HP Elite x3 will be available in Microsoft's retail stores on Oct. 10 [Update: some stores have them now]

Update: Some of our Windows Central readers have posted comments that state the HP Elite x3 is already available inside some Microsoft Store locations. If you have one nearby, you might want to call and check to see if they have any for sale before you drive over

The HP Elite x3 smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile will be available to purchase inside Microsoft's brick-and-mortar stores starting on Monday, October 10.

PC Mag reports that it received news about this sales date directly from Microsoft, specifically from the company's VP of OEM Worldwide Marketing Peter Han. While the Microsoft Store sites in the U.S. and Canada have been taking orders for the 5.96-inch smartphone for several weeks, this will be the first time that the HP Elite x3 will be sold inside a physical store.

In the U.S. stores, the business-themed phone will be sold for $799, and will include its Desk Dock accessory that allows the HP Elite x3 to connect to a mouse, keyboard and monitor so it can be used like a Windows 10 PC. There's no word on how many units each Microsoft Store location will have of this phone, but we suspect it will be very limited.

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