How to power on and off the Xbox One with Windows Phone

One of my favorite features on the Xbox One is voice command. I love saying "Xbox on" or "Xbox, turn off" to power on or off the console. This isn't possible without a Kinect and it's not available in all regions. There's another way to power up the Xbox One in addition to pressing the power button on the Xbox One console or controller. You can use the Xbox One SmartGlass app on Windows Phone. This is very handy because our phones are usually already in our pockets.

How to power on and off Xbox One with Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

At the time of publishing this article, the regular version of the Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows Phone is not able to power on or off the Xbox One. You need the public beta. Your phone and Xbox One must also be connected to the same network. For example, my Xbox One is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable, while my gold Lumia 930 is connected to the same router via Wi-Fi.

  1. When you open the SmartGlass app, tap the Xbox icon at the top center or the screen.
  2. The name of the Xbox with a moon and cloud next to it shows up in the list of consoles on your network.
  3. Tap the name of your Xbox One and tap the Turn On button.

When you want to power off the Xbox One:

  1. Tap the Xbox One icon at the top center of the screen
  2. Tap the name of your Xbox One in green
  3. Tap the Turn Off button

That's it! Microsoft has mentioned in the May System Update that the Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android are being updated to add this feature. You can try it now on the SmartGlass Beta app for Windows Phone and Android.

