LG teases 2018 HDR monitor lineup ahead of CES

As we approach the new year, tech companies are starting to break cover with their impending hardware refreshes. LG is the latest to join the party with a look an early look at its monitor lineup for 2018.

At the forefront is the 32UK950, a 32-inch 4K monitor using LG's nano IPS tech, which it says enhances color accuracy. In addition to displaying 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color spectrum, LG says that the 32UK950 will support HDR at a brightness of 600 candela. Other perks include Thunderbolt 3 with support for daisy chaining 4K displays, as well as a nearly borderless display design.

LG UltraWide

In terms of ultrawides, LG is planning to launch the 34WK95U, a 34-inch 21:9 display running at a 5K resolution. Like the 32UK950, LG says that the 34WK95U packs its nano IPS tech, Thunderbolt 3, and HDR support at the same brightness.

Other than the above specs, LG is pretty light on details. We're expecting to see more of these new displays when CES 2018 kicks off in January, where LG says it will also be showing off a new 34-inch QHD gaming monitor with G-Sync. Presumably, we'll also hear more about pricing and availability at CES as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Just seen one of their OLED 4k tvs at target yesterday. My god its so pretty....
  • My bro has their 4k 65" flagship one with hdr and dolby vision. It's INSANE.
  • Wonder if 3D is still dead or they'll be bringing it back?
  • The 3D on their C6/E6 OLEDs is unparalleled. The depth and contrast with 4k upscaling of passive image is far more impressive than HDR. Just thought I put it out there fyi.
  • Would be nice if LG could get the V30 to work in HDR with Netflix like its supposed to.
  • LG has an abysmal reputation for quality and longevity.  Beautiful out of the box but where will you be in 6 months with dead pixels, burn in and support from overseas call centers that cant follow basic two syllable max English.  Parts likely non-existent and claims denied for any trivial matter they can dream up.  Would love to buy a few of these, but as a democrat I trust Trump more than LG, and Trump is a lying two faced dog.  LG makes flashy products of dubious reliablity, permenance and support.  Companies can make great products but without the infrastructure to support customers, supply parts and fix defects without spending days on the phone means #noLG4me 
  • Their support is really good, last year I contacted them when I had an issue with one of their drivers corrupting when downloading from their site. They basically called me the same day to talk about the issue and in the end fixed the download. I'm not defending LG but their support is for the world not just English speaking countries so get use to it or go climb back into your little bunker.
  • Apparantly you haven't delt with Samsung support? You need to lower your expectations. I've had such bad support from Samsung, anything LG provides (even if nothing) will exceed it.
  • Vesa DisplayHDR 600 displays aren't really HDR, you need 1000 certified displays to actually get HDR. Only OLED or top of the line LCD displays can do that.
  • I bet it has a top of the line price....
  • I hope so, these are being advertised as flagship products.
  • Hoping Asus gets hdr qled panel with gsync together next year that's what I'm waiting for.
  • Still waiting on LG to release a bloody OLED monitor... I can't stand to look at LCD displays anymore and my PC monitor is the only one left.