Inside Xbox at E3 2019 reveals new details about X019, Elite controller, and more

What you need to know

  • Gears 5 will showcase its campaign right before launch.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sales spiked after the company's briefing.
  • X019 is coming to London in November.
  • The new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: Season 2 has more features and durability.
  • New backward compatible games will be added once "Project Scarlett" launches.

Yesterday, Microsoft hosted its Xbox E3 2019 conference where it revealed many new games and provided some details about "Project Scarlett" and "Project xCloud". Today, the company hosted its Inside Xbox show to expand the discussion of some of the upcoming titles and feature. Among the highlights were interviews with the developers of Gears 5 who explained that extensive testing will lead up to the title's launch in September, at which time they will discuss the game's campaign. The multiplayer looks like a lot of fun, but in order to shine, Gears 5 needs a stellar and focused story.

However, that wasn't everything Microsoft shared during Inside Xbox. The company's Executive Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer said that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate announcement prompted a record number of individuals to subscribe to the service. He also discussed Project Scarlett and explained that he feels backward compatibility should be a highlight of the gameplay experience going into the future. There are rumors floating around that the device features a twelve-core processor and much more, but Spencer didn't comment on its specifications. It's unclear if the PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than Project Scarlett, or vice versa.

If you love Xbox FanFest-like events, you're in luck. The upcoming "X019" gathering was also discussed today. As many remember, last year's X018 in Mexico City exceeded expectations. X019, which is taking place in London this November, seems likely to be even bigger than last year's showing.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: Series 2 which was revealed yesterday features several enhancements, such as wrap-around grips to make gaming more comfortable, and new hair-trigger locks and thumbstick sensitivity settings to offer gamers more control.

Microsoft also announced that it will not make more original Xbox and Xbox 360 games backward compatible on Xbox One. Instead, the team will focus on making sure that all of your titles work on Project Scarlett. Expect more announcements on the future of backward compatibility in the near future.

Lastly, the show introduced new Gamertags, which will allow you more leeway in the presentation of your moniker, even if it has already been selected by another gamer. The system is a lot like Discord and will be the standard going forward. However, if you like your current Gamertag, you can keep it.



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