JRPG 'Alvastia Chronicles' joins Xbox Play Anywhere

Alvastia Chronicles is another Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) from Kemco. After encountering the man who killed their parents ten years prior, Elmia and her brother Alan set out to avenge their deaths as they fight to stem the tide of monsters flooding into the upper world, and restore peace to Alvastia. However, in their quest to amass an army of diverse companions with the same goal, will they really be able to gain the strength necessary to bring their parents' killer to justice, and save the world?

Alvastia Chronicles launched today on Xbox One January 18, priced at $14.99. The game features Xbox Play Anywhere support meaning that you only have to purchase the game once — either on Xbox One or Windows 10 — and you can play it on both devices. What's even better is that your progress and Xbox Achievements carry over.

Since the Xbox One launched in 2013, it hasn't recieved the JRPG support the Xbox 360 enjoyed. Even though Alvastia Chronicles isn't a major title, it's still a step in the right direction for the console. Hopefully when the Xbox One and Xbox One X's successor rolls out in 2020, it will feature much more support from Japanese developers.

Even though the JRPG genre isn't as popular on Xbox One as PlayStation 4, it's still a unique experience that any major console should offer. If a title gets great reviews, it'll do well no matter the genre. Experiences like Nioh are just one example of that.

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Asher Madan

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