The latest Ask Mojang episode is here, and it answers more questions about Minecraft

Minecraft village and player house
Minecraft village and player house (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • To help connect with fans even during quarantine, Mojang has moved their "Ask Mojang" series to home.
  • The second episode is here, but it's a little on the short side.
  • We don't get any new information about Minecraft, but we do learn even more about the team as a whole.
  • It's worth a quick watch if you have a few spare minutes in your day.

While many people are stuck indoors with little to do, Mojang's talented team are still hard at work on Minecraft, Dungeons, and Earth. They're also still doing their "Ask Mojang" episodes on YouTube, where they answer questions from fans and community members about Minecraft and Mojang.

This episode is a lot shorter than the last one, and doesn't include as much useful information, but it's still a little fun for fans of Minecraft.

In the episode, the two team members participating mention how endermen would likely only be allergic to water if they existed in real life, how Mojang team members seem to love M&M's, and what team members have been doing at home (playing video games, if you can imagine). Two things stuck out to me as being interesting, that being what features the team members felt was the most important for Minecraft's community, and where Mojang's office in Seattle is located.

One team member, Yesenia, mentioned bees as having an explosive response from the Minecraft community. With fanart, memes, comments, and people creating whole new realms and maps just to experience bees, a relatively minor update seemed to have a sizeable impact. The other team member, Marc, mentioned pistons instead. Redstone engineers in Minecraft have accomplished miracles with pistons, evolving far beyond what the original plan was for them.

Finally, Yesenia revealed that the Seattle Mojang office is only a few floors above...343 Industries, the very company behind Halo! She went on to admit that she does get to see some very cool Halo stuff during her commute, which sounds awesome. I'm not interested in that though. Can she just tell me more about Halo Infinte, please?



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