The HP Elite x3 will support a passive stylus and other optional accessories

The upcoming HP Elite x3 will support a number of optional accessories, including a passive stylus for the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone.

HP Elite X3

In addition to the previously revealed Lap Dock and Desk Dock for the HP Elite x3, the company has released a list of the phone's official accessories (opens in new tab) (via WindowsBlogItalia). Among them is the passive stylus, which will likely be used by many owners of the 6-inch smartphone. The stylus will have a 2 mm tip and will also come with three replacement tips, along with a lanyard.

Besides the stylus and the docks, HP will sell a wireless charger for the Elite x3, along with three different cases, two screen protectors, and a privacy screen. Like the smartphone itself, there is no word on pricing or a release date for these optional add-ons.

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  • I think this phone just might beat the Lumia 950
  • Just might? You're kidding, right? The Elite x3 will blow the 950/XL out of the water in everything other than the camera area
  • Sorry if you didn't detect my slight sarcasm. I 100% agree with you
  • It will blow it away and be the "surface phone" that many are looking for.
  • Except it's not targeted at consumers and won't be readily available through the carrier model which most people still use. That's the only downside I see in this phone as it just keeps getting better and I would drop my phone in a heartbeat for this even with the missing apps and probably lesser camera if it came to my carrier. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • *most people in the US, not most people. Outside of your bubble phones are often sold unlocked, even directly from carriers, and support all frequencies (no ridiculous CDMA to worry about either). It's only people on contracts that feel obliged to have "subsidised" phones, even though it costs far less to buy unlocked phones outright and go on the cheaper prepaid plans.
  • Yep exactly and GSM is really the universal standard used around the world. The only countries to use CDMA is USA and Great Britain.
  • MS is not making consumer phones either ( Looks like there will be no "Surface" class device for consumers from anywhere.
  • Silly to let a carrier control what phone you can buy. I don't see people saying thay can't buy x model/brand car because their gas station doesn't sell/support it. Break the bonds that bind you. Also stop complaining that the major studios won't release their films on Betamax.  
  • well that only happens in US and Canada. I believe in all the other countries, customer buys the phone and then goes to whatever carrier they wish.
  • Even in the US it only happens to sheeple. I'm in the US and always buy unlocked phones from a 3rd party. Don't buy cars from a gas station and don't buy phones from a carrier.
  • Only happens to sheeple? Maybe people who have more important things to spend $500-700 at once especially when you want to upgrade often and don't want to have to deal with the hassle of selling your phone before getting a new one. Instead of looking down at people who use the carrier model how about try to realize how convenient and easy it is for some people to pay $30 a month for something they might not even keep for more than a year anyway. I've bought both unlocked and through carrier so I see both sides. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • I never said it wasn't convenient to be a sheeple ;)
  • Oh so in US people can buy cars from a gas station? I'm in Canada and have never thought of that or seen before.
  • and also except in the price. 950 likely to be almost half the price. Are all these features necessary / worth it for average user?
  • Should be no more than $300. With proper housing and cameras otherwise similar specs phones go for under 400$ nowadays and as free extra one gets non-dead OS.
  • This device is not designed for the consumer space. Those who do jump in on an expensive device such as this will end up like all those shallow fashionista's who just have to have the latest device full of mind numbing facts and figures, only to realise, once tied in to an expensive contract, that the previous devices were just as good in everyday use. The OS is FAR from dead, and the amount of posts, and comments stating this show little in the way of research, or statements read and a lack of news reading on here. As I have mentioned many times, if the OS is dead, why do people waste their time posting here? Maybe its a self fulfilling need to bring others down to the level of their own inadequacy. ;-)
  • Maybe they are true Microsoft fans and don't want to see them continuing down the same path that has failed 6 years running. Anyone cheering Microsoft on with their current mobile strategy isn't a real fan. W10M will never be successful and Microsoft needs a true reboot. These fake reboots have not helped. Until Microsoft changes the UI and branding, they are just wasting their time. People like you are cheer leading them into oblivion. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well said, bleached.
