Remnant: From the Ashes weapons list — All the guns and gear

In Remnant: From the Ashes, your weapons are your life. You can upgrade your Traits to take more hits and spring harder all you want but if you're not dealing out damage, you won't make progress. Fortunately, we've got the the full list of every weapon in Remnant: From the Ashes right here. Hanguns, Long Guns and melee weapons, they're all here. Please note that due to some of these weapons requiring you to beat different bosses, there will be very mild spoilers in this article.

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Repeater Pistol

One of the more basic weapons in the game, don't let its simple nature fool you. Paired with the Hot Shot mod, this is a great gun for dealing rapid damage early on. You'll acquire it during the tutorial after choosing your archetype.

Magnum Revolver

What this gun lacks in its rate of fire, it makes up in per-shot power. You can grab the Magnum Revolver by giving Ace the Strange Coin.


While it is a six-shooter, the Defiler comes with the Radioactive Volley mod equipped and it can't be removed or replaced. Radioactive Volley lets you unleash powerful shots that bounce around, dealing some extra damage in multiple directions. Craft it with one Thermal Geode and one Lumenite Crystal.

Hunting Pistol

This gun is perfect for landing headshots when your rifle runs out, dealing very high damage. Be warned though - you need to land headshots, since it only holds one shot at a time. So don't miss. Found within a sewer dungeon at the Hidden Grotto. You'll know its the right one if you grab a key from a survivor near the entrance.

Submachine Gun

The Submachine Gun is exactly what it sounds like: a rapid-fire backup useful when you don't need to be accurate, you just need a lot of bullets flying. You can pick it up in the basement of Ward 13.

Hive Cannon

One of the more unique guns, the Hive Cannon fires a shot that does a small amount of damage upon contact with its target, then spawns a swarm of dangerous insects. Craft it with a Hivestone and seven Lumenite Crystals.


The Spitfire comes with the Flame Thrower mod installed, which allows you to use what is....well, essentially a mini-flamethrower, perfect for a follow-up attack after expending your magazine. While it can't be removed, there is a slot for another mod. Forge this fire-breathing gun with a Blazing Heart and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Curse of the Jungle God

With a name like that, you know this has to be something special. The Curse of the Jungle God fires a projectile that upon impact, summons a powerful tentacle to deal with your foes. Craft it with a Tentacle Pod and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Long Guns

Hunting Rifle

One of the workhouse weapons in the game, the Hunting Rifle is a solid, all-around useful choice for dealing with a variety of enemies. You'll get it for free by choosing the Hunter Archtype in the Tutorial, or you can purchase it for 600 scrap from Rigs.

Coach Gun

This stacked double-barrel shotgun is a great way to blast away any Root that want to get too close for comfort. While you need to reload after every two shots, there's a lot of stopping power here. Acquire this boomstick by choosing the Ex-Cultist Archtype in the Tutorial, or purchase it for 600 scrap from Rigs.


A balance between firepower and having multiple shots, the shotgun has a fierce kick and does fierce damage in turn. Grab it by choosing the Scrapper Archtype or buy it from Rigs for 600 scrap.

Assault Rifle

This is exactly what it sounds like, a solid automatic rifle to gun down the Root quickly. You can find it in the Sorrow's Field Dungeon, where you'll find the Monkey Key. You'll need that key in order to open the door and grab the Assault Rifle.

Beam Rifle

A more high-tech gun than the other Long Guns seen so far, steady damage is the key here, as you unleash a steady energy beam that'll melt your foes. The Beam Rifle can be found in an area called The Lost Gantry.


While the Devastator hits hard, the real trick is that it is equipped with the Skewer mod, letting you fire a massive spike that causes bleeding damage, which makes this gun perfect for bringing down tougher foes or carving out chunks of health from bosses. You can craft the Devastator with an Unclean Heart and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is excellent if you want to deal a ton of damage from the comfort of the next building over. Equipped with a scope for landing accurate hits, you need to make sure your shots count: it only holds one bullet at a time and is borderline worthless up close. Find it on Earth in the basement of the Church where you encounter the Root Mother. It'll be hidden behind some pallets.


Equipped with the Spore Shot mod (which can't be removed) this gun fires a poisonous projectile that dishes out rot damage with a lingering deadly cloud. Craft the Sporebloom with a Spore Gland and seven Lumenite Crystals.


The Crossbow is pretty much what it sounds like, though it can be equipped with a weapon mod. You deal extremely high damage per shot but make sure you don't miss. Acquire it by giving the Guardian's Heart to the Iskal Queen.


This scoped rifle is useful at a distance but the real benefit is the Undying mode that comes installed on it. When this mod charges, if you die, you'll be revived with 33% of your health, taking 25% less damage for about ten seconds. Craft it using The Undying Heart and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm comes with a Static Field Shot mod installed, so you can Overload your different foes, causing massive explosions that can take out other enemies. Can be crafted with a Totem Antler and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Particle Accelerator

With Gravity Core mod installed, this is essentially a Black Hole gun. Fire once and watch your foes crushed into the void. This gun is perfect if you need some breathing space and need your enemies pulled back for a moment. It's also got a 4x scope. Defy gravity and create this weapon with a Void Sliver and seven Lumenite Crystals.


