HP Elite x3 shipments have begun from U.S. Microsoft Store

Some people who pre-ordered the HP Elite x3 smartphone from the U.S. Microsoft Store are being informed that shipments have begun.

Our own order for the Windows 10 Mobile business-themed phone is now scheduled to be shipped later this week, and we have received reports from others who have also gotten similar shipment announcements. The U.S. Microsoft Store originally stated that shipments would begin on Sept. 12, and these new notices would seem to indicate that the first pre-orders will stick closely with that approximate schedule.

People who pre-order the HP Elite x3 from the U.S. Microsoft Store right now will see the smartphone ship out on Sept. 26. They will pay $799 for the unlocked 5.96-inch phone, which includes its Desk Dock accessory.

Thanks to Joseph and David for the tips!

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