Latest Xbox One update removes Mixer from console

Mixer Logo
Mixer Logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new Xbox One update hit the console this weekend.
  • It appears to revamp some icons and removes Mixer.
  • It also makes the Events app a permanent addition to the console.
  • You can download it right now by going to Settings.

Over the weekend, another update hit Xbox One and it removes Mixer integration, changes some icons, and makes the Events app — that's still in beta — a permanent part of the console. The download went by pretty quickly, but I'd recommend restarting the console after you've installed the update because when you boot it up the first time, your "My games & apps" take a while to load or don't show up. Leaving it alone, on, for 15 minutes after the update is a good idea.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it was shutting down Mixer, it's livestreaming platform, in favor of a partnership with Facebook Gaming. This news came as a shock to many, but the service failed to gain traction in the space dominated by Twitch.

Did you use Mixer? Or did you prefer Twitch? Let us know. Keep in mind that this Xbox One update is available to all console owners now, not just those in the Xbox Insider program.



Asher Madan

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