Jez's 2016 Holiday Shopping List

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Microsoft)

Buying for others can be hard, but if your loved ones are as awesome and nerdy as mine, perhaps this article will help you out!

Here is a list of my favorite products available today, many of which will be finding their way under various Christmas trees in my immediate circle very shortly.

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Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the ultimate gift for gamers and media enthusiasts of all ages this holiday season. It packs high-powered gaming, hundreds of Xbox 360 backward compatible titles, UHD 4K Blu-ray support, and dozens of great apps for even more entertainment!

$249 Buy Now

Lumia 950 XL

If any of your relatives are Lumia die-hards like mine, consider sending them a massive upgrade this holiday season. It represents the best of what Windows 10 Mobile has to offer. It's sleek, speedy, gorgeous, rocks an amazing camera with tremendous battery life, and it's my favorite phone!

$499 Buy Now

Amazon Kindle

An Amazon Kindle would be the perfect gift for any reading enthusiasts in your inner circle. Unlike conventional tablets, the Kindle's e-ink displays are immune to sun glare and feature millions of digital books for as little as $3. This is a great buy for book fans everywhere.

from $80 Buy Now

Xbox One Elite Controller

If you're buying for a current Xbox One owner, consider gifting the Xbox One Elite Controller. It comes with extra parts and features to help dedicated gamers gain a tactical edge.

$149 Buy Now

Xbox controller

Xbox controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox Design Lab Controller

With the Xbox Design Lab, you can customize every aspect of a controller's color scheme. Match a favorite sports team, pick your favorite color or go for something completely wacky — the decision is yours! As a bonus, these controllers are Bluetooth compatible, making them a good pick for Windows PC gamers too.

$90 Buy Now

Gears of War Xbox One Controller

These custom Gears of War peripherals aren't just rocking a fresh coat of paint. They're also engraved with laser-etched battle scars and come with Bluetooth support for use on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Great gift for Gears fans.

$75 Buy Now

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

My current go-to headset, the Turtle Beach Elite Headset is the ultimate sound solution for gamers of all types in 2016. Boasting supreme comfort and quality, when combined with the Tactical Audio Controller, the Elite Pro Tournament gear provides a tactical edge like no other.

from $200 Buy Now

Turtle Beach Elite 800X

The Turtle Beach Elite 800X wireless headset boasts many of the sound features of its wired cousin, but with the bonus of being fully wireless. It even has Bluetooth support for use on other devices. This headset also comes with a magnetic charging dock to keep play spaces tidy!

$225 Buy Now

Gears of War HyperX CloudX Revolver

HyperX also produces a great range of headsets, but none are as great as this Gears of War edition CloudX Revolver headset. With premium materials, rich sound quality and a stunning Gears-inspired design, this is a great set for fans.

$149 Buy Now

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains the best game available on Xbox One. The Witcher 3 is a dark action RPG taking place in a gorgeous and vividly detailed fantasy open world. It packs well over a hundred hours of playtime, and it's as emotionally impactful as its gameplay is addictive. This isn't one for younger audiences.

$45 Buy Now $25.53 at Walmart

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is among the greatest first person shooters of this generation. Experience the horror of the world's first industrial war, in a 32 vs. 32 shooter as sobering as it is intense. This is DICE's masterpiece, and it's a great purchase for fans of multiplayer shooters.

$60 Buy Now

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 heralds the return of one of Microsoft's biggest franchises. Gears of War 4 kickstarts an all-new saga, delivering some of the Xbox's most gorgeous graphics and gory gameplay in the process. Great for multiplayer, co-op and single player gameplay, Gears 4 is a great buy for shooter fans this holiday season.

$60 Buy Now


Overwatch is a maddeningly addictive multiplayer shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. Battle it out in various 6 vs. 6 game modes, filling all sorts of class roles across 23 unique heroes. This is a great gift for gamers of all ages, and an accessible introduction to the world of online first person shooting.

$65 Buy Now

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 is a zombie apocalypse simulator like no other. Battle tens of thousands (yes, tens of thousands) of hungry undead while crafting all manner of ridiculous weapons and zombie-slaughtering vehicles. As funny as it is gruesome, Dead Rising 4 is one Christmas-themed zombie action game that would brighten any gamer's day this holiday season.

$51 Buy Now

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is another great option for RPG fans this holiday season. Follow Prince Noctis on a classic Final Fantasy quest to reclaim lost lands, defeat an evil empire and save the world. FFXV boasts a vast open world full of dungeons to crawl, treasures to discover and monsters to slay. It's a fantastic entry in the near-30-year-old series, and it's available on Xbox One.

$60 Buy Now

Gears of War Replica Lancer

Few gifts on this list are as awesome as this Gears of War 1:1 scale Replica Chainsaw Lancer. Lovingly detailed and molded with premium materials, this replica Chainsaw Lancer is the ultimate gift for that beloved Gears of War fan in your life.

$149 Buy Now

ION Audio Air LP

ION make vinyl player solutions with a twist. There's an option for Bluetooth speaker connectivity as well as built-in speakers, and all versions come with the capability to rip audio to MP3 via a USB cable. For any music fans in your inner circle, this would make a great gift for anyone looking to get into — or back into — the world of vinyl records.

from $45 Buy Now

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

Twin Peaks is a cult 90s TV drama that inspired dozens of video games and shows. Life is Strange, Silent Hill, and even Mass Effect 2 pay tribute to this ground-breaking series, that is as warped as it is funny, moving, and horrifying. The long-awaited season 3 will land in 2017, and if any of your friends or family liked Stranger Things or the X-Files, they might just find themselves in Twin Peaks. It's a classic.

from $72 Buy Now

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