Will you be powering the Xbox One with your phone from now on? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Use this feature so much. Love it
  • Things just get better and better
  • Candy crush just got a new update
  • I can't afford it
  • Tough times man
  • Sadly you need instant on. When will they bring back the simplicity that 360 had. Ie. Turn off console after finished downloading
  • You need instant-on, what does that mean or where do I find it? Also, does your phone and Xbox One still need to be on the same wifi network? I wanna do it over my cellular no matter where I am!
  • It's in the setting of your Xbox one. It enables background updates, "Xbox on", etc. while your console is in standby mode. This way you won't have to wait for updates to install, your system will always be ready to go. This is extremely useful seeing as games nowadays release with patches larger than 5 GB patches, sometimes day one patches. Anymore questions, feel free to ask I'll answer them all
  • The Xbox 360 is not totally off, how do you turn it on with your controller if it is totally off? It is consuming energy even if "off"
  • Not sure i"ll use this. I would like to put my console in powersave mode to save a couple bucks, but I don't wanna wait for updates to downlaod. It'd be nice if this could work to wake it up off the network, but I understand why it can't.
  • Instant On mode only amounts to approximately an extra $15 or so per year in electricity costs. If you tallied up the extra costs of keeping the TV and Xbox One on to download updates (something that can be done in the less energy consuming sleep mode now), it is even less than that. Personally, I'd never give up "Xbox, on" or background downloads/updates to save $15 or so per year. It's well worth that extra cost.
  • I love these features too much. I completely agree :D
  • But... but... that's like a bottle of wine! Oh wait, I drink that much every few days. Maybe I'll just leave instant on enabled.
  • Where did you get the $15 from? Even assuming that every single Xbox One owner has it turned on, it's still $25/year ($250 million/ 10 million Xboxes at the time of the EPA report). Even then, AFAIK, its only on by default in North America. Although, it's still probably not a lot (probably about $40/year, which is less than Xbox Live).
  • It is based on the average kilowatt costs for the USA and the reported kilowatts burned by the Xbox One in standby mode. See this link here: "a 12.5-watt device (i.e. the Xbox One in Instant-On mode) running 24 hours a day costs about $15 per year depending on the cost of energy where you live."
  • The PS3 had an option where it would turn on at 1AM, or something like that, to check for uddates, dl then power itself off when done. It got removed from the PS4 for some odd reason..and I don't think XB360 or XB1 ever had this option. I prefered checking for updates this way.
  • You need instant-on? what does that mean or where do I find it? Also, does your phone & Xbox One still need to be on the same wifi network? I wanna do it over my cellular no matter where I am!
  • You could actually read the article and learn the answers to your questions.
  • Don't give me that bull! I asked a simple question, all I ask is for a simple answer! If you know please tell me, that's why I asked! If you don't know please-stfu! Two comments above, I have 3 very specific questions that still need to be answered, if anybody could please help me out that would be great.
  • The article doesn't mention where the Instant-On settings are ON THE XBOX (if there even are!). Sorry I don't know every setting and sub-setting option on the Xbox. Puh-lese...
  • I find this just too funny.  Even without my Kinect, I could just get up, walk up to the Xbox, press the button LONG before the Smartglass app started up and recognized my Xbox.  Wow.  Now, if this app worked without me being HOME, THAT would be cool.
  • Yeah, tell Cortana to power up your xbone and queue up a movie on vudu or something.
    Or if Cortana had presets when you got home, like turn on Xbox, Xbox music, start music.
  • Batin' in the movie Idiocracy comes to mind. Nothing wrong with more connected features though.
  • I find it just too funny that some people assume that just because their X-Box is easily accessible, everyone's X-Box must be too! This is a great feature for those of us who have hifi racks or cabinets which are enclosed or not even in the same room as the TV.
  • So how does the controller work? 
  • Within the wireless range. It's not like a remote where it needs a clear view of the reciever. The controller definitely works from within other rooms.
  • I would also just turn on my xbox one if I was in the living room. But what if I am in my office and want to turn it on and have it come up as I walk into the living room. Or I pull into my drive way and am chatting with someone and want it on when I walk in the door? This app just extends the accessability =). 
  • Or hand off a Skype call. Lots of uses.
  • Don't you still need to turn on the TV? or does the XB1 turn on your tv? My tv doesn't support that feature.
  • My Xbox powers on my TV and amp. Very handy feature.
  • I was at work and was hoping my Smartglass phone app could turn on my Xbox, search for a game, download it and then turn it off. Sadly they need to be on the same network.. Why?!
  • Just enter xbox site and buy/download the game, it'll do what you're saying. Man, you know very little about your Xbox. Read about its features in Xbox Wire.
  • I think some of you don't realize what I feel is the intended purpose of this feature. Here is my scenario. I have an XBox One downstairs in the living room and my desktop computer with a multi monitor set up running Windows 10 upstairs. Now if I want to stream a game or TV to my computer, I no longer have to go downstairs to turn the XBox on.
  • And you'll gain 10 pounds because of this. Buy a Microsoft band and then lose it. Cycle repeats.....
  • First of all, I already have a Microsoft Band. Secondly I'm simply stating what one might use the feature for. If you really need to burn the extra 20 calories on average because you don't do any other exercise, go ahead, but it's going to take quite a long time before you lose weight.
  • Don't mean to be blunt, but That's a stupid remark.
  • Great use case. Makes sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Since you didn't post this on Android Central:   for those on Android, the XBOX One SmartGlass Beta on Android also has this feature.
  • I heard everyone there likes PlayStation anyway
  • No
  • Well...I went for the Xbox least there's one person there who owns an Xbox One albeit using Android ;P And I'm sure there are more Xbox owners there too even if the majority favours PlayStation.   (I would normally go for the PlayStation but that's besides the point lol)
  • Nice input though I don't have am xbone or android phone atm. But seeing the large number of android phone user's it seems that this news needs to be posted on android central as well.
  • Nice, used to have the x1 set to instant on but the electrical whine (clearly audible in a small quiet room) from the power brick started to drive me crazy at night so had to turn it off. Hopefully they will figure out a way to utilise the "magic packet" to turn it on when not on instant on similarly how you can still use the w ports to charge the battery packs or your phone.
  • Cool now the xperia and playstation users can shut up
  • The killer feature would be miracast imo as a) wouldn't need a separate dongle plugged into the hdmi-pass-through b) snap your phone or tablet on the side c) stick in the ps3/4 / tv or second PC into the hdmi-pass-through and seamless switch between them both.
  • It's already there, in the preview. I have it.
  • All I want is to be able to power on my Xbox One with voice, but Microsoft is incapable of rolling basic features to all regions. And since for some fucked up reason, Microsoft doesn't allow me to speak english in my country, so I can turn my XBO off with only my voice, but have to grab the controller or a phone or go to the machine itself to power it back on...
  • What? You can set your region to US, and speak English with Xbox. Including Turn On/Turn Off.
  • yeah, nice solution, and fuck up my services in the process, not being able to buy games and so
  • I don't what you doing. I'm able to buy games (with credit card).
  • He's right, it's stupid. Changing regions is not an option, it messes with currency and other stuff. Not as was as on the phone.
  • You can try to set country to Ireland and have Euro's and English. Until Microsoft get's it act together.
  • Effing xbox news.
    We want filters please. Only phone news.
  • I love the Xbox news, but I hate skin sales in the news. Eff skin sales.
  • Like this?
  • This is phone news. Its talking about the app for the phone =). 
  • We speak only for your self please. Personally I like all windows news. And this site offers it.
  • And yet you took the time to open this post and comment. Xbox is here to stay. It's part of Microsoft's Windows 10 future. You're welcome to ignore anything you don't find interesting. This isn't news either. Its a help post. Big difference.
  • Can you set it for location based power on? For example, when I get home from work, my phone connects to my home wifi, then the xbone automatically starts up before I even enter the front door?
  • Sure, in 2033 maybe.
  • What would be even better is if you could pin the power on/off to your start screen. Then a simple tap could trigger it. Launching smartglass, accessing the power on/off function would actually take longer than booting it manually. I guess this is good in case I'm in the bathroom and need it booted up.
  • Can't wait for this convenience to be officially available.
  • This would be more useful if XBone supported HDMI pass through from my cable box. As is, I need to change inputs on my receiver to use my XBone which makes this and the Kinect feature basically useless. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What kind of setup do you have?
  • Xbone does support it?
  • You just hit "x" on the home screen and it loads up what ever is connected to the HDMI slot. That's how I have my 360 hooked up yo my Xbox one
  • I have to say, Xbox on several freakin times before it decides to turn the hell on. However, when I say, Xbox off it works flawlessly.
  • u mean "Xbox turn off." -- "Xbox off" doesn't work for me.
  • That's what he means
  • I've played with this a whole lot. I used to think I had to say "Xbox..." *pause* "..On" for it to work. I got it to work 40-50% of the time, experimenting with different lengths for pauses between words. My dad came to visit and got it going quicker somehow, although he yelled at it. Haha. So I've tried it, without the yelling, with no pause. Just a fluid "XboxOn" no pause. It works 98% of the time for me. I just can't say it right when walking in the door, because it doesn't like the sound of the door closing :P Yeah, it's usually the first thing I say when I get home, haha
  • Voice commands are still much better for me. The Xbox App runs awful on my Lumia 930, it glides on my wife's S5 though :( Here's hoping the new app performs much better.
  • This article is just an excuse for you to shove your "gold Lumia 930" in our faces.
  • Yes. It is. Mark is going to post something every day so that he can do just that. Enjoy!
  • Can you upvote or like a post? ;P
  • "I bought this new IKEA table with QR charging. Currently charging my G O L D Lumia 930 on it. Seems good"
  • Lol
  • This is a handy feature if your watching TV or a film and the controller isn't nearby but otherwise its not really that useful as if my controller is next to me I'll use that to turn the xbox on if the controller is not next to me then I'd have to get up anyway to get it therefore this feature isn't that great. Id rather see background auto app and game updates and please get rid of tapping B taking you back into the game you've just quit on the dashboard.
  • When my Xbox refuses to turn on via controller and I don't want to get up this will be handy.
  • I'm interested in a phone like the Xperia Z3 (PS4 integration) but for Windows + Xbox One, where you can stream your Xbox One game to your phone, this would be good for playing at night without turning on the large TV so you don't disturb other people that are trying to sleep.
  • 一个开关机,有意思吗?
  • Everyone should see how far their wifi signal reaches outside their home. Some of you may be able to turn on your Xbox before you enter your homes. If you have that ability, it makes this app worth it.
  • Did Mark Guim use Lumia 930 gold edition?
  • yes. it's soo shiny
  • Lol. Nice
  • The real handiness of the feature will be when streaming to Windows PCs becomes available with Windows 10 (or in the technical preview) and I can turn my XBO on from my nice TV set up in the basement from my bedroom to play on my PC dual monitor setup. Can't wait!
  • Whenever I tried it, it didn't turn on my receiver or my tv so I just use a universal remote. Much easier.
  • You have to set your XBox to turn them on at start up I believe. Did you already have those start up options checked off in system settings? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'll double check. That being said I'll still use the universal as that gives me control over all devices with one remote, so especially for Netflix or a bluray, it's perfect.
  • As an aside, and rather bizarrely (and I'm aware that this is of topic), my PS4 switches on my tv but not my amp, which is a bridge between the TV and PS4. But the PS4's biggest problem is that it is incompatible with universal remotes, terrible design. I still use my remote with a PS4 option but it doesn't control it at all, I use it for audio adjustments only. Pretty much my number one reason for the Xbox One surpassing the PS4.
  • Step one. Yell Xbox One. Why do I need my phone?. Lol