Leaked Microsoft keyboard includes a button for Emojis

Surface Keyboard
Surface Keyboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A leaked image shows off a potential Microsoft keyboard.
  • The keyboard features a button that likely brings up the Emoji panel.
  • The leak also shows a separate number pad.

A leaked image shows off a Microsoft keyboard with a button to bring up the Emoji panel. The image emerged online thanks to well-known leaker WalkingCat. The keyboard looks a lot like Microsoft's Surface Keyboard, except that it has a detached number pad. WalkingCat shared a second image of a separate number pad.

Keen-eyed Twitter user Tero Alhonen spotted a unique key just next to the keyboard's arrow keys. The key has an icon featuring a heart on a square, which is the same logo that appears on Windows 10X's keyboard. On Windows 10X, that icon brings up the Emoji panel, which allows you to easily input Emoji and Kaomoji.

That button seems to be on its way to Windows 10, or Microsoft at least seems to be considering adding it. The button appeared on the latest Insider preview build of Windows 10 and appears on the leaked keyboard shared by WalkingCat.

Microsoft already makes a keyboard with an Emoji button but that button opens up the Windows 10 Emoji picker.

The keyboard shown in the leaked image also appears to have the option to toggle between three connected devices by pressing the F1 key.

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  • Hmm, I'm all for quick keyboard replacements, but I'd rather have the menu key, which it looks like this replaced. I use the menu key all the time to fix typos -- just hit it on any red-underlined word and then select the correct spelling. Much faster than reaching for the mouse, moving the cursor over the word, and right-clicking. The keyboard work-around is Shift-F10 (needed on some laptops w/o a menu key), but that's a pain compared to just hitting the menu key, right there on the bottom row.
  • You don't need one now you have emoji! you can just contiunued on and oops my bad 😛😇😕 at the end and everyone forgives you. Because all doesn't love emoji in your business mails. 🤗
  • When will MS stop putting in useless emoji and Office keys and bring back the context menu key? I thought Microsoft was all about productivity, so it's odd to see them replace productive keys with meaningless ones.
  • Yeah, not sure emojis are meaningless, as much as you may not like them, I think they serve a purpose 😊
  • This is one keyboard with this feature. I assume (which means hope) that other keyboards will still feature useful keys for productive work.
  • They REALLY need it to be backlit!!!!!!
  • The new Ergonomic has that emoji key too its aight
  • My current Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard already has an emoji key and I use it regularly for social media. At first I thought I would never use it, then I tried it and damn it is pretty useful.
  • My MS Bluetooth keyboard has a key for emoji's already and an office button. So, I don't see how that is news, however, what I'm more interested in is the Bluetooth button with 1,2 and 3 next to it. Just like my precision mouse! It would be great to be able to switch both my keyboard AND mouse between pc's! It would be even better if by only switching either the mouse OR the keyboard, the other device would switch too. The best scenario would be one where when I use the Smart Switch functionality with the mouse, the keyboard would automatically 'follow' the mouse and switch too!!!
  • Microphone mute/unmute is what they should be adding. A way to hotwire it to the CAPS LOCK most of us don't use would be great, too.
  • What was wrong with Win+.? Anyway glad to see a calculator button. There really should be a dedicated hotkey combination to launch a calculator.
  • Needs to be at least a fourfold increase in the emoji panel to warrant a dedicated key, just saying.