive the Home version.
  • Windows with Bing is just Windows 8.1 (with its search engine set by default as Bing, but users can change to another if they wish). So that tablet should get the upgrade.
  • I'll reserve but I want to do a clean install some how
  • Sure you do. After you upgrade, you can reset :)
  • Reset? I don't think its the same as a clean install which entails a destructive low level format (full format) or deleting the o/s partition, full format than installing the o/s from an alternative medium such as dvd or usb. However if it is than I'll eat a deep fried mars bar lol (I just hate these)...
  • I won't upgrade my three computers since there is no WMC. I am really bummed out by its omission. :(
  • Yeah. Im kinda wondering if we'll lose extender on 360
  • A good reason to decline any 360 updates until we know the answer. . . .
  • Same here but, if you follow my posts, you would already know that :)
  • I haven't got the notification yet.
  • Very useful information for tablet, surface, 2-in-1 owners. You don't want Windows 10 on a tablet. It is a major downgrade from Windows 8.1.
  • I use my Dell 2-in-1 almost exclusively with touch. I haven't even looked at the UI of Win10, do they not have the tiles Start menu and the Store apps anymore? I guess I should check it out but since there is no WMC I haven't even cared. :(
  • They crippled the multitasking gesture and did wonky things to app interaction, as well as transforming the all apps list from "swipe in start screen" to "open start screen, go into hamburger menu, tap the all apps icon, get a horizontal list that shows you barely any information".   And then there's the entire "who wants to use mouse and keyboard in tablet mode, anyway?" thing, which essentially means that you can't use it like 8 and instead have to constantly switch back and forth between modes.   Should be a chore on hybrids with external monitors.
  • Update 10130 says, "Hi".  Tablet Mode actually works in version 10122 up.
  • I'm using 10130. It is abysmal on a tablet. With gesture support removed way too many little buttons to tap, 3 menu buttons just to get to power, account log-in or your apps list. No more gesture support for opening apps list, switching or snapping apps. The apps list is now just a small single column like you are using a phone instead of a larger screen. App command bar and charms hidden under a tiny auto-hiding hamburger menu that currently does not work on Build 10130. Most of app charms functionality is gone in new apps meaning you can't print/share/project from apps anymore, numerous Windows 8 apps are completely broken on Build 10130 since there is no way to bring up the app commands. Taskbar no longer auto-hides at all and controls for taskbar hiding has been removed from tablet mode completely. Very limited arrangement options for live tiles, no more multi-selection of tiles which makes editing your start screen one tile at a time take hours. This is looking aside from the fact that the start, cortana, task view and action center are extremely buggy and poorly done and only work randomly. The new app designs from Microsoft all rely on hamburger menus that have no gesture support and require precise button clicks. That's why you can only use this OS comfortably with a mouse now. Should I go on? There are literally thousands of complaints in the Windows Insider apps that Microsoft is actively ignoring. Really pointless posting in there as they aren't addressing a single complaint posted even if it has a thousand upvotes.
  • Tablet mode has made great strides from the first versions.  I expect it to be as good or better than 8.1 by public release.
  • ?   Why?
  • I'm not seeing any Windows icon in my task bar. Whats the issue?
  • Here are a few cause of this problem: Likely that your PC isn't compatible, the update isn't installed, you probably are not running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update, you’ve blocked or uninstalled the necessary Windows Update functionality, or you're not running a genuine version of Windows. Thanks,
  • All well with me...
  • Make sure that you have the KB3035583 update installed and then you can manually run the scheduled task: Microsoft > Windows > Setup > gwx > refreshgwxconfig. I did this for all my devices and it came down. Make sure that the update has successfully installed and that the task completes with a result of 0x0
  • This update not showing to me though i checked for updates manually...
  • You may alreadsy have it installed - the article mentions this as well as provides a link to the actual update. TO check, go to C:\Windows\System32\GWX - if that folder exists, then you have the update installed. Just run the scheduled task.
  • Yeah its already installed. I manually ran the task but it shows the last result as "0x80072EFD". What do i do now?