It's Friday! Here's a bunch of cute animals with Surface PCs

Hot on the heels of the Surface Laptop announcement, Microsoft unveiled an all-new Surface Pro for 2017, complete with Kaby Lake internals, sexy tilt-capable pen, and custom silicon that allows the Surface Pro to have unprecedented low inking latency.

All of this is great, awesome in fact, and if you want to recap on why the Surface Pro is also awesome (and a few reasons why it's not so awesome), be sure to take a look at our executive editor Daniel Rubino's Surface Pro 2017 pros and cons.

That's not why we're here today though, folks! Instead, now's the time to celebrate something near and dear to my heart: Surface Pets. What are "Surface Pets"? you ask? Prepare to be educated, with frightening cuteness.

Behold: Surface Pets

Surface Pets are, as the name implies, pets with Surface PCs! They're pets who love Surfaces as much as you and me. For example, here is my awesome cat Priesi enjoying the ambient warmth of my Surface Book.

People often post pictures of their pets with Surface devices on the subreddit /r/Surface (which by the way, is an awesome community).

If you want to post your own Surface Pet pictures (please do), I made a thread in our own forums:

Hi guys, Do you have a Surface? Do you have a PET? Combine them and you get... Surface Pets! Let's see them! :D BTozw2nDU-Y

Jez Corden

Of course, it's not only cats that can get in on the Surface action, but also scaly friends, like our tortoise Napoleon.

Our executive editor, Daniel Rubino, also has a notorious turtle, appropriately named ... Turtle. Here's Turtle hanging out with a Surface Book!

"Doggos" or "doges," as known by the internet (or just plain "dogs" for you boring folks), can also get in on the cute Surface action.

For example, here's Surface Twitter fan Callum's Surface Puppy, looking rather hungrily at a Surface Type Cover.

Finally, here are a few more awesome pics from the community!

Show us your Surface pets

There are no pets better than Surface Pets. Be sure to jump into our forum thread to submit your own, and perhaps if we get enough we'll do some form of Xbox/Lumia/Surface Pet-themed giveaway in the future!

Some of these pictures were compiled by the awesome Jen Gentlemen from Microsoft's shell team. If you see a picture here that belongs to you and you'd like to be credited in some way (or have them removed), send an email to me: or DM me on twitter: @JezCorden!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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