Xbox One and Twitter

It's now a lot easier to share your favorite Xbox One game clips on Twitter. One of the new features available on the November Update is Twitter integration. You can try this now if you're a member of the Xbox One preview program. If you need an invite, just ask in the comments. We have plenty of Windows Central readers here that can help you out. Want to see the Twitter integration in action? Watch our how-to video.

Follow these steps to add your Twitter account to the Xbox One:

  1. From home, go to settings.
  2. Go down and select 'Sign-in, security & passkey'
  3. Click on 'Sign in to Twitter'

So now, whenever you are viewing your recorded Xbox One game clips, press the menu button on the controller and select Share. Twitter is now one of the options. You can share the clip right away, or add a little caption. The tweet from the video can be seen here.

Will you be using this feature on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments!