Lexis Audio Editor brings easy audio editing to Windows 10

Lexis Audio Editor allows you to put together tracks of audio, create recordings directly within the app, and add effects to your music or other recordings.

While there are a number of audio editors out there, many of them will be overkill for the average user. Lexis Audio Editor has a good set of features for an affordable price that will meet the needs of people looking to do basic edits.

The app is available for $6.99 on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. There is a free version of the app available but it restricts what formats you can export audio in. (Lexis Audio Editor is also availalbe on iOS and Android, if you use an Apple device.)

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Simple design

Lexis Audio Editor is rather stragithforward. You can import audio files or record files directly within the app. You can then add effects, trim the audio track, and do other basic edits. This design makes it easy to jump right in without having to spend much time learning the interface. It's a great app for anyone who needs to do basic edits such as equalizing sound and fading sound in and out.

It was fun to play around with effects like reversing audio and editing the pitch of a track but the more functional tools were also impressive. A great feature is that you can speed up or slow down a track without affecting the pitch by altering the tempo. You can speed up one of your favorite songs or slow a song down to make it easier to play along with on an instrument.

You can also use the app to record audio directly including recording audio directly into a segment of the recording.

Limited power

One of the main differences between Lexis Audio Editor and more powerful apps is that it only has a single track that you can edit. This means you can't make a multi-layered track with sound effects, multiple audio tracks, and music. That's dissappointing becasue it prevents you from creating more sophistocated and nuanced tracks.

In addition to having only one layer to edit, Lexis Audio Editor is also limted when it comes to other edits. You can't snap items together on a timeline or use keyboard shortcuts to jump around within the app. You also are limited to the twelve effects that are built into the app.

Despite its limitations, Lexis Audio Editor does basic editing very well. Effects are easy to figure out and sound great when applied to audio.

Overall thoughts

Lexis Audio Editor brings simple audio editing to the Microsoft Store. You can easily clip together pieces of audio, add effects, and export tracks in different formats. It lacks the power of something like Adobe Audition, but for only $6.99 you get a good set of features.

If you're a professional who needs to replace their current audio editor, I'd look elsewhere. But if you need to clip together songs and recordings and add simple effects, Lexis Audio Editor fits the bill.


  • Simple interface
  • Low price
  • Supports many effects


  • Limited power

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Sean Endicott
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