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Plex DVR arrived before the service allowed you to actually watch shows live from your OTA TV tuner such as a HDHomeRun Connect. In most cases, the apps on the various platforms Plex supports have been updated to now add live TV and DVR features.

The Xbox One only has live TV at this point. So you can't use the DVR on the Xbox One, but if you were hoping Plex would be your solution, you can still use it with your Xbox One.

What that means


When you record a show with Plex DVR, the videos are added to your Plex Media Server alongside any other content you have stored there. So, if your Xbox One is at the heart of your entertainment center, you'll still be able to catch up on shows you recorded as well as watch live TV in the Plex app.

The recording part requires a small workaround: Use another app, such as on Android or iOS, or schedule directly from your Plex Media Server.

How to set up Plex DVR


Plex DVR

Whether you want to watch or record, the set up is exactly the same. It involves pointing your Plex Media Server at your compatible tuner and allowing Plex to pull in the EPG data for your location.

I've written a full guide on how to get all this going, so hit the link below to get started. It's important to note you also need a valid Plex Pass subscription for this.

How to set up Plex DVR

In apps that support DVR recording, setting up your schedule is a case of selecting the shows you want as if you were watching them, and then choosing the record option instead. It's a similar process in the Plex Media Server web app.

You can always view your upcoming recordings, too, and when they're saved you'll be able to view them just as you would any other video.

Not perfect

Right now, if you want to use Plex with your Xbox One as your main TV and DVR service, it's possible but a little messy. You'd assume that eventually the DVR features will make their way to the Xbox One app, but for now this is what we've got to work with.

If you want something that's a little less awkward and can be done entirely on the Xbox One, then you might consider looking at the HDHomeRun DVR service instead.

Download Plex for Xbox One from the Microsoft Store

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