How to reset Groove Music app on Windows 10

Groove Music is now your default music player app on Windows 10, which lets you play your favorite tunes stored on your computer, OneDrive, and from the vast music library from the Store. Heck, you can even use Cortana to control your music with voice commands on Groove.

Through the development of Windows 10 the app has been maturing, and Microsoft has been adding a lot of features. However, like with any app, sometimes you may come across some hiccups. It could be that your library has grown so big that it's now a mess, you have a lot of playlists you don't listen anymore, or the Groove Music app isn't working correctly on your device.

Thankfully, on Windows 10, you have a few ways in which you can re-organize your music library and fix any problems you may come across while using the app.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to reset your cloud collection or reset the Groove Music app locally on your device to fix any issues.

How to reset your Groove Music cloud collection

If you are only trying to reset your music collection stored in the cloud, and you have a Groove Music subscription (opens in new tab), you can always add your music back.

To reset your music collection, do the following:

  1. Open the Groove Music app.
  2. Click the hamburger button in the top-left corner.
  3. Click the Settings (gear) button on at the bottom of the app.
  4. Scroll down the settings and under Reset, click the "Delete your playlists and any music you've added or downloaded from the Groove catalog" link.

  1. Choose what you want to reset, including:
    • Remove all of your music I added from the Groove catalog.
    • Remove all of the songs I bought (You can download any of these songs from the Explore later.)
    • Remove all of my playlists (This won't delete songs you've added to your collection.)
  2. Once you checked your options, click the Reset now button to complete the task.

These instructions work on Windows 10 as well as on Windows 10 Mobile.

How to reset the Groove Music app

In the case, the Groove Music app is always crashing, or it's just acting up, it could be a problem with the app itself.

If you're having issues with Groove Music, do the following to reset the app:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Select Groove Music.
  4. Click the Advanced options link.

  1. Click the Reset button.
  2. Click Reset one more time to confirm.

Using the reset feature will delete all the app data on the device, including preferences and sign-in details.

Keep in mind that there is no turning back when you use any of these reset options. After resetting Groove Music, you may need to add the songs again and recreate your playlists, if applicable.