  • No more reboots! None. That's what killed the loyal fanbase.
  • Windows phone never had much of a fan base because of the polarizing UI and branding. It is a tough to say that the issue with WP7 and WP8 was the kernel or back end. Performance was always great so the issue must lie with the UI and branding. Windows is a liability in mobile, not an asset. Even on desktop, people only choose Windows because they have to. There is no other choice for their needs or they cannot afford a Mac. They can still use the W10 code, but they need to completely revamp the UI and branding. Get it as far away from Windows as possible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well before Nadella happened Windows phones were selling 10M/Q and there was positive momentum. Now market share is 0 and all is lost.
  • If they really had any meaningful momentum, Nokia would have stayed on the path. In reality the only thing they could sell was the cheapest devices in very price concious markets. That isn't sustainable, especially since those 520 buyers didn't upgrade to better Windows phones as Microsoft had planned. They bought Android or iPhones when the time came. The platform just isn't compelling. Users don't like it. There is no other answer when sales are completely non-existant.
  • Oh I can a afford a Mac, but they are useless in my line of work, no software available. Also there are just as good quality Windows pcs. Additionally the OS looks like someone in grade five made it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • "Even on desktop, people only choose Windows because they have to. There is no other choice for their needs or they cannot afford a Mac." @bleached. Wow - how deluded are you?! In your world of absolutisms people either just tolerate Windows or are poor? Did you ever think that people actually like using Windows? It didn't get to 88+% marketshare because we don't have a choice. Some would argue that Linux is a choice - but the reality is that's only for the gearheads and not suitable for general consumption as a desktop. Mac OS is also a choice, but put any Windows user behind a Mac and they'll want to smash it after 10 minutes with it's clunky UI and unhelpful error messages. I've been in offices full of Macs and there is nothing superior about them - they have just as many hardware issues, and the users have just as many, if not more, support issues. Or did you ever think that there are people that can easily afford Mac's but actually utilise both hemispheres of their brain and realise that the Mac hardware is overpriced and that buying a PC is a better use of their money? Not even buys cheap PC's (maybe in your world) as millions of people enjoy buy gaming-rigs that will destroy any Mac on the market.
  • Exactly, BB OS is here to stay... Oh, you mean WP? Sorry, but you sound like the Blackberry fans from a few years ago who swore BB OS10 would turn everything around and BB was going to come back and dominate the mobile phone market. Yeah, didn't quite work out for them did it? MS has different problems aside from the OS which is the best mobile OS IMO. Their true problem is they couldn't find a way to get their phones on carriers. As a Sprint family plan owner with a grandfathered unlimited data plan I needed something on Sprint. Nothing except old WP models from years ago. I ended up jumping to Android and would love to go back to WP, but the situation is worse now than it was 2 years ago when I left WP.  So you may want to temper your cocky predications lest you may end up heartbroken like the Blackberry fans who 'knew' more than everyone else that BB was just ready to take off again. Now if MS finds some way to make a 6 inch x86 phone that runs Windows 10 and metro apps as well as a battery that lasts a whole day I would plunk my cash down in a heartbeat, but don't know if that will happen anytime soon.
  • S7 edge? Htc 10 ? Lg g5 ? All around e 650...
  • You probably think the Surface Pro 4 should be $200 too right?
  • No they aren't, that's the thing though, it's not designed for the average user. I think a lot of people just fall into the numbers goon category and say how much better the equipment is, when it doesn't need to be. Sadly too many people will pay a premium for a higher number in categories where it doesn't matter.
  • I wouldn't think many of the accessories' would be much use in a non enterprise setting, unless of course you are of the type of person who has to have everything. I can see the same happening with the X3 as happened to the fab 950/xl. Price cuts after a short period due to 'restricted' sales. I'm going to stick with my 950's for now and let's others get sucked in to the hype ;-)
  • I don't really see these as being business-oriented accessories. When I get an X3 I'll definitely want a case and screen protector. Wireless charging? Why not!?! That just leaves the stylus. I won't be using that myself but I'm many will. How many average consumers user the stylus on their Galaxy Note? Quite a few, I'm sure. Hell, my mom uses her Note's stylus and she's far from the enterprise world. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A lot of people bought Blackberry handsets which were also way more than they needed. I know the sales and popularity of Blackberry has been surpassed but in it's day, BB was king (no pun intended).
