LG's new 5K display would look great with your Windows PC

Windows fans won't have found much of interest in Apple's "Hello Again" MacBook Pro event, but there was something very awesome announced. Instead of making its own display, Apple paired up with LG to create the new Ultrafine 5K, and it's not just going to be a great display for Mac users.

It's a 27-inch display with a whopping 5120 x 2880 resolution and the P3 color gamut. It also connects over Thunderbolt 3, which means should you have a compatible Windows PC, you too can revel in its high pixel count glory.

Large, top quality, high resolution displays aren't cheap, and the LG Ultrafine 5K is no exception. It'll run you for $1300 when it goes on sale in December. For that you also get a built-in webcam, speakers and three USB-C ports. And if you're using it with a portable such as the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, it'll also charge the device as well. Not too shabby.

For the full rundown on this glorious display, our buddies over at iMore have everything you need to know!

LG UltraFine 5K Display FAQ: Everything you need to know!

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  • Why build a display when it will be use mostly by Windows Costomer? I don't see apple benefiting from this unless they own LG, so what's the catch here.
  • Apple customers get a 5K display, LG does all the donkey work. It's a win all round for them. It'll be sold through the Apple Store.
  • Sold through Apple stores at twice the price.
  • The price is the price.
  • Actually, there are a couple other 5k monitors out right now from HP and Dell.  And they both cost more than this one.
  • It takes COURAGE... :/
  • What have they removed?
  • They no longer allow wires to touch the monitor.
  • The display used to have a headphone jack for convenience but they removed it to be inline with Apples demands
  • Nice to know! Now I only need the money to buy this ☺
  • Good lord. 1200 for less than 30 inches? I think 60" and 4k on a full on TV is enough for the same price or less. At what point is the human eye going to stop being able to tell the difference between resolutions?
  • Just what i was thinking
  • Not about resolution its about color accuracy, input lag, and how much room you have to work with. This isn't aimed at the average consumer.
  • It's about the audience that you're doing work for. 99% of your customers you're doing work for won't have a P3 calibrated display. Therefore a much larger 4k workspace makes better sense. I edit movies based on my intended audience and their most likely display scenarios even large theaters which are notoriously bad.
  • I think I heard that once you get into 4K, anything more becomes pretty much indistinguishable to the human eye. Don't know how true, but I doubt it makes a massive difference over a 4K screen.
  • And then you have people like me who can't tell much difference between some FHD screens and up.
  • It already has for most. Not to mention there's sod-all content at 5k. It's all marketing a la Apple.
  • A Gpu killer
  • I still have a 1280 x 1024 monitor at work, and I like the 4:3 aspect Ratio, I hope monitor OEMs can make 5K displays but with squared monitors, its much better for programmers that have to review long programs that have hundreds of lines and you need to scroll down a lot to understand identation, its much easier on squared monitors
  • Maybe they can incorporate a zoom function like TVs have that change to the square or widescreen functions. I apologize if monitors already started including these in the settings, I usually use a budget monitior.
  • Surface Studio agrees.
  • I suggest getting a monitor with a Pivot, Tilt and Swivel stand.  You will never go back!
  • Most decent monitors can be tilted into portrait mode.
      Also, programs should be made in small reusable chunks so you don't have to scroll so much.
    If a method doesn't fit on one screen, more often then not you are doing way to much in it.
  • I have my 12 year old Samsung crt monitor which is still going fine.
  • You mean you dont have to give it that ' calibration slap' on the top or side sometimes until it warms up?
  • LG is crap anyway. For those out there, LG does not stand for Life is Good. It stands for Lucky-Goldstar. And if anyone out there is old enough to have had Goldstar audio equipment. First, I am sorry, and second, you will know that it was total crap.
  • My LG monitor looks great. It's the best display I've owned.
  • Our LG washer and dryer is still going strong.
  • My LG microwave actually died about 8 months after purchase, but they did have an in home repair company come out and fix it. The phone call for support was kind of on the long side, but thats the only complaint.   Every company seems to have good and bad products.
  • touchscreen is a must, even on large displays like these
  • I would agree, but I havent used any desktops yet with touchscreens, so I am not there yet. However, I can't use a laptop anymore without trying to tap the screen even though I know it isn't touch compatible.
  • Touchscreen is nice.  But the only large touchscreens i see on Newegg is a 27" 2K model for $800 and a 84" 4K model for $10,000.  Not a whole lot of options out there.
  • Why is the water different colors
  • Probably evaporative chemical extraction. You get shallow lakes of chemical laden water and as it evaporates the colors come out. Salt lakes get that reddish color depending on what else is contained in the water. That's my guess. 
  • Hmmm, so this is $1300 without pen or touch input and without the hinge for said usage. I'm starting to see why the Surface Studio is that expensive.
  • You have broken the code. I'm surprised at the comments about price. Go price a 28" active touch screen, if you can find one, and then add a high end PC to it. You don't even have to make it elegant to justify 3 grand.
  • 5K on 27" is a total waste of money, selling points must be something else
  • Here's something that might be of interest too.  Microsoft's new Surface Studio is actually a traditional PC/Monitor combination product.  The monitor (and tilting stand) could theoretically be unbundled and sold as a separate SKU. I'd buy one.  Maybe even two.
  • I hope LG makes a version for other pcs.
  • Isn't a monitor a monitor? Meaning that it can work with anything that has the same port connections.
  • No, there do need to be drivers to take full advantage of any monitor. On Windows, in many cases, the drivers are already on your PC as MS works with manufacturers to get them in there. Often hooking up a monitor will retreive updated drivers over the internet in a Windows update fashion. In some cases you still get a DVD with a high end monitor that adds features not in the basic drivers. The wife has some 29" Dell monitors with management software that lets her partition them into four virtual monitors in the four quadrants.
  • Good luck controlling settings on this unless LG specifically makes Windows drivers. Anandtech reported there are no controls on the monitor itself for adjusting settings). All that is being handled by MacOS