Did you ever come across any issue with Groove Music on Windows 10? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • The app reset feature really needs to come to W10M. I don't see the point in limiting it to the PC.
  • Agreed.
  • +1
  • Agreed, but does this feature actually work? I have tried this several times with the messaging app and it's like nothing happens. Reloads instantly with the same old messages from a random date and no synching.
  • That's because there is no issue with the app, it's simply abandoned and obsolete. The only issue here is that it's still bundled with the OS. Its features will be moved to Skype Preview. ​And before anyone says "Then why am I getting text notifications", that's because it comes via Cortana's notification sync, which has nothing to do with the obsolete messaging app.
  • Huh? You mean doing a factory reset to fix ANY minor problem is invonvenient?
    Microsoft Simplicity™ - Making thing more complicated since 2010.
  • My ZUNE still rocks!
  • ^this. The mobile industry isn't going to fade away soon so yeah, support the mobile form factor or be done with it. This slow and steady pace isn't helping the ecosystem or encouraging the OEMs to explore what you have to offer, msft. It's time for true commitment.
  • Super article. Thanks
  • Ok. This is part of what I really dont get. All these people that insist on iphones, but have PC's...isn't it a pain to use Groove for your PC music and then also iTunes to manage your phone music????
  • No registry editing required?
  • Not on this one.
  • Yes, I was also impressed
  • Windows Store Apps do not support Registry keys. Their app settings are stored with the apps components in the local filesystem.
  • Both options sound less than ideal solutions. Ultimately it means a lot of manual inputting andvreestablishing many files and folders and even reestablshing subscription purchases. I hope this doesn't haven't to be bought twice.
  • Wow, you don't need to edit the registry in some way :O
  • You should read other comments before posting so you don't repeat stupidity. It was almost funny the first time though.=P
  • I dunno about the advanced option reset and if it does the same thing. But when I was having problems with Groove/XboxMusic I had an engineer tell me to delete this folder and redownload the app from the store. C:\Users\(YourUserName)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.ZuneMusic_8wekyb3d8bbwe.   Just sign in and you are back in business. If you have playback issues... navigate down through the path above and then into LocalCache and DELETE the PlayReady folder.  The playready is their DRM that gets screwy and causes all the play back errors.  I havent had to do this for a while because the engineer that taught me this said they were fixing it in an update. But... if you ever have a problem this always seems to fix it.    
  • When is this reset option coming to Mobile?
  • Groove has become a fine music service. Slowly but surely, it can compete.
  • In the article it is written that the instructions work on windows 10 mobile, but I did not find anything on my mobile?
  • As mentioned in the article, you'll only find the reset options on the latest version of Groove Music for the cloud collection, remember that mobile doesn't have the option to reset apps from the Settings app. In mobile, you'll simply need to reinstall the app. Thanks,
  • DO NOT RESET YOUR MUSIC!!! EVER SINCE I DID THIS GROOVE NO LONGER SHOWS MY PURCHASES IN THE APP! THE ONLY WAY TO GET THEM IF YOU RESET YOUR COLLECTION IS TO TRY AND REMEMBER THE MUSIC YOU PURCHASED, SEARCH FOR IT IN THE STORE, AND THEN DOWNLOAD IT!!! THIS COULD BE VERY INCONVEINENT IF YOU HAVE LOTS OF PURCHASED MUSIC, BEWARE. I AM GIVING UP GROOVE MUSIC AFTER BEING A MUSIC SUBSCRIBER FOR 7 YEARS BECAUSE OF ms CRAPPY APP AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have spent hours on the phone with thier customer s3ervice trying to resolve this issue of purchases no longer showing in the music app and no solution yet....i have since just given up, accepted the fact that my music is gone and moved on to google music.    
  • Keep releasing update that change nothing in the phone no app in your store Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I didn't use any of these reset options. I resat the entire PC. Still my Progress indicator gets stuck, Groove won't resume playback after a 5 min+ pause and Groove even crashes - all this happens every day. I'm only telling this because the article asked me if I had ever come across any issues with Groove :)
  • This doesn't work. I reset my music by deleting all my music and playlists from the cloud, now the only way to get that music back is to try and remember the 3 to 4 thousand songs I purchased over the years to get them back. That is lame and the reason I hate Groove music and will not continue my membership after using it for over 6 years. Now if someone has a fix that I don't know about id be glad to hear it.
  • This is a complete waste of time.  I was having problems where Groove music was not showing all of my purchased music when selecting that as a filter.  I have spent over 7 hours today trying to get this problem resolved with Microsoft and nobody can seem to figure it out. ​If I go into the store and look at albums that I purchased, they show up as being owned but Groove will not see the vast majority of them.  Currently it will only show me 12 albums.  This is across multiple Windows 10 PC's.  It was showing all my purchased music on my iPhone (100+ albums) until I foolishly attempted the Windows 10 app reset.  Now the iPhone also only shows 12 albums.  This is ******* stupid. ​I purchased this music and the Windows Store still knows that I own it, but the Groove service apparenlty isn't talking correctly to the Windows store.  WTF?! ​I got kicked around in circles for hours today both through chat sessions and on the phone.  Every department thinks that it's going to be fixed by another department and they just want to keep transferring you.  I spoke to two different supervisors, no help.  I spoke to the Xbox Department Multiple times, Windows 10 support multiple times, Windows 10 Tech support multiple times, Billing, Windows Store Support...  Real help anywhere.  So frustrated.  Two different support techs remoted into my laptop, but the problem isn't with the device.  It doesn't matter if I use the Groove App or the Groove Web Player I get the same result.  And as stated, it happens on multiple computers.  They're all up-to-date, Win 10 Anniversary Edition and running the current version of Groove. If anyone thinks I'm exaggerating about this hell, just look at the two calls logged below to/from Microsoft.  Almost 5 hours just on the calls and that doesn't account for all the chat sessions with support prior to that. I have used Groove for years, since back in the day when it was Zune...  and I'm so ready to call it quits.  I'm probably going to have to go through one by one and try to manually download my purchased music.  So that will be several more hours wasted because of Microsoft's incompetence. ​Groove is great when it works, pray you never run into these sorts of issues because Microsoft will not be of any help.
  • And exactly what is the point to apparently build a new music player if it is not capable of selecting multiple items such as albums, if it can remove individual items but only by deleting the actual files, if it cannot read, rip and burn compact discs, if there are no settings to decide exactly what information is shared with whom? Damn you and your meaningless "as a service" mentality, pushing out unfinished trash to a complimentary wealth of testers without having been explicitly asked about it!