How to use Windows 10 Mobile's View 3D app

Microsoft's move into mixed reality includes the Remix 3D community, a place where users can share 3D models they create. We already wrote a guide on using the community through the Paint 3D app on Windows 10, but Windows 10 Mobile also has a companion app, known as View 3D.

It primarily allows you to view 3D models, meaning you can't use it to create anything new. Despite its limitations, it's a useful companion app that you can use to show off your creations or examine the creations of others.

How to access Remix 3D models from the View 3D app

If you created a model in the Paint 3D app for Windows 10, you can access and view it in the View 3D app. In this case, we saved FBX files (3D models created in Paint 3D) in OneDrive in order to access them on our phone.

  1. Launch the View 3D app from the All apps list.
  2. Tap the Open button in the top-left corner of the screen. (It looks like a folder.)
  3. Tap OneDrive. (If you aren't signed in, you will be prompted to do so.)

  1. Tap a 3D model file.
  2. Tap the checkmark. (Your model will open in the View 3D app.)
  3. Tap and drag with one finger to rotate and turn the model.

  1. Tap and drag with two fingers to pan.
  2. Tap and pinch with two fingers to zoom.
  3. Double-tap with one finger to reset the camera.

How to upload a model to Remix 3D community with View 3D

Any models you view on your phone can be added to public or private board in the Remix 3D community.

  1. Launch the View 3D app from the All apps list.
  2. Tap the Remix 3D button near the top of the screen. (Edge will launch and you'll be taken to the Remix 3D website.
  3. Tap the profile button in the top-right corner of the screen.)

  1. Type your username.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Type your password.

  1. Tap Sign in.
  2. Tap the Upload button near the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Select file.

  1. Tap OneDrive or any other option where you saved a 3D model.
  2. Tap a 3D model file.
  3. Tap the checkmark.

  1. Tap Upload.
  2. Tap Filter.
  3. Tap a filter.

  1. Tap the checkmark.
  2. Tap Lighting.
  3. Tap and drag the slider to adjust the lighting.

  1. Tap the checkmark.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Tap the Name field.

  1. Type a name.
  2. Tap the Description field.
  3. Type a description.

  1. Tap the dropdown arrow in the Made with field.
  2. Tap an app.
  3. Tap the Tags field.

  1. Type a tag.
  2. Tap the tag button to add the tag.
  3. Tap Upload.

That's a lot of steps, but the model will now be uploaded to your collection in the Remix 3D community.

How to use the Remix 3D community in the Paint 3D app on Windows 10

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  • Which file formats can the app read? fbx only? No obj, stl?
  • I've opened .stl files with it on pc
  • Thanks :) I'd probably prefer obj or iges for my line of work, but hey, better than nothing
  • If at least the app worked... When I open it a popup message says that it found a problem and that the app need to close
  • The title is wrong... It should say...   What is the use of the 3D app.
  • The title is okay but there is not much this app has to offer.
  • We need the one they demoed on STAGE, which allows us to capture objects in 3D.
  • My first comment on WC. I was once a 3D modeler using HP and SolidWorks. No longer in that field. My question is, Can you view other 3D formats in this app or can they be imported?
  • Was also my doubt. Having checked it, it is supposed to open obj and stl file formats, which are universal formats. You can also import in other two not so conventional formats, if not mistaken
  • btw, which program is HP? I can't seem to recall that one
  • So there isn't really a way to upload to Remix 3D website from within the app, but just a link to the website. You could just go to Edge (create a favorite) and it's the same process.
  • Biggest issue with this app on mobile is that you can't download content to your phone (save from remix3d website) - so have to download/create models on desktop and save them to OneDrive (or transfer to mobile) before you can access anything. At least they've now given the mars rover as a demo on launch.
  • for me it just tells me something went wrong and crashes
  • View 3d d't work
    File- one drive...image...say : Empty