Lenovo says LaVie Z 360 is not flawed; they just made a mistake describing its features

Lenovo is now sending out statements to media outlets clarifying the situation on its recently launched LaVie Z 360 convertible Windows 8.1 notebook. In short, the PC makers says that the laptop is shipping without any flaws, despite what an email that was sent to buyers of the notebook originally claimed.

That letter, sent by the company's Web Sales Manager and first revealed by Consumer Reports, stated that "in our haste to bring the product to market, we have made a couple missteps along the way." Specifically, the letter said that the notebook, with its display that can move 360 degrees, would not work properly in tent or stand modes. However, in a statement sent to Windows Central by a company spokesperson, it appears that letter offered incorrect information on the features of the LaVie Z 360. It stated:

"Recently when the product went on sale on Lenovo had the wrong product info on the website regarding LaVie being capable of four use modes. To be clear, LaVie works in laptop mode and in tablet mode with full screen rotation. It was never designed to work in tent or stand mode's. These were specific design decisions.""With the best intentions in an effort clear up any confusion Lenovo sent a letter to those who had ordered the product during the period when this information was on the website. However the letter wasn't very clear on explaining the situation."

So in other words, buyers of the Lenovo LaVie Z 360 should not try to use the laptop in tent or stand modes because it was never made to work in those modes in the first place. Lenovo's spokesperson also told us that while orders are being taken for the notebook on their website store, no units have actually shipped yet. Finally, any buyers of the notebook can return it for a full refund up to 30 days after they receive it, as part of the company's standard return policy.

Lenovo's statement to the original Consumer Reports story author ends with, "We are re-examining our processes to make sure that this doesn't happen again. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for this inconvenience."

