Kingdom Hearts III runs at 60 FPS on Xbox One X (update)

Updated January 25, 2019: Kingdom Hearts III on Xbox One and Xbox One X features a toggle to choose between better visuals or better performance. While both consoles allow you to select either option, the difference will probably be greater on Xbox One X given its beefier hardware.

Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most anticipated titles coming out soon, possibly in Fall 2018, and gamers have been eagerly anticipating news about the project for months now. Recently, Square Enix invited select outlets to preview the game and the results are rather interesting. According to publications like Tom's Guide, the game runs at 60 FPS. Unfortunately, the only platform we got footage from was Xbox One X, so we can only confirm that for now.

Kingdom Hearts III runs at 60 FPS on Xbox One X, but it's unclear what the resolution is or if there are options like a 30 FPS or 60 FPS toggle. The frame rate on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro are also uncertain. Hopefully Square Enix will reveal more information soon. We've reached out to the publisher for comment and shall update you as soon as we know more.

Kingdom Hearts III is an action role-playing game that combines the universes of various Disney franchises and Final Fantasy. It sounds almost like it shouldn't work, but somehow, it just does, and the franchise has won itself millions of fans across the world. This is the latest entry in this long-running series which has been mostly exclusive to Nintendo and PlayStation systems up until now.

Hopefully Kingdom Hearts III will be a polished experience when it launches on consoles soon. The game hasn't been announced on PC but that might change in the future.

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