HP introduces new lineup of 4K displays with USB-C

In addition to a refreshed lineup of laptops and mobile workstations today, HP has also rolled out a new slate of 4K displays. Included are the new EliteDisplay S270n, along with a trio of Z-series displays ranging from 27 to 43 inches.

Sitting on its own is the EliteDisplay S270n, a 27-inch IPS display with super thin bezels. The real draw here is that the S270n can be used with a single USB-C cable, which supplies video, data, and power. The panel supports a 4K native resolution at 60 Hz, a 14ms response time, and a 10000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Backing up the EliteDisplay S270n are the new HP Z27, Z32, and Z43, with each display's size corresponding to its name. All three feature a 4K resolution at 60 Hz and 10-bit color for displaying more than 1 billion colors. Like the S270n, each of the Z-series displays can also be operated over a single USB-C connection for video, data, and power, HP says. Each features a 5000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and response times come in at 8ms on the Z27 and Z43, and 14ms on the Z32. And for designers and engineers, HP says that the Z27 and Z32 come color calibrated from the factory.

HP Thunderbolt Dock

Lastly, if you're looking to consolidate your connections and declutter your desk, HP is also launching its Thunderbolt Dock G2. The dock can provide power support up to two 4K displays, and, most intriguingly, it can be equipped with an optional audio conferencing module. All of that is accomplished through a single cable.

According to HP, the displays will be available starting today (opens in new tab) at $549 for the EliteDisplay S270n, $559 for the Z27, $899 for the Z32, and $799 for the Z43. The Thunderbolt Dock G2, on the other hand, is expected to be available starting in May with pricing yet to be determined.

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  • Displays powered through a single usb type cable, with audio and video via the same cable?!
    Damn that's pretty sweet, hopefully now we won't have to worry about using adaptors when using imported displays. As the UK uses 230v at 50Hz and the US use different voltage at 60Hz... Curious, how much power do these displays need to run?
    Need to take that into consideration now when buying a new power supply.
  • Do these displays work natively with the Lumia 950XL? Continuum displays would be very interesting.
  • FWIW I use an asus zen screen with my Elite X3 and it works great except that I have to have the brightness relatively low. I doubt a phone would be able to power these. 
  • Can't find z43 anywhere?
  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like the primary use case for a one-cable solution would be for desktops or docked laptops. I don't think the intention is for professionals to carry around a 27" monitor in their backpack and unpack it on an airplane to use dual screen.
  • I kinda meant for plugging in to the monitor when near it, rather than sticking it in a brief case. You really thought I meant for use on public transport? I've got to start putting foot notes on my posts to explicitly exclude this stuff these days I suppose.
  • I wasn't replying to your comment, just speculating in general. Didn't even see what you mentioned about the 950xl until just now! Still, I'd be curious to see how that would work. It would be in line with some more futuristic form factors.
  • Nice! finally 32" and 43" !!!!  43" is perfection!