Here's one of the more interesting weapons, though also one that requires more care to use. The Repulsor has the Banish mod, which fittingly enough allows you to banish an enemy for a short time. When they return, the gun's regular fire does 50% more damage to them for ten seconds. Craft it with the Dreamer's Mana and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Chicago Typewriter

You already know what it is. Hold the down the trigger (or mouse button) and fire away, unleashing a volley of bullets. You can find this on Earth after saving two NPCs. From there, just look for a locked door.

Ricochet Rifle

A solid rifle that only holds one shot but does extremely high damage. Unfortunately, getting it can be a pain. You'll need to go to the Forgotten Undercroft on Yaesha. When you get near it, a foe named the Blink Thief arrives. You'll need to chase him down. If you can beat him, you'll get the Ricochet Rifle.



Melee Weapons

Scrap Sword

A basic sword made of scrap. You can get it through choosing the Hunter Archtype, or buy it from Rigs for 450 scrap.

Scrap Hammer

A hammer, perfect for whacking things with. Acquired by choosing the Scrapper Archtype or buying it from Rigs for 450 scrap.

Scrap Hatchet

This improvised hacking tool is given for free if you choose the Ex-Cultist Archtype. Or, you can buy it from Rigs for 450 scrap.

Blade of Adventure

This sword is the melee weapon you start the game with. Unfortunately, it will break and you can't get it back. Sorry.

Petrified Maul

This heavy maul hits hard and has a bonus effect called Heavy Impact, allowing it a 35% chance to deal massive (100%) stagger damage, perfect for stunning enemies. Forge the Petrified Maul with a Twisted Heart, seven Lumenite Crystals and 650 scrap.

Wastelander Flail

Capable of slow-to-charge but powerful strikes, getting this flail will be difficult, as it's acquired from a random event on Rhom. You'll know it's the right random event if you are losing health every second. Simply get out and survive the dungeon and you'll be rewarded with the flail.


The Root will fear the Reaper when you equip the Scythe. With extremely quick, wide-hitting blows, the Scythe is great for faster builds. Purchase it from the Iskal Queen in Corsus for 750 scrap.

World Breaker

More than just a powerful hammer living up to its name, the World Breaker has a bonus effect called Force Burst, which means that charge attacks can release a small explosion, throwing enemies back. You can craft it with a Stone of the Guardian, seven Lumenite Crystals and 650 scrap.


At first glance this is just a simple weapon, not really doing noteworthy damage - until you realize it has a bonus effect called Life Leech. This bonus allows the user to simply regain health as they deal damage to their enemies. Do note that in order to get it, you'll have to give the Guardian's Heart to the Undying King. So you'll be giving up the ability to grab the Crossbow or Ruin.


A simple spear great for fighting lone enemies and keeping them out of reach. Buy it from the Stuck Merchant at Yaesha for 750 scrap.

Scar of the Jungle God

These powerful energy gauntlets allow for extremely quick attacks, while the Razor Sharp bonus means you can build up bleeding damage (50% chance per hit, 100% chance on a charge attack) as you shred into your enemies. Perfect for making sure an enemy continues to take damage while you back off and heal up. Craft it with the Stalker's Claw and seven Lumenite Crystals.


This blade befitting a dragon has a bonus effect called Blaze, bestowing a 35% chance of applying burning per hit (100% chance on charge attacks), roasting your enemies even when you stop carving them up. Forge it with the Dragon Links and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Voice of the Tempest

This powerful spear harnesses the storm, with a bonus effect called Lightning Shock, with a 55% chance of overloading enemies, causing electrical burnouts. Craft it with the Tempest Heartstring and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Butcher's Flail

Like the other flail, a slow startup pays off with heavy strikes. There's also a bonus effect called Corrosive Strike, with a 50% chance of corroding the enemy's armor and defences upon being hit. Forged with the Hammerhead's Ore and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Guardian Axe

Great for hacking Root apart, the Guardian Axe has bonus effect titled Spirit Engine. With this, your hits charge the mods equipped on your firearms, providing a neat feedback loop. Crafted with the Guardian Tentacle and seven Lumenite Crystals.

Lost Harpoon

A radioactive spear with the Power Strike bonus, causing rapid strikes to charge and do increased damage. You can gain the Lost Harpoon during the boss fight with The Harrow. If you shoot The Harrow in the legs and cause him to stagger and fall, just go behind him and grab the Lost Harpoon.

Regardless of what combination of weapons you decide to use, remember that you can upgrade your gear. Different items can be upgraded different amounts of times but if you gather the necessary scrap and resources, you can definitely improve it all. Remnant: From the Ashes is out right now on all platforms.

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