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Here are the Killer Instinct Windows 10 system requirements

If you have a Windows 10 PC, you might be interested to see if it can play Microsoft's fighting game Killer Instinct, which is now available. Thankfully the system requirements aren't ridiculous meaning a good number of you should be able to enjoy the game at it's best.

Article updated for the game's release.

Minimum specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 PC 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750 @ 2.67 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz
  • RAM; 4GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or AMD Radeon HD 5880
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • HDD Space: 30GB for base game
  • OS: Windows 10 PC 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K @ 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-4300 @ 3.8 GHz
  • Memory; 8GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection

In addition to supporting cross-platform multiplayer with its Xbox One counterpart, people who have already purchased fighters and other content for the console version will be able to use that content in the Windows 10 version:

"In order to access your existing Killer Instinct content on Windows 10, Xbox One owners must receive the Season 3 game update, available starting March 29, 2016. Simply login to your Xbox One console and launch Killer Instinct. Ensure you're connected to Xbox Live and follow the prompts to receive the update. Once the update is complete, launch Killer Instinct fully. Once the update is complete and you have launched Killer Instinct again, you will be able to login into Windows 10 to access your owned and earned content."

Killer Instinct on Windows 10 supports keyboard input, Xbox One controllers, the Xbox 360 controller for Windows and Xbox 360 fight sticks.

Download Killer Instinct for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

