HP Elite x3 with Windows 10 Mobile looking good with all-silver back

HP's Elite x3 is still being promoted by the company reinvigorating the idea that the "three in one" device is more than just a one-off. In a new video posted on May 26 called HP Partner First Roadshow 2017 the company is going through all its latest devices this time focusing on the Spanish market.

Interestingly, at the four-minute and fifty-second mark, the Elite x3 is spotted twice in a discussion about its ruggedness. The second Elite x3, however, has an all-silver back, which so far has not been seen.

Due to the quality of the video, it is hard to discern if it is silver or the "gold" version that was initially listed in HP's documentation. That color scheme was never released, however, suggesting that what is shown in the video is simply a working prototype.

Earlier this year, HP purposefully teased a sequel to the Elite x3 at Mobile World Congress. Isolated under glass, the revamped model has more rounded corners, fewer antenna lines, and repositioned front-facing camera and sensors. That device does not match the one in this new HP video when compared.

Internal documentation that Windows Central has obtained does mention a new HP phone due in the coming months, but no reliable information about specifications, features, or launch plans are known. Presumably, an improved version with a more modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and updated Continuum support along with a larger Lap Dock would not be out of the question.

Sequel to the HP Elite x3?

Sequel to the HP Elite x3?

Regarding the future of Windows 10 Mobile, there is still some uncertainty. However, head of the Microsoft Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar on May 1 did mention "enterprise focused work with HP" in regards to mobile, suggesting the continued development of the Elite x3 program.

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While the Elite x3 is far from a consumer play, Microsoft and HP do have a chance to repurpose the OS for enterprise-level usage. It will be interesting to see what both companies bring later this year or even if those plans are still on track.

The current HP Elite x3 bundle is being sold by Microsoft for $599 - a $200 savings from its normal price.

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