HP is rolling out yet another firmware update for its HP Elite x3 running Windows 10 Mobile, featuring more performance and under the hood improvements. HP is yet to release an official changelog for this update, but when they do we'll update this post accordingly.

The new firmware update in question is rolling out as version 0002.0000.0023.0113, up from the previous firmware version 0002.0000.0018.0105, and so far we've noticed Windows Hello feels a tad-faster than previously, which is always welcome. We're still digging for new changes, so let us know below if you notice anything new.

This is HPs 4th firmware update for the Elite x3 in just a few months, which is great news as it means HP is committed to supporting their Windows 10 Mobile device. We suspect today's firmware update will improve the experience when using the HP Lap Dock too, as that device launched with some minor bugs and issues.

Thanks for the tip, @SilverFoxxx1