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  • The mistake has been resolved! That's it. Even big companies can commit mistakes!
  • What mistake? It's all marketing's fault! Or was that service? Couldn't be the hardware.
  • Whatever it is, it was a false information!!! About using this laptop at 360 degrees, when you can't use it any other way than a laptop then this 360 feature shouldn't be mentioned! But it's good that company fixed it's mistake!
  • Must.use.exclamation.marks!!!
  • You can use it as a tablet as well so the 360 degrees part is accurate. There were quite a few comments in the previous article about this issue saying there was no need for tent mode and it sounds like Lenovo had already decided that was the case. Since they do give 30 dats to return it then nobody is being coerced to keep a machine that does not meet expectations.
  • I have a Yoga 2 13 and I can assure you that all modes are useful. Presentation mode is great for gathering round at work, and best for a soft surface like the hotel bed (you can even lock rotation in presentation mode unlike tent/laptop mode, so great for lying down). Tent is excellent as it has a tiny footprint. It allows me to stand my Yoga just behind the keyboard of my works desktop PC and I use it loads. Laptop and tablet modes are obviously useful. I don't understand why so many people can't see how useful all these modes are.
  • Not Apple! It is always the consumers fault. "Your not holding the phone right" and "The watch is not on your wrist right."
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  • Good god, how did I know someone would find a way to introduce Apple into the conversation. 
  • http://youtu.be/vJXU7EVXs2A
  • It's not a defect, it's a (non)feature.
  • I'm not convinced. The telling factor is how it works in tablet mode. Does it rotate properly in tablet mode, allowing portrait etc.? If yes, I'll believe it was a marketing gaff. If not, then I don't believe you, Lenovo lawyers.
  • LOL
  • Working as Designed.  Designed with flaws.
  • Hahaha... not sure how I feel about lenovo anymore
  • I definitely feels ist a no go. The last IBM spirit has vaporized. Now the only problem is to find another laptop with a trackpoint. There aren't many out there any more. Except for Lenovo's...
  • People still use those?  I've had one on my work computer (a dell) for years and have never used it.  It is less precise than a mouse and more inconvenient than the trackpad (in my opinion).
  • Well I'm in the other ditch. They are much more precise than a pad and a full mouse is cumbersome. You should disable your pad and mouse for 14 days, and you'll never go back ;) People never seem to give the point a chance. Much like WP. I gave it a chance, and even though I'm a 100% righty I can wield the point with my left hand at about 90% the same rate as the right.
  • Bull.Shit.
  • Right? This shameless backpeddling is giving me second hand emabarrassment for them
  • They have a bridge to sell me too, right?
  • Total lies!
  • Wow, that sounds like bs.
  • Well, that's just hilarious.. if it's not a flaw/mistake, why did they bother with a 360-degree hinge, when you can't use it in any other way than as a laptop?  
  • It's Lenovo!!! They demoted this laptop before they could promote it! Lol....
  • It works in tablet mode.
  • So it actually disables the keyboard when flipped *all* the way back? I suppose that's one use for it, although limited. You'd think if they were smart about it, the keyboard would be disabled as soon as it's beyond 180-degrees.
  • Pull the other one, Lenovo.
  • Lol the PR....
  • I think Lenovo should probably stop having ideas.
  • HingeFish?
  • Sounds like the lawyers woke up.
  • A few comments here show that people didn't read carefully. It works in laptop and tablet mode. Just not in tent our stand mode. In other words, you can use it when folded flat. You cannot use it when in an in-between state. And at least they apologised and said you can get a full refund within 30 days.
  • Surely "tablet mode" would essentially mean "just like a tablet" I.e. Auto rotate, otherwise its just "screen only" mode
  • This is tarnishing Lenovo's reputation. I don't see why this deal with Lavie happened in the first place.
  • Seems like a missed opportunity. I mean you can get £30 phones and £40 tablets that have auto rotate. Must cost pennies for the relevant sensor and I'm sure the software must be built into windows, right?
  • Quiz up beta is available for download
  • What a joke.
  • Considering that every single transforming laptop has those two modes, I have to wonder why they were left out. Especially consdering their Yoga was the first model to use the idea! It honestly seems like releasing a keyboard with absolutely no Function buttons. Or a Surface Pro that can't use a pen. Or a smarphone with no accelerometer. It's a subtle thing that some users won't notice, but it's a pretty big omission.
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  • Complete horse shit
  • It shows again that it is a matter of taste and definition to say what is a flaw and what a feature.
  • Reactionary response to their own blunder. They effed up. Their update doesn't respond to the keyboard button press claim; in what range of rotation does the keyboard respond to being pressed?
  • Oh, and C'este la vie.
  • Lenovo is having rather odd times these days, PR-wise.
  • You're folding it wrong!
  • Ha!!
  • Why is it called 360? Does not supposed to work in any orientation? Realising this statement Levono is making themselves look like bunch of idiots who does not know how to win customer's confidence. I was ready to buy faulty 360 knowing that it might be fixed later on, but now if this is intentional than I don't think so. XPS here I come...
  • Lying to cover their butts and avoid a class action lawsuit.
  • Well the engineers can't fix it, lets find someone else to blame. Oh look the marketing guys.
  • Lies
  • So...it is a convertible without the ability to convert. Ain't that some shit...
  • Remember when Nokia gave it's customers $100 AND fixed the issue with their faulty phone? Remember Lenovo?
    Week, tells you who to trust, doesn't it.
  • Stahp. You're just making it worse...
  • WORST LIE EVER!     (of course I am exagerating for effect)
  • So what shall we call our laptop/tablet? I know how about LAVIE Z 360!? You mean like 360 degrees right? Yes of course. Ok so let's market it as such. Ok so we started shipping them out but I think we forgot something important I'm not sure what though.... Hey guys, I just tested it out and it doesn't work in Stand mode or Tent mode is that normal? ... FUUUUUUUUU  
  • Lol
  • Explanation doesn't really make sense. Sounds like a legal cover to me...I guess I could see NOT adding the feature if the screen was weak and they didn't want to encourage tent mode, but what about tablet mode? Why have a tablet mode where the screen can't flip 180 degrees? That makes no sense. And stand mode? Why would that be a problem under any circumstances. I have been a Lenovo fan for years, just got a new one, but it sounds like they are playing dirty, and they won't get my business any more...
  • There we have it...they explained away their design flaw and blamed the marketing department...
  • To top it off they're very expensive. The 360 model starts at $1,700! If Lenovo keeps this up they won't be the world's #1 PC maker for much longer.
  • It seems some people are just here to bash Lenovo without reading the article. It clearly says that it works in laptop as well as tablet modes. Just that the hinges are not made to respond until screen is completely folded, which means accelerometer won't turn on in tent or stand modes. Maybe an engineering haste as their priority was to keep it super light.
  • Having worked in the industry for a few years, this sounds like business as usual. Someone goofed up somewhere in the process, and customers will see a BS excuse trying to justify a problem. =)
  • Yup. Heads will roll.
  • ...okay, it seems that Lenovo is out on my choice now. Hello, Spectre x360... :)
  • Good thing that dell and hp is stepping up their game with recent releases.
  • It's Lenovo, they had problems, when they bought it out from IBM.
    Fixed some problems. Got back on the ball, now there falling apart again.
    One more thing.,,,,"they are Chinese based"..... Evil hackers, every Lenovo, is being compromised. The Chinese government, owns the company secretly....lol rotfl