  • I personally find it interesting to see what the system requirements are for games even though I have no interest in playing them. For this game, it's great that the requirements are so low, at least for the graphics card.
  • CPU wise is pretty low too, these CPUs can be had for under $100 for the recommended ones.
  • AMD CPUs are usually cheaper than Intel, so that doesn't surprise me. But the 4670k can be purchased for under $100? That's a great deal.
    EDIT: The 4670k doesn't have hyper threading
    :( .
  • Hahaha, didn't see it said 4670k. Yeah that one if you can find it is about $200. Weird to see the 4670k compared to the FX 4300.
  • Why would it? No core-i5 has it. It's 4 cores. Core i3 has 2 cores plus hyperthreading.
  • I didn't know that, actually. I assumed that the i5s would have it because my i3 has it and the i7s have it.
  • Yep i7s do :)
  • i3: 2 Cores + Hyperthreading i5: 4 Cores i7: 4 Cores + Hyperthreading Keep in mind this for Desktop CPUs only, the mobile processors are different.  
  • This wouldn't work on my i7 8gb SP3 would it? Due to the graphics limitiations, am I right?
  • It's tough to say. If it allows disabling features like a pc game should it could possibly. They really need demos for all games if they are going to be doing triple A titles. But usually a dedicated graphics card is needed. Surface book could do it.
  • umm you sir are very wrong not all i3 CPU's are dual core my ex girlfriends laptop was a quad-core i3@1.73GHz - 2.58GHz dynamic OC
  • @poopyfinger, is that so? :P.
  • i5 4670k = 230$  You can get a FX-6300 for 100$ and it provides 8 core's. I use it with a NVid gtx 960 and the game's detail gives me a stiffy.
  • Actually the 6300 is 6 cores.
  • Problem is that a lot of people on windows 10 have laptops/hybrids. So many will be using intel HD graphics. And these games should have options for lower quality settings that would allow it. On steam you can run a lot of games on lower hardware just by customizing all the different settings they offer. Here there's no settings really.
  • Lol played games like shift2, spore all just using an i7e mobile chip & 6gb no less
  •   why are they still playing with DX11 and sill it be cross play?  
  • Think they meant DX11 graphics cards. Not all graphics cards support DX12.
  • Well technically the xb1 was built for dx11 so it matches up fine
  • Insta-buy.
  • Can't wait! I hope achievements progress are cross-platform as well... but I guess they'll be shared between One and W10 though. =(
  • Project Spark had 2 achievement lists but PC ones could be unlocked via Xbox, it's more about if your progress is linked between them.
  • Spark was originally a Windows 8 app though, the shared lists didn't start until UWA and Windows 10.
  • Actually 8.1 title update brought alot
  • Shut up and take my money! (still play my SNES KI cart)
  • There are og KI ports in the Windows phone store. Search for them. They play great.
  • Ah, paradoxes of requirements. AMD is slower than i3, but it still requires i5 from Intel's side.
  • The requirements list AMD CPUs that are faster than the Core i5 CPUs.
  • Only to someone who doesn't understand CPUs. The FX-4300 is a pile of junk from AMD's bottom-end. Without going into detail, note that the Passmark score for the FX is 4643, while the score for the i5 is 7623.
  • AMD CPU and GPU model numbers have always confused me. That's why I run Intel.
  • Well take a gander at the AMD processor in the xbox one. Me thinks it was already well optimized for a low end AMD chip. 
  • So? That doesn't change that the Intel offering is leaps and bounds faster than the AMD one. The AMD optimizations can't make up ground like that, it's just not possible. I almost wonder if the game for that rating because the 4670K is kind of the "budget" CPU for solid gaming machines on the market right now, given it's 2 years old and AMD has no serious competitor. That, or KI is oddly threaded to hell (uncommon for games to do), and can't get by on 2 physical cores (what i3s carry).
  • Wouldn't touch their CPU$(apu) but im fine with their dedicated video hardware(even though they dont sell reference cards anymore) & proud that their video r&d is still done in TO
  • The i5 listed is a Lynnfield CPU. That architecture didn't even have an i3 released.  
  • That's on the minimum specs list.
  • Why is the recommended AMD CPU a low-end garbage, but the Intel one is a fairly high-end chip that would probably mop the floor with the FX one? The 4000 series from AMD (which designates level of performance) isn't the same as that for Intel (which designates generation). I guess it doesn't matter, because I can't play this on my 5850 anyway, and I've not found an excuse to upgrade yet.
  • Ya... that is rather strange.  You would think that an i3 or even a Pentium would do just fine with this game if a 4K series FX chip will do the job.  Maybe it is a thread requirement and it needs a true quad core? Most games can't use HT 'cores' so that could be the issue.
  • That's my thinking as well, but why they go to the Haswell offering as the minimum is still confusing. Sandy Bridge probably outruns that FX processor (and Passmark has it WAY above, for the record), and it's a 4-core CPU.
  • Could it have anything to do with the Xbox One being an AMD APU? and the game is heavilly optimized for AMD techniques?
  • It might explain why the AMD suggestion is so low, but the Intel solution is SO MUCH BETTER than the AMD one that it doesn't explain why it's needed. I honestly think that this game would run just fine on a Sandy Bridge CPU, it tests much better than the FX-4300.
  • I think it HAS to be quad-core, and we will see more games running better on multi core CPU (DX12) , so the Intel processors are perfect optimizing it clocks with speed, AMD is just brute force, so having an 4 or 8 cores low end CPU would be better than having a highly optimized Intel 2 core CPU, that ups the bar in PC gamming, i have 2 builds one with an i7 2600k and the other with a FX 8320 (OC to 4.1), both with the R9 280 OC edition by Gigabyte, and eaven the FX has a much lower score on benchmarks than the i7 in real life its the same if not more fluid with multitask the FX build.
  • That still wouldn't explain why Haswell is the required generation of CPU. i5s have been quad core for years.
  • Well not all i5 Haswell have been Quad core, the 4570TE and 4570T are dual, i think it would run also on any quad core haswell, but they play safe so there is no complain about performance, and the optimization for AMD is grater just because the XOne is an AMD machine, have you seen the system req for Quantum B. ??? its just insane, but i bet they are playing safe with every new games
  • Well didn't MS just acquire havok from intel
  • Lol another market share leader that MS turned their back on
  • It's most likely the integrated AMD's integrated graphics (Plus don't forget about HSA) runs rings around Intel's igp. Rarely people run an AMD APU + Nvidia GPU combo.
  • Awesome.
  • I just made the Gold tier 2 days ago. I love this game.
  • Is it just me? Or are they populating the Windows store with some decent software at a pretty good clip?  Still not going to help WP any time soon with the x86 requirements, but at least the PC store will not be a graveyard for much longer.
  • anybody know if this will work on a surfacebook?  since they only list the GPU as an NVIDIA GeForce GPU with 1GB GDDR5 memory it makes it kinda hard to figure out if it meets system requirements.
  • I haven't tried it on mine, but I'd say it almost certainly would, as the minimum requirements are very low and the Surface Book's nVidia GPU is the equivalent of a Geforce GTX 940.
  • go look at some dx11 bechmarks for your unit and the minimum. that should give you an idea,,,
  • How does the windows 10 Store decide on the requirements? Do they analyse your system or does it just suck if you didnt meet the minimum requirements? 
  • Game developers always know the system requirements. It's been a thing since forever. There's always a minimum tier and a recommended tier.
  • Yes but this was a logical barrier on the Package/Digital content page. The store has direct access to the System requirements. I would expect it to check for itself before I press "buy" if I can actually run that game 
  • It does not. You can try and download it on anything. A point we raised a while ago on the OneCast.
  • Sadly wei(winsat) is pretty much useless
  • Hey look, my 6 year old PC runs this! Just checked newegg on when I ordered W7. i7860/GTX 660Ti 3GB/240GB SSD. No need to upgrade yet! Edit: IDK how I commented on someone elses comment... Oh well.
  • Killer Instinct is a poor man's street fighter 5
  • thank u for your opinion.  please continue using windows pc and products to further microsofts domination in PC market. 
  • anyone know if my surface pro 4 can run this game? i have the midrange sp4 -- $1300.
  • Love the cross buy function between XBOX One and PC. I already had season 1 and 2 on my XBOX One and just bought season 3 and can use the content on my PC too
  • Do you mean Radeon HD 5850? I don't think the 5880 exists.
  • I find it weird that, although it requires an x64 processor and Windows 10 (not Mobile), there appears listed as both a PC and a Mobile version. The Mobile version even has screenshots! Is it due to incoming gaming tablets with screen sizes that use Windows 10 Mobile instead of PC? Or for an x64 based phone with a good enough GPU to play with the new Continuum with Xbox controllers?
  • Running smoothly with my fx6100 8gb ram and 1gb evga nvidia 650ti. The only problem I have is my gamepad, I have an old Xbox 360 controller and the left stick is thick and the cross pad doesn't help too much. I cannot get a new one as I live in Venezuela and is pretty hard to get this stuff. But anyway, game runs great.