KLIM Fusion review: Quality in-ear gaming headphones for $20

KLIM fusion

A good gaming headset that travels easily would be the perfect companion to a gaming laptop. The laptop's already big enough, you don't need a giant headset to cram into a bag too.

The KLIM Fusion in-ear headset can pull double duty — it's great for gaming, but you can also use it for everyday use. The design isn't ridiculous, they work with both PCs and phones, they're solidly build, and best of all the headset only costs $20!

What you'll like about the KLIM Fusion

KLIM Fusion

KLIM is a new brand on the block, but don't let their freshness concern you. The company has a commitment to design and quality, and even though gaming is the focus, it doesn't become the dictator. The Fusion is a fine example.

This is a set of in-ear headphones designed to be used as a gaming headset, but that is also something you'd happily take out with you every day to listen to your favorite music. The earbuds have a metal construction and are magnetic so you can keep them safe around your neck when you're not listening.

The buds are memory foam and you get a little bag full of them in different sizes to get a perfect fit. And while you don't get any form of active noise cancellation (you're only paying $20 after all), the earbuds do a great job at isolating the outside world a little. I spent several hours using the Fusion on a train and the background noise was little more than a mild hum.

And memory foam means one thing in particular: Supreme comfort. You can wear the Fusion for hour after hour and never feel in discomfort.

The sound quality is overall, excellent, certainly better than the price tag might lead you to believe. There's plenty of detail and range, and overall the Fusion is just a well-rounded, high quality set of very affordable in-ear headphones.

The microphone is built into the in-line remote so it's OK for on-the-go party chat, but certainly not for anything more serious like content creation. The remote is also geared to mobile users with volume and call answering buttons.

There's also a five-year warranty, such is KLIM's commitment to the quality of its products.

What you'll dislike about the KLIM Fusion

The cable is probably the biggest point of criticism for the Fusion. In order to use it for gaming you need some length, but this then becomes a problem if you're using the headphones to listen to music on your phone: When the phone is in your pocket there's way too much excess just dangling there.

I'd have liked to see the main cable be shorter and the microphone/headset splitter for PC gaming be where the added length came from.

That cable is also really easy to get tangled, especially since the only case included is just a little bag — so you'll just be stuffing the Fusion inside when you're done. Hello, tangled mess. Perhaps not the end of the world, but there are alternatives out there at a similar price that manage to have a tangle-free cable.

You'll also be displeased if you're not a fan of heavy bass. This is probably a byproduct of being sold as a gaming headset. For gaming, it's very good, you can really hear explosions and feel the rumbles through your head, but for music, you might not be so happy. I don't listen to bass-heavy music and it's a little offputting, but that will also come down to personal taste.

Should you buy the KLIM fusion?

KLIM Fusion

All too often gaming-focused products get carried away with wild designs and offer no compromise for someone who wants an all-purpose product. Thankfully, that isn't the case with the KLIM Fusion.

Not only is this an excellent choice for affordable-headphones, gaming isn't forced upon you. You're given the extra cable in the box to make it a highly portable PC gaming headset, and aside from being a tad heavy on the bass, it's essentially just a good pair of in-ear headphones.

The build quality and design is excellent and being backed up by a five-year warranty, you have piece of mind. Spending a little can get you a lot of product, and you should definitely give the KLIM Fusion a shot.

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