  • Many people bought Blackberry devices which were more than they needed or even understood. True, BlackBerry has been surpassed in sales and popularity but back in the day BB was king (no pun intended)
  • Other than display, too.
  • This is our Galaxy Note
  • it may be beat it with the HW BUT it wont beat it with the PRICE... it will be fudging expensive device. I think HP will hit a price tag near 1000USD. Its sounds unrealistic but I have the feeling of it. The HW is superB they ADDed a lot of functions so... cant be and wont be cheap. It wont be advertised just as a phone
  • What if they haven't announced the price that way they blow everyone away when it's ridiculously cheap?
  • It's all pointless.  We're all just speculating at this point.
  • I'm not so sure it'll be that much. I'm thinking in the area of $800USD maybe a little less. It's designed for enterprise users, and I'm sure will be priced to beat out things like iPhone, and the Note series. Pure speculation though, all we can do is wait and see when they annouce the price.
  • They have no advertisement so the price wont be that high, it was said by Daniel himself.
  • Well you're right about that it won't be advertised.
    At all
  • Lol are u kidding
    This beast will blow the 950/xl to dust
  • At this point is really the camera what worries me.
  • And lack of dedicated camera button..which I've learned to love on my 950.
  • I can deal with that, for me its the lack of OIS
  • This is an Enterprise-grade phone where their direct competitor is Blackberry and SONIM. Both companies having cameras around 4-8 MP and is mostly for taking photos of documents, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, etc.
  • Looks good :D
  • Camera is nothing... Many photo editors out there. The other spec are wowzers
  • Again, this phone is in direct competition with Blackberry and SONIM and those phones have 5MP cameras so HP decided to stay around that.
  • Bb Priv have 16 MPx camera.
  • That one was for consumers. I'm talking about the Blackberry Z3, Z5, Z10, Q5, Q10, Z30, and Blackberry Classic
  • Camera is nothing? Lol. Photo editors can't add raw quality to a picture. Once you get used to 920, 930 and 950 photo quality, there's no going back.
  • Holy cow!
  • There lack of dedicated camera button is off putting. Otherwise, looked like next short term windows 10 flagship in terms of specs.
  • Waiting for it....
  • Does anyone know the dimensions of the device compared to the 950XL?
  • Seems to be The windows Phone...pitty no Radio FM, at least to me it is a basic feature. Anyway, looks really really awesome
  • Unless the hardware doesn't allow it, there's no reason to believe it won't support an FM radio the same way other Windows phones do. There are plenty of FM Radio apps to replace the MS specific one.
  • Radio FM is removed from all Windows phones as of W10M build 10586.420
  • Download an fm radio app. They all work fine
  • yes but it's been discontinued so the built-in app has been removed. Moving forward, though the chipset will be removed just like Android and Apple phones. This is really the wireless carriers troubling Microsoft and its OEMs about the FM Radio being there - the carriers would want people to pay for it or pay for online streaming.
  • The FM Radio chipset is not removed; it is built in to the Wifi/BT chip that comes in the phone.  It's even available on Apple phones, but Apple chose to not include support for it.
  • The chipset on android supports fm radio. The operating system doesn't. Right now W10M supports it just fine. It's more work to remove support than it is worth. FM radio apps should continue to work. The stock app was dropped because Microsoft doesn't think it was worth spring the app. That's a far cry from trying to change the OS to no longer support it.
  • Ok thanks for the clarification
  • Damn, gonna make me do it, huh? I'm going to try and wait to see what MS does with their device. Right now, my 1520 is holding up just fine. If I have to upgrade sooner than later, I will be likely to get this phone.
  • Microsoft already released the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. You can wait until next year for Microsoft to update their lineup
  • A passive stylus will work on *any* capacitive touch screen. This is basically like those things they hand out at conferences. On one end, it has a rubberized tip that will appear to the phone similar to a finger, but won't leave smudges, while the other side just has a finer tip to allow more accurate "touch" (similar to the stylus you find in credit card signing terminals). For those looking for proper "inking" support, the OS will need to be updated to handle pen tip sensitivity (like it does in the desktop / tablet version).
  • Yup, though with a phone they don't have to have as great pressure sensitivity as on a more robust device.
  • I agree there. The main point I was making is that this (or any other similar passive capacitive stylus) will work on just about any current smartphone... including Lumia, iPhone, Galaxy, etc. So I'm just calling HP out on them marketing it as an optional "feature".
  • Maybe they meant it will come with a stylus?? The one in the picture looks pretty nice :)
  • W10M Redstone 1 (coming on Aug 2) has active pen support. Maybe the will release a different pen later on.
  • To support active pen, the screen has to support it too (which this phone's screen does not). At first when they announced the x3, I had thought the delay was *specifically* due to them waiting for active pen support, but now that we know otherwise, I honestly have no idea why they didn't release this phone sooner.
  • My guess is that they secretly added in the hardware so that it will be enabled at a later date. Just like what Nokia did with a notification LED - most flagship Lumias had it and could be enabled later on.
  • Ethernet and thumbprint support in Redstone, right? Launching a phone with out a general release is sketchy...oh wait...
  • Ethernet support is basically OTG. That has already been working since early W10M builds in Dec. and is what makes the Continuum part work for these premium phones. Fingerprint and Iris Scanner full support coming in Aug 2
  • No, an active pen simply simulates a capacitive stylus and requires a battery source. I use an active stylus regularly on my Lumia 640.
  • One reason for the delay is waiting for fingerprint support in Windows Hello. Could be other things too, like finishing details and getting production ready. Or perhaps getting the backend ready for handling x32 apps remotely.
  • I think there's a bit of confusion here. I think what is meant is that the stylus will be "Passive" technology, like the Wacom Feel compatible devices (Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Galaxy Notes, Galaxy Tabs), unlike "Active" which is N-Trig like in the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 lines. A passive stylus should still have the same kind of features like pressure sensitivity that the first two Surface Pros and the Galaxy Note/Tab devices had. IMO, the biggest difference would be that a passive technology will not require a battery, like the active technologies do.
  • And also HP Elite X2. It uses Wacom technology too. I'm a bit disappointed when MS chose N-trig instead of Wacom moving ahead.
    Many reviews show that it has become the Achilles' heel of Surface that its pen suits less for creative pursuit (more to note taking) compared to Wacom Companion 2 & Apple iPad Pro.
  • Actually, Microsoft is currently working closely with Wacom to make future products cross-compatible (i.e. pens that work on either type of digitizer grid).
  • But AFAIK, MS has bought N-Trig. Cross-compatible is different from using the real Wacom tech. I'm skeptical about that. Churning all EMR, AES & DuoSense might take longer time to be integrated and further to be on similar performance. I doubt the next Surface will already have that ability. Unless Panos really lives up to the expectation.
  • My barber gave me a ballpoint pen with capacitive rubber tip. Using phone like a boss
  • Lack of a camera button and a really great camera mean I won't be getting one of these but the support from HP like to be brilliant! Hopefully it'll lead to an improved model next year. Seeing the word "stylus" got me all excited but unless it's an active one it won't be of any real use to me. Alas!
  • HP does not care, this is for Enterprise and is going to be marketed and sold as such.
  • HP partners with Wacom for stylus tech. Wacom standard pen is passive but pressure sensitive. Look at Elite X2.
  • This looks awesome.  I've been a loyal windows phone fan since the lumia 920 was new.  I'm going to stick with my lumia 950xl with mozo cover (for chrome/leather look) until the rumored surface phone comes out... and if the surface phone doesn't come out next year, i'll be done, i'll go with the Note 8 i guess.
  • The rumoured "Surface Phone" or "Halo Phone" should be coming out in Q